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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Facade (Funbi's Diary) two

It has been a hectic curve settling in school academically, this tell why I could not make any entry into to you yesterday, Public school as fun as it is posed is heck stressful and  I am beginning to lose it, my school for sure is torture in its own rights, from the long queues under the sun, IT complacency, long distance walks to get things done, dealing with people and making payments, it is hell!


I saw your flaws and stuck by you.
You saw mine and treated me like filth.. babe is that what you do?.

Flying off the handle

This is what happens when i fly off the handle.
I say things i later regret, and that's why i always try not to get mad at you.

The Janitor 2

Since I met Bridget at her work place, I have not since then seen her physically; the old cargo will not let me come near her house or her work place for reasons I do not know.

The Janitor 1

There is an apocryphal that Abuja is the city only for the rich, it is arguable and I cannot tell you for sure, but there is ostentatious display of wealth and gunning usage of power in the relatively small northern state. It is the first state in the county i.e in Abuja; you don't talk to anybody just anyhow because you don't know who they are or who they roll with, my father long gave me that orientation before his demise.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

The Servant 1


I can smell the juices from her wet bikini. I held it up to my nose and inhaled deeply. I squeeze it and a few drop glisten on my fingers, which I quickly lick up. I hear the shower turn off and I quickly drop the underwear while I gathered the rest of the laundry. Mrs Elizabeth Oyewusi steps into her bedroom on the ship and her fragrance sent a jolt through my fat dick.

Hamil Dirty Diary 5

29th march, 2018

Antonia is in love with me! And currently, I don't know how I feel about her. Everything is jumbled up! shes married and I am not ready to leave my humble profession for a woman! After all the hurt I've been through in my life.

Dear Diary, I'm seriously confused.

Victoria's revenge (Stripper 4)

I hate all of them. They wrongly assume a restraining order will keep me away. I'm not interested in anything, but destroying their tranquil life. Im going to bide my time and strike when they least expect it.

The stripper 3


I sat down on the bed and thought about her. Damn, she redefines spectacular. There's one thing though; i don't know why, but she reminds me of my sister florence. I felt a wave of sadness crash into me. Flo. My baby, my little girl.. I'd employed the best P.I's i could, but non could find her.. It's as is if she ceased to exist. My brother and I tirelessly toiled to see her again, but to no avail. She disappeared into thin air after my parents burial. I wondered how she's doing.. I remembered the last time i saw her.. That was 8 years ago.. Beautiful, pure, innocent.. She looked at me with so much love, and I just wanted to hold her badly. My wife was a bitch though.. I didn't want her to scent my love for Flo.. The moment she does, she'd make her life unbearable. I married her out of sheer stupidity. I thought i was in love.. She was so beautiful, sweet and Delicious.. I never knew she married me for my money. Up till now, i dont know how she figured i am rich then. I didn't live like a rich kid.

The stripper 2


Once upon a time, i was born into a rich family. Happy, contented, satisfied. Everything blew apart when we found out my father had another family somewhere.. Of which they were also contented and happy. He led this double life comfortably for 10 years. What made it worse is that my mom and the other woman were college bestfriends. Weird right? He married them both and separated them.. The other woman and her son were based in Canada, while I and my mother are based here. The two of then made plans, behind his knowledge to meet and that's where shit hit the fan. The other woman had 2 Sons while my mum had just me.

The stripper


I ran past that alley.. Thats where most thugs hang out to smoke. Im not interested in them. I heard cat calls and whistles when i passed like the wind.

"Why yu dey run?" Somebody ask
'She dey fear nii.. Come we wont hurt you" they laughed raucously..
I sprinted harder until i got to the front of my workplace... I took a moment to regain my balance and catch my breath.. " phew.. Bastards" i thought.. That alley is renowned for raping and killing. I got off my day job late and had to pass a short cut- so i won't be late for the night work.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

I miss you

Right now what i feel is an unexplainable ishh..
its like someone took out my heart and pounded it into untraceable bits...

Delilahs Dirty diary 5

28th, March 2018.
There's juicy gist.

Today has been a huge sham. Tunde is not around and there's no need for me to dodge anyone. I'm seriously bored and my hands are just moving the mouse cluelessly.

Diary of a single woman 2

28th, March 2018.

Dear diary,
Yeah, I was writing about how my bestie was fucking behind my knowledge all this while, claiming to be an innocent girl.

Diary Of Thoughts

I met a boy just like me, 5 ft plus alot, same kinda 'fro, same kinda dress sense with kicks to fit the toes.
Same interest in music; J.cole and Bryson, Riri and Aiko, Wiz and OBO, Eva and Savage. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Unwanted attraction 2

He seemed so gentle and controllable.. I never expected the lashing of attention I got. And trust me, it was a wicked lash.

Unwanted attraction one

His woman came over, so I ended up getting relegated.. Well.. The thought crossed my mind; why not? You knew he was taken before you ventured deep into the sea.

Delilah Dirty Diary 4

27th, march 2018.

Today, I kept on seeing tunde everywhere I went to. He's always around the corner, waiting for me with lewd stares. what did i tell you? very huge mistake. why wont he be mature about this? must he dog my steps?
That aside, let me tell you all about my break up.

I have been dating my "boyfriend" for as long as I could remember. He was ny everything. We met at an event.. He is so handsome, suave and neat with a very good sense of humor.

I fell in love on the 3rd date.. You see, I broke my rules for this guy. Normally, I bed men as I meet em but I was reserved for him. I studied him and believed he preferred a much more salient woman.

