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Friday, 24 August 2018


I feel like Jonah

Gulped by this big fat whale and brought back to my fate.

Indeed I wanted a clean slate.

Truly I was ready to defy the odds and take whatever came with it.

Not until the first challenge  charged at me like a bull in full rage did I begin to second guess my stance.

I had tightened my laces now it seemed like I couldn't swap shoes.

Play me sad songs that sound like blues, cry me tears so true.

For my destiny has held me by the words my tongue uttered.

I'm back to that which my heels attempted to take me from.

Nothing left to do but to weather this storm.

Run this race even if I'd begin with a crawl.

Nothing left to say,  my pen has said it all.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Tales after dark 2

So, i had to sit on the dick and pretend I was just giving him a nice lap dance. Worse was the fact that the man wanted to make conversation! I felt so trapped.
He moved closer to us and tried to engage us in some discuss.

Tales after dark 1

I hardly wear bra, Or panties for that matter. I was always teasing my boyfriend with it, flashing him my privates whenever we go out together.
My nipples are fleshy and they always pebble to attention whenever he stared at me too long. Tonight, we went to a colleagues event and I’ve been teasing him almost without control. The fact that I was drunk added to my courage.
You see, my boyfriend is the very bold type. Very dominant; A real Alpha male. So, you’d understand the next few paragraphs well.