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Sunday, 8 January 2017


The Truth is, i can't really say how we drifted,or rather how i became distant.

You were so close to my heart and puff! Gone you were in an instant.

How Would i explain that i love you today, tomorrow and probably forever?

Yet i leapt out of your life, though you would have wanted me to stay rather than fly off like an arrow moving swiftly from its sender.

Days turned to weeks, then into multiples of a month.

Still you sought me out like a predator on the hunt.

You sought for answers from me but i had none to give.

I hadn't discovered the truth behind my new wierdness.

So i thought "maybe it's better i still leave"

An excuse could be that i was enduring one of the darkest moments of my life.

I always had on a face effervescent with joy, but all of that was a veil for my gloom... for i had taken her as a wife.

I had hidden myself not from you alone, but from the world.

The more i wanted to speak up, the more my tongue went zero on the word.

Of the lot it was pure agony to let go off u.

I didn't want you to share in this pain, hence my self imposed curfew.

So if you would look at me with disdain, i would take it all in, like i was listening to a 3 hour homily saddled on a church pew.

If you would burn the bridges, then i hope amidst the smoke, there is some brownian motion that helps describe my plight.

If you would turn the tables and take off, atleast allow me admire your beauty flight.

The clocked might have ticked and tocked on our reconciliation, but rather than having you wait for my epiphany...i would rather wait for yours.


  1. Lovely. Especially d part of Brownian motion and epiphany. Good work

  2. My best. Absolutely love it!✌👏👏👏