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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Action in Calabar 2

Part 2


It is obvious the lady from the plane was sent to torment me, she can't in anyway be my crush, I came out barely 15mins after the caring rendezvous in the air and there she was all wrapped up in the hands of another man, all in complicit positions!

She was so carried away that she forgot my earpiece on one of the foyer seats! it is crazy how this girl is getting to me, I decided to think strictly about my reason for coming to Calabar and blot out of the fantasy of getting a good girl from here, Calabar girls are no good as they say so what the hell was I thinking? This was my consoling thoughts as I lividly left the airport!! By the way, she didn't even know I was in the car with her! Bitch!

Action in Calabar 1


Life as a struggling actor can be frustrating which clearly explains the meaning of struggle. Those days you go hungry just so you get transport fare for auditions, those demeaning things one had to do to make career ends meet, no cash was coming in but the joy of doing what you love maximized the utility I craved for.

I studied Theater Arts in the prestigious university of Ibadan, took numerous courses in the field of film and Cinematography and also acquired some skill in practical by joining various drama groups. knowledge wise, I am rich, and I've been told countless times that I am the future of moving pictures and it is better in my hands than anyone.
Despite my formidable CV in the theater world, I still haven't gotten my big break, the industry does not know me, I have been in front of cameras but not with ace directors or the big cakes in the industry, so many free jobs I did to just send my name out there to someone who will love me enough to believe in me.

Monday, 27 February 2017


When he says you're beautiful, you second guess Yourself... probably because the beauty fools.
And when he looks you in the eyes and professes "i can't think straight w'out you", you shudder in disbelief... You can't even imagine that you got what it takes to lock a man down like that.
You say to yourself "it's all crap", No man ain't never gon' fall for a lady like that.
They all love the different kinds of chocolate, why then be stuck with the kitkat?
You might think "he wouldn't love me for me... I'm too razz".
Or that he's too sophisticated, and i don't even listen to jazz.
I barely say a word or two when i slide in his DM, how am i gonna keep his eye on the prize when he's away.


The pulse, an indicator that am still breathing.
The pause, a stop i take when am thinking.
Often i need the pause to figure out how to keep my pulse racing.
Not that i keep count, i just love to take out my calendar and gauge my life's duration... others might call it dating though.
Some say it's in my pysche that am too cautious 
But life could be over before the eye twinkles.
It could be a short ride if you're on life's bus.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

My pearl 2

Part 2


This is worse than i thought. All i wanted to do was disappear before I get caught. But this just got insanely messy. I looked at my life and saw how useless it is. I shouldn't have begged for tosin's help. I should have just let the husband rape me in peace. Anything is better than the hurt cramping up his eyes and filling his soul. I looked at the devil standing in front of me, looking smug and resigned. I hate him. I hate him bad. And I'm going to destroy him. But to do that, i need to leave with him.

"So, can you kindly leave now?" He said to tosin. "This is a private matter between married couples, you know?" he said to tosin. I saw him stagger again at the word 'married'. He looked so betrayed. I shouldn't have kept this from him. He shouldn't have found out this way. He was planning to propose to me, but he thought he kept the ring tight.. I saw it inside his wardrobe. My heart squeezed at the thought that he deemed me marriageable.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

My Pearl 1


Oh my fuck.. She's doing it again. I adjusted myself on my window seat and squeezed the erection Killing me. I'm about to die from horniness. Is this woman crazy?! She left her window's open for anybody to see! I and any other man in a 12 mile radius can see all the shit going down in her room. Her house is directly in my view and I just packed in some few weeks ago. I'm basically a loner and I have no fuck Buddie at the moment.

She's driving me crazy though! The man slammed into her widespread cunt and her mouth formed an O sound.. I could see the juices running down her thighs and wished i could lap it up. Fuck. She's turning me to a pervert! I don't ever do shii like this! I'm a straight arrow man and I don't sniff around pussies anyhow. But the way she grinding that cock making me wish i did! I squeezed my dick and moaned.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Is the real back?, or would it choose to continue its exile.
'Coz these days we all caught up in the fake life.
We all sinking, and most of these niggas think they rolling in the deep.
'Coz of the bottles they popping, and the liquor they sip.
Most of which is gotten from the people they swindle and shades of deceit.
Worse enough that y'all deceitful, buh nigga can't you think... at least place yo ass on the seat fool!
Do that and take a moment to ponder.
Is this life worth living, if u stay blind to the nitty-gritties got yourself nicknamed stevie.
Dancing to the harp of shaytan, these scenarios bug me and then i wonder.
Is the real just a state of mind, or is it merely figmental or fictitious.
I gerrit that y'all think its a show of guts, glory or conquest.
Looking down on others with the eye of fetty.


