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Thursday, 2 February 2017



I looked at her in shock.. My world came crashing down around me.. All my love and our best laid plans?! Shattered because of Amina?! I can't accept this at all.. I have to do something about this.

I regained my confidence and stood up straight.. I'm not going to let her destroy my life! "The CEO is not on seat. Kindly leave immediately." I said coldly.. She acted deaf like she didn't hear me.. I grabbed her hands and forced her to the corridor.. I was surprised.. I didn't even expect to lift her easily.. "I'd sue you bitch!! I'd defame this company!! I'd destroy you!!" She screamed as she left.. I could still hear her echoes ringing in my head.. I dialled hafeez and told him to come back quickly.. I was boiling with rage..


I regret ever calling Amina.. That was the worst mistake of my life.. And it's ready to destroy everything I'd worked for.. The day she told me she was pregnant, i was shocked to the marrow.. I remembered i didn't use protection that day.. I came inside her like a dying man.. All the while seeing funkes face and imagining its her pussy.. She told me not to worry and that she's on the pill.. I didn't know why I trusted her.

I told her to abort it, but she refused.. She insisted that I'd marry her.. I looked at her in astonishment and laughed.. Marry? Funke is the woman of my dreams.. And the only woman I love.. The bitch just set me up. She knew she was fertile!
I begged her not to allow Funke know about it, and even paid for her silence and cooperation.. I quickly completed my reservations and rushed down to the office..

She looked like a roaming tigress when i got in.. Wow.. I've never seen her this fierce and angry.. "Hafeez! What have you done?!" She screamed.. "You've impregnated that Mad woman!".. I was immobilized by shock. That silly bitch.. She came to tell funke! Shit.. I tried to calm her down but she was on a relentless tirade.. I begged and begged her, but she wouldn't listen..


After some few days, i dialled down my anger and i was ready to talk with hafeez.. I'd been ignoring him since that day and he's been a wreck.. It didn't help that Amina had gone psycho on us.. The office is her second home now and she keeps on threatening hafeez.. She'd rant and rant so loudly i hear it through my office doors.. I pretended like i didn't even exist.. I ignored both of them totally..

"I'm sorry funke..This is a mistake I made while pining for you..,"I screamed in anger.."don't involve me you bastard.." He kept mute and then tried again.."I'm not even sure she's pregnant.. I just booked an appointment with my personal doctor who's going to test her.. And even carry out a foetal DNA test.."

My mind moved into overdrive.. What if she's truly pregnant? And what if the child is for Hafeez?.. Am i just going to watch her take my place.. I looked at him and my heart clenched with so much love for him.. What is going to be my fate? I wondered..

"Everything is going to be alright"..he said..I looked at him sharply.."noo, it's not going to be alright.. Does amina look normal to you? She's an obsessed woman! Does she look like a smooth ride?! We've not had peace in this office for a week now! And she threatens to tell the media about how you impregnated and abandoned her if we call security on her! How long is this going to go on?! I think I'm going to resign.."

"You can't funke!!.. I love you dearly and I'm paying for the price of my stupidity.. How could I have been so careless?!" he said.. I held his face and kissed him deeply.. He kissed me back ravenously.. I broke the kiss before it could go any further.." I think i need to go home now.. This is just too much for me to bear.."

"I'd come check you in the evening my love.. Let me round up some reports.. I'd come pick you up this evening.." He touched my cheeks tenderly and pecked my forehead.. I packed my bag and left with a very heart..

I got home with a heavy heart and padded to the bathroom for a quick shower.. I need to eat and rest.. Then hafeez and I need to talk and plan our next line of action.. That bitch is not taking him away from me.. My plan for a quick shower turned into a long bath.. I soaked in the tub for almost an hour and was even dozing off when i heard the bell ring.. I quickly rushed out of the bathroom and almost fell, thinking it was hafeez.. I quickly wrapped a towel around myself and pulled open the door.. I was suprised.. It's Amina..

I looked at her and said "yes, what do you want? And how do you know where i live?"
"I come in peace funke.. Can i come in please? I need to discuss something with you.." I looked at her suspiciously.. This is a different Amina from the mad bitch i know.. I moved aside and allowed her entry.. I didn't lock the door because i wanted this to be quick..

