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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Turbulent Thoughts

I hate the world.. zero action, just a bunch of people who mumble meaningless words.
Some feel they are above others, matters of skin, class, crowns and lords.

I detest the system, what it stands for and how it works.
It tries to box me under a caption, when I've got a mind that cuts through all... trust me this ain't divergent the movie.

Friday, 26 May 2017

My good friend 3

In the absence of knowing what to do, I broke the silence by telling her it was my first time and I was not sure what I was doing.


Part 3


"Courte, thank you for your time. Gentlemen, I think we are done here." I said tiredly, but I didn't let it show. That is a sign of weakness that will never be visible in this room of sharks. At any sign of weakness, this men will pounce!

My Song

I Wrote a song 'bout you.

'Bout how my heart beats to your voice's tune.

You blow me away daily like your lips where on a flute.

Up, up and away I flew.

Heads in the cloud... I'd spot you from a mile away amidst the crowd.

My song for you... in my head it's loud.

I want to part my lips and let sweet sounds escape.

Dazzle you like I've got a big 'S' on my chest with a red cape.

Be my Lois lane.

Be the one i wake with kisses, the one I profess my love to without misplacing words.

The chorus of my song... accompanied by guitar chords.

But then my voice betrays me and it hurts.

It ain't sonorous enough to put you in a serenade and this cuts.

Cuts so deep that i begin to bleed the words of my song.

I want you to want me... don't let it take too long.

My gemstone... my jewel... put you on like a pendant so you can be in continuous contact with my chest.

So close that you can listen to my heart beat.

The verses of my song are my pulsating heartbeats and it races at the bridge.

It races when you chuckle... Even faster with every giggle.

Its crescendo is when you lips meet mine.

This hasn't happened yet, so There's a song in my heart till it does.

My Good Friend

Part 2

We met again after an Anatomy class, I had given up on ever talking to her, I was peeved at her attitude the first time we met.

Thursday, 25 May 2017



My daddy quickly pulled a robe around himself and stood tall. He looked like a god, about to pay retribution to lesser servants.


Folarin Adeyemo

I am at the Muritala Mohammed airport waiting for my good friend, I am so excited that he is arriving today. It's almost ten years since I last saw him, yet we communicate almost everyday, he is a bosom and a true friend, he is a quintessential gentleman- my friend and I go way back to secondary school.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017



My head spun in a wide circle. What the fuck is happening? After this long years of marriage, and still Titiloye can't still accept spankings? No matter how light? She still can't find it in her heart to accept the full me?

Monday, 22 May 2017

The regional slut 6

My pussy quivered as juices dribbled from it... "Touch me.." I moaned. My cunt quivered as juices dribbled from my passage, slicking the way. I could sense Jo fighting an internal struggle, but within seconds had me on my back. “I can’t seem to help myself,” he admitted, shocked at his own actions as he fumbled with his belt and pants... "For fucks sake, you're the mother of my best Friend!" he groaned.

The Regional slut 5

I was dazed with shame. It overushed my senses with a dash of lust. I picked up my nightie and rushed out of the room. My son?! I was confused and dazed. What is the meaning of all this? How would I face him again? What if emeka knew? When did I venture into incest?!

I pulled it on and quickly entered a spare bathroom to wash off the stink of pussy and sex clogging my pores. I scrubbed and scrubbed, but I still felt immensely dirty. Gosh, I thought i had no remorse or shame left in me anymore.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

The regional slut 4

I stared in shock at my kids. They flew into my arms and almost knocked me down.. I hugged them fiercely.."How come?" I stuttered.." We wanted to surprise you mom!" My daughter screamed in excitement.

"You're so beautiful anna, and you've grown so tall.." i muttered with a tinge of jealousy i couldn't mask. She beamed and I felt pride fill me. I stood on my tiptoes to rove my hands through my son's hair. He smiled at me and I felt my insides clutch. He reminded me of emeka when I married him- Tall, almost pretty, with a heart breaking smile.