It's been a while since we spoke, so i can't really say if you miss me.
Can't really tell if like that Eamon song, you still diss me.
But a piece has been missing from my jigsaw ...can't really put a finger on it.
I let my mind travel back in time and i let it linger.
Never knew I'd miss you this much till last sunday.
Saw your pix on iG, and i voluntarily let my eye stay transfixed for a second or two more.
The past is gone, but i really wished we coulda done more.
We got this one of a kind attraction that can't be described by the laws of physics.
Too far, but still close enough.


You were the one thing in my way.
The rock that I often wrestled with.
Needless to say.
Your actions were like an Agiel, causing me pain... You definitely one of lord Rahl's mord-siths.
I seat... listening to music, but thoughts of you sway me off beat.
Not like i brim wit conceit, buh i wouldn't be feeling the way i do but for your deceit.
So right now, it's time to set it all alight.


No one understands the joy on my face when we 'bout to rendezvous.
It's only our under-G "P" That can get me this flustered.
I know you've laid it all bare on a table.
And in my head, am thinking 'bout 5 ways to eat you like custard.
We chat on codes, i smile 'coz bae would never decode.
I smile at me when am on night call for an urgent liposuction.
This "D" just got on attention.

My Illicit Affair

I sat in my office, my mind wandering and circling about my marriage. I need to save my marriage! It's slipped away from my grasp and I could see it crashing soon. I met my husband at college and we were the best things that happened in each other's lives. We basically did everything together, and when he proposed to me, I went mad with happiness. We were the perfect match. He's the epitome of sexiness to me and a great pillar of support.

We used to be each others everything! I don't know where all that has disappeared to. The only problem we had then was his twin brother. I totally hate him; but because of my husband, I tolerated him. He was angry when my husband married me because he didn't want to share him. Everyone advised him to quit his whoring ways and also get married, but he refused.

He held on tight to his brother and really influenced him a lot. I just hope he hasn't affected his life to the point of him cheating on me. I hate him a lot! I'm sure he's very happy with this gulf in my marriage. I'm going to prove him wrong and snatch my husband back from him.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

UnMask Me

I walked down from my lecture hall. I hate the way i have to go back home after school everyday. For God's sake, I'm in college! From what i read, people anticipate college like the most special thing ever, where freedom and life is free. But no, not me. I've got a domineering loser for a father who only allowed me attend college if I'd go from home. No hostels and off campus life for me. I'm always escorted to class by a body guard. I looked back and saw him behind me. He always report my every move to my dad and i can't even talk to anybody, or my mom will be punished. It's so bad that the guard even attend classes with me. He's usually at the back.

My father totally deflated my self esteem and I'm a severe introvert. I can't even look into anybody's eyes. I have no friends and i was home schooled for high school. He doesn't allow me talk to anybody and even my mom is in the same shoes in his house. We are basically his slave. Everyday, I escape my dreary reality by thinking of my dream man. The one who'd steal me away from my father and treat me like his own princess.. He's dark, tall, intense and everything i want. He's kind and gentle. The exact opposite of my father. He's a good man.. I wish he'd take me away and give me a better life, then I'd come save my mom from my father's clutches.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

EBONY (featured poem of the week)

Red lipstick,
Purple gown,
Your beautiful smile,
On a merry-go-round.
The silhouette of your body,
On a canvas,

That Night!

I'm seated in the upper level of the school's library, reading rigorously for close to six hours now, gathering information for an important project at hand.
I'm working with one of the most reputable professors in my school, Prof Giwa and the old man has given so much to me; time, money, information, connections and the likes, consequently; much is expected from me.

 I had to shut down my social life; it's not as if I had one anyway.. I have to give this project my all! With all the pressure on me, I'm not seeing or even conscious of all that's happening around me in the library. All I know is there's a perfect decorum; exactly the way I want it.

Something broke my concentration, and I won't even like to call it a distraction. It was a Delicious voice, feminine and very friendly. I raised my head and looked straight into the best thing that have ever happened to beauty, "can I sit?" She asked.
Amidst my stammer, I managed to say yes and also introduced myself in full "I am Paul Oni JNR, 500L aeronautic engineering student, I'm reading for my project," - idiot! It wasn't necessary; my inner self told me.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Trilemma 3

Part 3

I've got a date with Delilah this evening. I planned something absolutely special for her. A private dinner at our home.. Daniel is going to travel this morning and infact i couldn't care less. It made things more perfect for the both of us. I also told told him the house would be empty because I'm travelling also. He didn't even ask where i was going to.
She arrived at exactly 7pm and I'd gotten everything ready. I can't get over her absolute hotness. It's terribly delicious. I ran my hands through her hair and gave her soft lips a hot kiss.. She moaned into my mouth and twined my lips with hers. We got down to the dining and started eating. She wore a sexy over coat and i wondered what she had underneath. I didn't have to wonder for long. She looked down at her wristwatch and pulled off the overcoat. She wore the skimpiest swimsuit I'd ever seen in my life. It was just made up of a confection of nets and silk. It shimmered on her body and looked magnificent on her golden skin.. My pussy swelled in arousal.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


