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Monday, 30 April 2018


Image result for sexy image of a woman in black'Get dressed now, and I'll fuck your ass for you later,' he laughed, zipping up his jeans. Confused, ngozi climbed to her feet and retrieved her clothes. Cupping her firm breasts in her red lace bra, she decided to pretend that the trigger word didn't work any more. And to announce the end of her relationship with the man she'd thought she'd known so well. 

Holding back her tears as she finished dressing, she followed her boyfriend's orders and sat in the armchair as he retook his position on the sofa. She cant believe what just happened.
Image result for sexy image of a woman in blackWondering how he'd bring her out of her hypnotic state, she breathed a sigh of relief as he clicked his fingers and ordered her to wake up. Naive bastard, she thought as she looked around the room, trying not to catch his eyes. Bloody bastard.

'Coffee, love?' he asked softly, rising to his feet.
'Er... yes, OK,' she half smiled, her tears streaming down her flushed cheeks as he left the room. His salty sperm lingering on her tongue, she had to admit that she'd enjoyed him coming in her mouth. er cunt spasmed at the thought of the crude sex act she just performed in her faux hypnotic state.

Saturday, 28 April 2018


Image result for painting of a sexy girlsexy like the calm ocean waves
lapping around your feet
she worms into you
twining her way into your heart

shes the untouchable one
near, so near.. yet out of your reach
shes only available for your dick
she has nothing else to seek.

My laments 2

Image result for painting of a girl
I have fought a great fight, all i need now is a glorious victory.
Haven't I? or do i not merit it?
Pain is relative... i feel like Cassius Clay used my head as a punching bag for an insane training session.
I feel it everyday... yet I've refused all drastic measures.
You don't want to know how i feel when i can't take dinosaur leaps forward.
Success seems like fiction fiction and everything is Jurassic.
Onwards together yet i feel left behind.

My laments

Image result for painting of a girlI have a dream but i can't close my eyes to see it.
I've worked too hard... my sweat hit the earth yet i can't germinate through this land.
Don't ask me why, 'coz lately the only letters i see are W-H-Y.
I often ask myself why i can't hit the sky.
And when people ask me "what's up?" i can't help but tell a lie.
I'm bothered by this lack of growth.

My Pussy

Image result for painting of a girlIs that pussy all mine?, baby don't lie.
waited outside your hostel till like 'bout 9.
Saw you with that nigga who's 6ft plus.
It hurts... Probably because am like bout 5.

I guess he goes deeper, am talking 'bout that dive
Maybe he's more juicy, making you cum alive in multiples of 5.
Maybe he acted upon my absence.
I guess he filled the void better.
Maybe He's your greek god now, your alpha, your omega... your beta.

Our Threesome 6

Image result for painting of a sexy girlDaniel
I can't believe how much of a fool the both of us were. She totally played us and it's our fault. We let the devil enter. She almost destroyed my family. I realised how we destroyed our marriage with a bitch. She did it out of boredom! That really stung my ego. She turned me into shambles.. Out of plain boredom.. I decided to let the bad blood end between sasha and I. We were both guilty and it's either we make our marriage work again, or we get divorced.

Our Threesome 5

Image result for painting of a sexy girlPart 3

I've got a date with Delilah this evening. I planned something absolutely special for her. A private dinner at our home.. Daniel is going to travel this morning and infact i couldn't care less. It made things more perfect for the both of us. I also told told him the house would be empty because I'm travelling also. He didn't even ask where i was going to.
She arrived at exactly 7pm and I'd gotten everything ready. I can't get over her absolute hotness. It's terribly delicious. I ran my hands through her hair and gave her soft lips a hot kiss.. She moaned into my mouth and twined my lips with hers.

Our threesome 4

Image result for painting of a sexy girl*****
A week later

I went to the club to find lila. I've been here twice in a row now.. I just want to see her once again. Whenever I'm fucking my husband, i imagine she's with us. Although i get angry when i think of she and dan fucking, i just want her for me. I want to have her to myself. "Hello, ma'am.. " i looked into Lila's eyes. I felt my heart beat faster. Fuck. She's here.." I don't know your name.." She said huskily. "Sit down dear, I'm sasha, and my husband is dan." She smiled and took her seat. We started talking and she told me she's 24 years and a graduate. I was shocked at her age.. She looks so young and innocent.

Our Threesome 3

Image result for painting of a sexy girlSasha

I stood up to signal for more drinks. I'm already so fucking tipsy and yet, I've not seen any woman who caught my attention. Fuck.. We've been imbibing drinks like water since we got here. Infact, dan had asked us to leave, but im persistent. I need to make this happen.. I was still thinking when something spilled on me. "What's this?!" I screamed.. I looked into a pair of the sexiest eyes I've ever seen in my life. She looks absolutely exotic. She's dressed tastefully in a short skirt and a scrap of fabric.. That's barely holding back her breasts. They look like they'd spill out any minute. Fuck. I couldn't keep my eyes off em. Even as a woman! "I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to" she said. She looked so scared and innocent. I felt so bad screaming at her."it's ok, it's nothing.."

Friday, 27 April 2018

Our threesome 2

Image result for sexy image of a woman in chainsSasha

I can't believe lade is shouting out my secrets.. I hushed her and our drinks were served.. "Carry our drinks to that table" i pointed. I'm coming, let me go and pee.."Are you escaping?" She said.. I slapped her shoulders with a grin"you're not serious at all.." She took the drinks and left while i asked a bouncer for directions to the ladies. I walked down there in a rush; im pressed. I entered a stall and peed then i flushed and came out.. And almost hit a man..
"What is this nonsense? What are you doing in the ladies room?! Or your brain left and you can't decipher simple English anymore?!"i screamed at him. I felt fear fill me. I've heard horror stories of women raped and maimed in club restrooms.

Our threesome 1

Image result for sexy image of a woman in bondageThis is the story of how we lost each other... In the most unlikely way!
I can't believe this shit is actually happening. Why do I need to get married? The board of directors; led by my father- ganged up on me. I need to have a better public image. Seem presentable and respectable. Really? To please the company, i have to marry too?! After all my sacrifices?! The only thing i indulge in is sex. That's all. The rest i leave. I give my 100% to the job and now it's turning on me! Why do i have to give up my freedom too?
Shit. I can't let this get to me. I'd just get a woman to have a marriage of convenience with. That shouldn't be hard.
I shoved thoughts of marriage to a little shelf in my mind. It's what i do; compartmentalise.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Diary of a Poet 6

Never Alone
There's a place inside of me that wants to dream,

Burn the Bridge

Image result for image of bridge paintingsYou were the one thing in my way.
The rock that I often wrestled with.
Needless to say.
Your actions were like an Agiel, causing me pain... You definitely one of lord Rahl's mord-siths.
I seat... listening to music, but thoughts of you sway me off beat.
Not like i brim wit conceit, buh i wouldn't be feeling the way i do but for your deceit.
So right now, it's time to set it all alight.