Saturday, 20 May 2017


She says she got a baby, and coz of that he ain't treat her like a lady.
He says i ain't attracted no more, She failed to drop the baby weight like a bad habit.

And as a human "body no be firewood", i found someone to light me a fire... spinning waists like rolling tires.


Beautiful, black with a skin that glows.
My very first love, melting my heart.. the summer to my snow.
She smiled and everything went slow.
She got me like borno... damn my mind is blown.

Friday, 19 May 2017

The Supermodel 4


We got to the reception and I was momentarily blinded by the beauty. I felt so happy and tears streamed down my face. Femi kissed the tears off and he wrapped his arms around me. Countless people came to wish us well and it was a beautiful affair.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

The regional Slut 3

The pastor looked at me; face aghast and shocked. I steadied my gaze and maintained it firmly.. Still looking scared and confused. A drop of tears rolled down my eyes and I sniffled. His eyes filled with concern once more.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Heart V

Sometimes love is pain.
Sometimes love degenerates into hate swiftly like a speeding train.

Sometimes love is selfish.
Sometimes love takes all, cuffs it and puts it on a leash.

The Heart IV

I do hope i come to my senses without using soap.
Coz right now I'm mad over you... my mind's running around town with the speed of a
Lamborghini gallardo.

The supermodel 3


I realised that his voice was just awful on phone. In reality, he's a lit package. I fell hard, almost immediately. We talked the talk and I wanted us to go and fuck the fuck. He was as charming as ever and the conversation was not dull at all. He kept on starting vibrant topics that made us stay at the restaurant well into the night-until they are ready to close.

The Regional Slut 2

Emeka got home, all excited and happy.. He was surprised to meet his brother; whom waved his concerns off and gave a silly excuse for being at our house. I smiled like a gracious hostess and served dinner.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Supermodel 2


I blended in perfectly with the Nigerian life. My father worked at Mobil.. So we lived on the Lagos Island, Ikoyi to be precise. I was relieved at first.. My life was simple; wake up, do some work outs and then go out for my shift, come back home exhausted and crash. Unlike the stressful and exciting life I led in the UK. The cycle worked well until I began to feel a gaping hole in my life.

Monday, 15 May 2017

The Regional Slut 1 (dirty story)


I raced through my household chores, or should I say, I supervised my maids in cleaning up the huge house. I noticed negligence among them and I cannot tolerate bullshit like that. I make sure they get their wages on time and therefore I expect total commitment.

Our house is hard to maintain- I admit, but then the deed must be done. I dismissed all the girls.. I make sure no maid lives with Us. I can't allow that. I rushed into my bedroom and took a long relaxing shower.

The Supermodel (Sex)


Unlike the way we models are usually perceived by others; as slim, bubble headed bimbo's, I'm not cut that way. I studied Medicine at the Glasgow University, United Kingdom.. And aced it, so I'm a medical Doctor.

In as much as I love Medicine and I'm a damn good doctor- trust me, I found my true calling in modelling. It was very hard balancing shoots with my education, but it was well worth it. I built my résumé and modelled for the top companies in UK until I came back to Nigeria.

Friday, 12 May 2017

The Hottest Thief (final Part)


I drove down to Ade's house, ready to break all goddamn ties with him. I can't believe I forfeited the pleasures of a woman's body for him. I started getting it up with men as a form of exploration when I was in the US. Just like every other youthful exuberant behavior, I expected to drop the habit.

The Hottest thief 5


We touched down naija and I couldn't get enough of mobolaji. I think she's having the craziest effect on my Psyche! I just began to appreciate her all this fucking time! Her pretty smile, crazy sense of humor and the hottest body on earth. I mean, my wife is crazily hot!

The Hottest Thief 4


I served lunch and I was getting very uncomfortable.. Mobolaji was extremely nice and gave me extreme attention. She was all touchy feely and I wondered what has possessed her. Well, I can't wait to get back home tomorrow.. I'm tired of this celibacy.