"State your case and leave, i don't have time for this" i said in a hostile manner.."why don't you change into something else.." She said, glancing pointedly at my towel.." Last time i checked, this is my house. Tell me what you have to say, or get out.." She smiled viciously and moved entered into the living room.. "Wait, where are you going?!"

 I was forced to leave the door and i tried to grab her.. Quickly, she turned on me and brought a steely knife to my neck.. Right on my jugular.. "Move an inch and you're dead.." I was immobilized in shock.. I couldn't move.. She's so unpredictable.. She can do just anything.. I didn't believe how fast she got me.. It's like a move she's perfected. "You fucking bitch.. you refuse to leave hafeez right? I'm going to kill you today.. You're standing between me and his millions.. I'm not going to let you best me!"

She whispered sadistically into my ear..

"Wait Amina.. Don't do anything rash.." I heard hafeez voice said calmly.. I didn't even hear him come in.. My heart beat was pounding loudly in my ears.. The knife clattered from her hands to the floor.. She bent and picked it up. I ran to hafeez and he hugged me tight.. "What are you doing here?!" She screamed.. She looked like wild woman and ran out.. I'd never been this relieved to leave the door open.. "Are you just going to leave her like that?!" I screamed..

"calm down baby, hope you're not hurt?" he asked me frantically.. I pushed away from his hold. I'm tired of all this shit she's pulling. "Get out of my house now! Leave!!" he tried pleading.."Go and clean up your mess!" I went into my bedroom and locked the door. That fucker! I'm not going to give her a second attempt on my life. Im going to act now.

24 hours later

I stealthily entered the club.. It was so full and packed.. This is where my enquiries about Amina led me to.. I was told she frequents this particular club and she's a night crawler.. I didn't bother to ask anybody about her,, I'm not going to leave any trails.. Hafeez already told the police but no major move has been made.. She's a real mad woman if she's here.. She tried to commit murder and is still staying around? She didn't run away?!

What an overconfident bitch... I scanned the main floor, but i didn't see her.. The club was very noisy and bustling.. I wore a very skimpy gown with heavy make up so as to blend in.. Infact, im almost looking decent with my attire.. I passed the bar and ordered a martini.. I threw it down with a gulp and i felt the fiery burn of alcohol zing my blood.. Liquid courage.. I walked away and went to the back rooms.. I saw a bouncer and slipped into the shadows.. When he passed, i slinked away and peeked from one room to the other.. I still didn't see Amina..

I felt the heavy weight of disappointment and concluded she didn't come..
As i turned to leave the corridor, i heard some scuffling and saw a little alcove.. There were lines of coke on the floor and girls were bent over, sniffing it.. I shook my head in disgust and started walking away.. "Get away you bitch.." I heard Amina say.. She was pushed the other woman away.. Then she stood up and staggered.. She's so fucking high.. Her makeup ran down in streaks all over her face, and she looks disheveled.. She left the woman and walked away..

She staggered towards the exit and i pulled her off.. She tried resisting and screaming, but i muffled her with my hands and dragged her to a corner.. I jabbed the hypodermic needle in her neck and plunged the contents into her vein's.. She'd be dead in 2 minutes.. She convulsed and went limp.. She slid down the wall.. The injection and the concain in her blood is perfect! I don't give a fuck about her or her stupid baby.. That's if she's pregnant!

I feel incredibly happy and relieved.. Our problem is solved.. I slipped into my office and acted angry.. He knocked on my door and entered.. "Please, if you have not solved your issues, don't speak to me." I said curtly.. " baby, amina was found dead by the police.. They said she died of drug overdose".. I looked at him in feigned shock.."what? How? Why?.. How did it happen?!" I stood up in concern..

"Calm down my dear.. It will be resolved by the police.. They're suspecting murder both there is absolutely no lead..
I sighed in relief deep in my heart.. He kissed me soundly and went down on a knee

 "The joy of my heart..will you marry me?" I shrieked in joy.. Yes my love!! Yes!!

We had the most beautiful society wedding ever.. And we lived happily.

Incase you were wondering, yes, she was pregnant.. But We'd never know if it was for Hafeez.. *wink*.


  1. Hehehe... Badass funke.... I like like this one.. 👍

  2. Hehehe... Badass funke.... I like like this one.. 👍

  3. She took fucking charge! Thanks for reading dear..💯💯💯