I didn't allow the first kiss until after 3 months and we finally had sex when he told me "I love you" after 6 months. Everything was perfect. He loved me and I did him and we were making our way to a proposal.

Then I caught him with my cousin. Fucking her the way he never fucked me. Kissing her with much more passion and joy than he evsr bestowed upon me throughout our 5 years together. I saw and almost felt the attraction between the both of them and Im hurt.

What did I do

Im back in my office and tunde has been using different excuses to com by. Im tired. what am I going to do now?

Hamil Dirty Diary 4

27th, march 2018.

Antonia arrrgghhhh, I moaned. This girl gives the best head game everytime. She's the best i've ever received in my life. The rest of them just slurp on my dick and treat it like beef, but not antonia.. she sucks me off like the most delicious piece of lollipop she has ever tasted. The fact that she can take all 9 inches of me in the best part.

I love our hook ups. She is married to a white man who basically has no time for her. In cums me. I give her the steady dick down she needs. Right now, I would have told you the full story, but I have to go for round 2.

As an aside, I still feel heartbroken for losing two sugar moms.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Facade (Funbi's diary) one

The Prideful Beginning

Today was good from the start, It is my first day in school, my long dream played out right under my nose, just as I pictured it, I am in to study my beloved course, Law, it is my way of carrying on legacy and expanding the excellence in the family, I am the 20th law personnel of the family at large, the Dawodu family is known home and  abroad for its core values such as education and discipline, I am the first law student in my nuclear family, my father is a senior advocate so are my six uncles and two aunts, my mother had to get a degree in law even as she has a degree in International relations, no one forced her, "I just saw it as fitting" she will always say, this blustering presence of education discipline and pride dictated what I will become in life since I was a child. If you ask me, I want to be something that has more empathy for humanity such as a nurse, medical doctor or a teacher, but then; no one cares! I am going to study law and I have to love it.

Poem: Complicated

The Truth is, i can't really say how we drifted,or rather how i became distant.
You were so close to my heart and puff! Gone you were in an instant.

Diary of a Single woman 1

Today, 26th March 2018.

Dear diary,😍😍

Just call me glitter. I'm a Masters student currently working in the technology industry. I'm your definition of a geek. I live and breathe calculations and maths. My life is not complete without it.

Hamil Dirty Diary 3

26th march, 2018.

Trust me, I didn't bother to separate the women fighting. Honestly, they are mad. Why are they fighting over me? Neither are married to me, and infact, the 3 of us are in the wrong. wdf. I cursed the fact that this means I'm losing the both of them, while I drove out of the premises.

Delilahs Dirty Diary 3

26th, march 2018

Today is the most awkward day of my life. First off, I absolutely cant believe that I fucked my coworker. urrrrgggghhhhh. I woke up feeling like everything was a dream.. unfortunately, it was not. I took the bus- i cant imagine driving in this state of mind.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Hamil Dirty Diary 2


Let me give you a brief insight into my life. I've had it seriously rough! Honestly. I struggled to put myself and my younger siblings through school since my dad up and left when I was 6years and my mom was a petty trader.

Brief introduction on the Dirty diary series (DDS)

The diary is following the everyday happenings in Delilah who is a self proclaimed nymphomaniac and Hamil, a hardworking gigolo.

Stay tuned to their every day stories! Climax is back. Comment if you're interested in writing a diary entry too. ❤️❤️❤️

Hamil Dirty Diary 1

25th, March 2018.

I'm a gigolo and boy, life for us is not easy. I know you're thinking a gigolo?! Yes. I Graduated cum laude from a reputable university but I have nothing to show for it.

Delilahs Dirty diary 2

Friday, 23rd March 2018.

I was bent over on my colleagues desk that fateful evening. Our boss had quickly gone to pick up something fast- an opportunity we've been waiting for.

Delilahs Dirty Diary 1

Sunday, 25th march 2018.

This night. I'm on my bed. Spread open. Wide. My fingers slithering through the cream in my cunt, thinking about you.

Trigger two

We fell asleep in each others arms..
I woke up the next day, feeling Good and satisfied. We had sex 2 more times in the midnight. I feel awesome.. I looked down at Daniels sleeping face and felt a crash of tenderness weave through me. I was scared at he feeling. He looked so handsome and young.. His eyebrows has this arch.. Broad, well defined nose, and full sexy lips. They look like plums, i just want to bite them. I tapped him. "Daniel, im ready to leave' he looked at me sleepily and yawned 'stay baby, just a little more time'..
'I have to go get ready for work dear,,' i stood up and belted my coat.."wait, let me walk you home" he got dressed and then took me home.

Trigger One

I just relocated to a 2 storey flat,  and i lived upstairs.. I've always loved heights- no matter how.... i love heights on a man; but up and down..(wink).

Lucifers lust

Lucifer!" I heard my name being yelled from the deep deep recess of my fight induced mind.."Lucifer, my baby, come back to me.." I heard her scream in her sweet sweet voice. Thats the only voice I recognize, my anchor in a sea of dark world and turbulence..

My sex tape

I fisted my cock harder and ran my fingers faster and faster.. A bead of precum oozed out and it ran down the plump head.. Straight into my squeezing fingers and acted like a pearly lubricant. I gazed dazedly at the screen in front of me.

She's enjoying it. Yes she is. What a bloody slut! I couldn't deny the thrill this gave me though. It's so much better than all the sex I've witnessed.. It's downright perverted and dirty.


This days my heart skip a beat.
I miss climax.
I miss those days when I had time to write.
I miss those days when it was alright.
I miss those days we had fun all night.
I miss those days when I had time.