The hottest thief 3


I went to sleep frustrated. His body was so heavy, I couldn't even move it. Then I felt a hand rove my body, and I felt happiness fill me. His hands held my face as he began to kiss me, first just a few brushes of lips, with the flavor of Mint masking his own taste.

Then he deepened the kiss and groaned, and I felt my nipples harden to the point of painfulness, and my lower body thrum with need.  In just a few moments, his hands slid down to my hips and then gently slipped up to cup my breasts. His fingers gently pulled off my nightie.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Hottest thief 2


I saw the smile on her face and I felt regret fill me. Poor poor innocent girl! I love her; but just like a little sister. It doesn't make much difference to me anyway, I'd definitely marry her. She's so innocent and clueless. Well, she's young.. At 22 years, she still See's the good in everyone.

I'd told my mom I'm bringing her home. Afterall, that what she wants. African mothers. She's extremely scared of me getting married to a white girl and eloping or staying permanently at London.

The Hottest Thief 1 (love stories)


I bounced excitedly on my chair.. I've been feeling this excitement suffuse me all week! I'm a fresh graduate of the University of Benin and I studied Law. I met Lekan at a seminar and we fell in love at sight. He's my perfect foil.

Beautiful eyes, a carefully maintained fit body and a sardonic smile twisting his lips. I graduated this year and we've been dating since I was in 300level. He's been the best support ever! He was a Master's student when we met and now he's well on his way to become chartered- he's a genius and also studied accounting.

More 3 (Hot Stories)

Part 3

She was so submissive in the act that I do not need anyone to orientate me that the whole of the package is mine. "this place is great" she commended - "I love it but would have preferred Abuja" she buttressed.

I replied with a smile and the auspice of carrying her bag. I introduced her to the room, and she burst for joy seeing the giant master bed designed to serve bond to users.
It was all white because I know she loves white, my wife is also a white lover by the way. Somto made herself comfortable, took a tour around the room and paid details to everything she is seeing.

More 2

Part 2
My visit to the village during Christmas further added to my dilemma, maybe because I went solo, and I saw the beauty my friends have been trying to relay to me!
My eyes did so much job that it almost went comatose, the igbo ladies especially appeared very beautiful and had my penis act in a funny way.

All them thick juicy curviness and succulent breasts.. Straining from their wrappers. I was surrounded by pussies I just want to plunge into.

More (Erotic stories) part 1

My wife is everything a man wants. She is the definition of perfection, everything there is that her affiliations i.e religion, family, occupation, society, culture etc have defined that she should be is what she is.

She epitomize virtue and in her there are treasures which is evident to everyone that knows her. She understands what responsibility is, and never fails to deliver in her duties as everything that she represents.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Lucifer's lust (Sex Stories)

Story tags: Sex. Lust. Fuck. Lucifer. Nigerian Sex Stories. Erotic content. Sex blog. Sex Stories. 18+. Raunchy reads. Hot reads. Fuck stories. Fuck tales. Bedroom tips. Sex tips.

Lucifer!" I heard my name being yelled from the deep deep recess of my fight induced mind.."Lucifer, my baby, come back to me.." I heard her scream in her sweet sweet voice. Thats the only voice I recognize, my anchor in a sea of dark world and turbulence..

Her screams pierced my ears above all others and I suddenly came to. I resisted the seductive urge to sink back to the dark. My eyes opened and I realized what happened. I'm a fucking beast. I'd pummelled my opponent to pulp and those who tried to pull me off him were blue black too.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017


This is a story about you and about me.
Indeed it is a story about everyone.
The battles we fought, lost and won.

Provocative 3

They got married a week later.

Turned out the nasty bitch and Dan had been going at it for weeks and I've been so so blind. She was actually pregnant for him, infact.

Provocative 2


Hands clamped over my mouth and I felt myself being pulled deep, into the recess of an alcove. "I wish to fuck you.." the sexiest voice I've ever heard in my life whispered into my ears..

