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Monday, 25 February 2019


I Lay down beside him, his scent electric.
I’m attracted to his vibes, he’s quite eccentric.
I’m halfway in love with him, am I neurotic ?
Do I need a drug ? pain killer ? Or an Antibiotic?

I take sample sniffs, I quite cant help it.
Its toxic and sweet, my stupid smell- fit.
His aroma consumes me, Its all over my bit.
He smells extremely good, extremely lit.

Many a night I’m awake with this fantasy.
Am I pervert ? The lady who’s not quite a lassie. Why am I addicted to his smell, Is this classy ?
I really dont give a fuck, nor a even a tiny mercy.

I love the smell wrapping around him... wafting. Its calling me, beckoning me... waiting.
In my head, I wrap my hands around him... soothing.
In reality, I turn my back... the ending.

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