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Wednesday, 11 January 2017



I ran past that alley.. Thats where most thugs hang out to smoke. Im not interested in them. I heard cat calls and whistles when i passed like the wind.

"Why yu dey run?" Somebody ask
'She dey fear nii.. Come we wont hurt you" they laughed raucously..
I sprinted harder until i got to the front of my workplace... I took a moment to regain my balance and catch my breath.. " phew.. Bastards" i thought.. That alley is renowned for raping and killing. I got off my day job late and had to pass a short cut- so i won't be late for the night work.

My heartbeat slowed down and I regained my confidence. Creamie has taken over. I stood up straight and slowly cat walked into the establishment... All eyes swung to me.. I strolled into the rooms reserved for us... I'd grown indifferent to the shock of seeing women naked all around me.. I went straight to my locker. I pulled off my clothes and hanged them up.

"Hey creamie" i looked up, my friend katie otherwise known as cherry greeted me.."cherry dear, how have you been?' 'Im ok, she said. I walked to my table and started applying make-up. She tried to engage me in small talk but i wasn't interested; the only thing she ever asks is about my personal life, and im not telling her anything. She huffed away angrily.. Suits me perfectly. I know i called her my friend right? But that's only because she doesn't know my secrets- the moment she knows, she's off to tattle to the other girls.

I made myself up flawlessly.. My smooth skin glowed and i look very beautiful. I'm very satisfied with my face. My skin has absolutely no blemish.. Its smooth, golden and clear. The club employs girls with smooth skin- once you have a wound, you have to cover it up with make-up carefully, so, it won't be noticed. If not, you will be fired. They don't employ girls with body piercing and tattoo's too. You must be absolutely perfect. That i am.

I felt male hands touch me from behind. I looked up and saw Tolu, the Manager "Creamie, how are you tonight? I smiled and hugged him " im good sir, I'm very fine.. He's the only person i trust. He's thick and beefy; that bouncer look is what he has..
Tolu is the only person i trust here. He's the only person that knows about my life; My parents are dead and im using the money from stripping/waitressing to sponsor my education. I'm in final year anyway. It's been hard doing this, but i have no choice.

" hope you are ready for your set tonight?'  ' im going to wow them! Don't worry'..I replied. He patted my back and left... I felt intensely happy and satisfied. He's like a father figure and getting his approval is Paramount to me. I can hear other bitches buzz about him giving my preferential treatment, but like they say "those who gave a fuck went that way➡, i went away.. Lol.

I went to meet the DJ and gave him my song for the night.. 'Dove' was on set right now.. She's thick and beautiful. I love her moves, but she's a Queen bitch. I don't know why most of these women have no love in them.. So jaded and cynical. I know how to handle them, and that's why they never come near.

My set is after doves' and i went back in to get dressed.


I've been so stressed this week.. I need a massage.. And a woman.. I want a woman in my life to love and care for me, I'm tired of living in this quagmire of sorrow, i need to take charge of my life.. I can't continue to live in the shadow of a sorrowful bitch whom I made the mistake of marrying. We got divorced, but it's like nothing ever changed. She's always up in my business, giving all the women I date hell for trapping 'her man'.. Its usually too late before i find out to explain to them that she's just a lunatic.

I heard a knock on the door, i pulled it open and my friend Shola came in. We shook hands and we left the house. He already told me earlier about taking me to a 'classy strip club'.
I scoffed at the sentiment. Another name for whore house, they mean. He was busy talking throughout the drive, but i just thought about how I'd get a loving woman shikena. We got down from the car and i looked around. The building was not what i expected.. I'd thought it would be a flashy place with gaudy neon lights and all, but this looked like a respectable establishment. The walls were brick colored and beautiful. I began to get impressed and we stepped inside.

The lobby is manned by a Big man who name tag read 'B'. Just 'B'. That's very funny though. He ushered us in and asked for the members card. Shola already explained to me how a member could bring a visitor on specific nights.. Since he's a member; which he told me cost about 1million naira to register with. I was surprised when he said that. I wondered how someone would register to be a member at a strip club for that ridiculous amount of money.

We entered, and its like i stepped into another world. Its not chessy, not at all.. Red walls, with beautifully detailed ceiling.. Abstract artworks adorned the walls.. The carpet is soft brown; soft and plush.. The seats are so comfortable to sink into.. A woman immediately strutted to us to take our orders.. She's beautiful. She's wearing a black mini skirt and a crop jacket. Very sexy. "What wine would you love to drink sirs?"
"Lets try the Cabernet" shola said.. I didn't comment, i was just checking everything out.

"Holla holla!!!!! Creamie coming up right now!!" The dj hollered... My eyes were immediately drawn to the stage.. A thick sexy woman left the stages and the stage light went out...
The most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life stepped up on the stage. She looks so ethereal and unreal. Poets can't do her Justice. She's got very thick and full afro hair where she fitted a tiara into. She's dressed like a female police; the sexiest and skimpiest uniform ever. She wore a short police jacket and nothing underneath... The flap of the jacket swung and was just giving little insight.. Her breast looks bouncy though.. She wearing a little skirt.. Showing off her thong with serious Red fuck me heels.. She moved and grinded on the pole like a pro. My cock was hard i entire show..

I throbbed like i never did before in my life for a woman.. I told shola "kindly book her for a lap dance for me''

I stepped off the stage with all my tips.. I dumped the money in my locker and went straight to the shower.. When i came out, Tolu was waiting for me. He told me about a Man who is interested in a lap dance.. I refused because im very tired. But, tola insisted, telling me he paid 100,000 naira upfront. He gave me the money.. I was shocked. "He's at 101", he said. The normal fees is 30,000 but he paid triple that. I became curious, and got dressed.

I found my way to the hazy room where he was waiting.. The lap dance has its own section. Several rooms are available to maintain total privacy during dances.. But there are no doors.. The roomy feel just gives the illusion of privacy. At any scuffle/noise, the bouncer posted there is ready to defend. I greeted 'S' before i entered. He's the one who never smiles.. I greeted him anyway.

When i stepped inside, i walked towards the music table and chose 'work' and all time favorite of mine. I sauntered to him and he looked up..

I looked into the beautiful eyes of my brother.