I calmed a bit when I saw that I can still see the party, infact, we were still in it.. I tried to make out his features, but I couldn't.. Only that he's very tall.. He grabbed by waist and gently squeezed.."I've got my eyes on you since you came in.." His tongue stung my ears and I couldn't answer. I didn't even bother to reject him. I want this.



I tried fitting the dress over my hips and trust me, It was a tight fit.."Ola! This dress is not for me!" I whined. It barely passed over my curves! This is too tiny! "Wear it oo.. And be fast, let me make up for you! You're getting late already.." I looked at her and she waved a make up brush threateningly against my face.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Are you Over/Under Fucking?

Now, I'm sorry, but even I cannot answer that question.

What level/amount of sex do you have that is considered healthy? Anyways, from my skimming through different sources (I didn't have time to read deep), It was concluded that:

What does your ass look like?

While we all know that some women are blessed with bigger booties than others, what you probably didn’t realize is that there are actually a whole lot of different types of Butt's out there.🍑🍑

With more than 50,000 butt examinations under his belt, Matthew Schulman, M.D., a plastic surgeon in New York, says that there are actually quite a few distinct shapes in existence. (He says he's examined backsides originating from 35 different countries around the globe.) Based on his observations, he’s come up with five caboose classifications: square, V-shape, A-shape, round, and upside down heart.


How did i get here?
Running up the stairs so fast that the deaf might hear...

How my footsteps sounds like a thousand chariots on a gallop.
I guess they also heard the loud thud!, as i hit the ground in a wallop.

I slipped and fell from the graces.
My vision of the stairs now blocked by my opaque tears.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Straffing in the COLD 3


My back hit the wall and there was nothing I could do. He advanced on me like a tiger. Stealthily, he approached and vibrations jerked my body and I felt a viable mixture of Lust and fear overtake me. He looked like a confirmed predator.

He suavely pulled off his trouser and I could see the outline of a huge thick cock. Fear swamped me at the expression on his face. He looked not of this earth and very very fierce. His chest imperceptibly touched mine and I moaned at the contact.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

The NaXXXty playlist!

Hello ClimaXXXers.. Thank you for reading, sharing and supporting US! I just felt like sharing the first 10 songs I listen to when I'm trying to get inspired, thinking naXXXty thoughts or plain writing!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Temptation


I rushed to my car and drove speedily down the highway! Fuck it, if im stopped by the police, i swear I'd just run them over. Tonight is my wedding anniversary and I'd promised my wife that I'd be home early to take her out; but as usual, work overwhelmed me and I had a seriously one track mind.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Action in the BUS 2

Part 2

"My sister is not feeling too well," I heard her say to some passengers who enquired.. I wanted to scream "No!" but, I couldn't say anything. I went in and off and lost sense of reality..

The next thing I knew, I came to and was Lying down on my back, the hard floor beneath me. I opened my eyes and saw bisola framed by some bushes.. How did we get here? I wondered.. I tried to ask, but my tongue was heavy.

Action in the BUS


I climbed aboard the bus, a fervent prayer on my lips. I don't want to seat beside a boring person! Or an old woman.. Or somebody smelly! Oh my God. I sat down and faced the windows.. I don't want to see the person coming next to me.. For crying out loud, I've been seating beside strangers who I don't want to all my lives..

Monday, 1 May 2017

The Sugar daddy 3

He lost control and pressed against my  mound and I reached down and got it right between my legs. It felt so good rubbing against her clit. I could feel him leaning back so that he was sitting back on his backside, and then I felt him lifting me up slightly in the air.    

The Sugar Daddy 2


I stood in front of my hostel, feeling a tendril of guilt curl up in me. What am I doing? Agreeing to meet a man that could be as old as my dad? Although his voice didn't sound old, i know it's not a judge of physical appearance. I'd agreed to meet him inside the school compound for my own safety.

The Sugar Daddy 1


I tossed and turned on my bed. I couldn't sleep.. The noise of my room mates buzzed my nerves and I find myself getting irritated. I almost screamed out in anger for them to shut the fuck up! But then, deep down.. I know it's transfer of aggression.