I might scream at the top of my voice that i hate you, but remember that it's in my whispers that the truth lies.
Fvck how the outside looks, suits and ties.
Deep within, my heart speaks...but to you it's mere hushed silence.
I know you've been plotting graphs to figure out my heart's ambience.
Most times you can't figure if my aura is dark red or cloudy green.
You can't decide if i've got on a warm smile or a sarcastic grin.

But i send these messages to you, i guess you don't understand the code.
I guess your network is on the edge and it might just tip over.
I bet you think am 'Dinho with these leg overs.
I bet you think am treating you like a leftover.
All these thoughts got me sober.


Is that pussy all mine?, baby don't lie.
waited outside your hostel till like 'bout 9.
Saw you with that nigga who's 6ft plus.
It hurts... Probably because am like bout 5.

I guess he goes deeper, am talking 'bout that dive
Maybe he's more juicy, making you cum alive in multiples of 5.
Maybe he acted upon my absence.
I guess he filled the void better.
Maybe He's your greek god now, your alpha, your omega... your beta.

Monday, 13 February 2017

My Trilemma 2


I stood up to signal for more drinks. I'm already so fucking tipsy and yet, I've not seen any woman who caught my attention. Fuck.. We've been imbibing drinks like water since we got here. Infact, dan had asked us to leave, but im persistent. I need to make this happen.. I was still thinking when something spilled on me. "What's this?!" I screamed.. I looked into a pair of the sexiest eyes I've ever seen in my life. She looks absolutely exotic. She's dressed tastefully in a short skirt and a scrap of fabric.. That's barely holding back her breasts. They look like they'd spill out any minute. Fuck. I couldn't keep my eyes off em. Even as a woman! "I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to" she said. She looked so scared and innocent. I felt so bad screaming at her."it's ok, it's nothing.."

Sunday, 12 February 2017

My Trilemma

This is the story of how we lost each other... In the most unlikely way!

I can't believe this shit is actually happening. Why do I need to get married? The board of directors; led by my father- ganged up on me. I need to have a better public image. Seem presentable and respectable. Really? To please the company, i have to marry too?! After all my sacrifices?! The only thing i indulge in is sex. That's all. The rest i leave. I give my 100% to the job and now it's turning on me! Why do i have to give up my freedom too?
Shit. I can't let this get to me. I'd just get a woman to have a marriage of convenience with. That shouldn't be hard.
I shoved thoughts of marriage to a little shelf in my mind. It's what i do; compartmentalise.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Lights are getting dim, the eyes of the sun are getting blind.
Jostling and running, searching and hoping to find.
Life's a mystery within a mystery, unfolding with every tale of history.
We breathe, we feel, we touch, we taste, we hear.

Year after year, and month after month.
We conceive ideas and yet they fly away like a moth.
Days pass and hours elapse.
But a few seconds could be the difference, while running life's laps.
Are success and failure illusions or mere polar opposites?
Do they take us forth and back or they just brothers in sync.

My Pain; My sane

My pain; My sane.

I'm missing a piece of something i don't even own,
It's not even mine and it's not even sown,
Into the heart strings and not even known,
Its so damn ridiculous and I feel like a pawn.

I follow you so hard, but you're not aware of my existence..
I wish, i crave but nothing comes of my persistence,
Missing you from afar; it's eating me up like pestilence,
But what can I do; I'd endure till senescence..

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Madt 3


I fucked Rose like a starving man.. I ate her up! I'm currently enjoying my post coital daze and i watched her sleep in peace..
She was the hottest lay i ever had in my life.. I ran my hands through her hair and looked down at her sleeping form.. I felt tenderness wash through me for her.. The feeling coiled deep in my gut and i appreciated God for bringing her into my life.. I'm sincerely lucky to have her.. I picked up my phone and called the detective in charge of my wife's murder case..

"Yes, professor Yemi, i was about Calling you.. There is a new lead in the investigation we are carrying out.. We found some hair samples on your wife that were not hers.. We are running that for analysis but we had a witness who came up to tell us about a car that was a street away.." I sat up in excitement.. Really? "Yes, I'm listening.." "The car was parked a street away, and the eye witness took note because of the haste at which she came and went. Also, there were blood stains on her clothes when she drove off.. The eye witness described the car and we even have a picture of the car.. I'd send it to your mail now.."

Monday, 6 February 2017

Madt! 2

Part 2
1 week earlier
I entered his office with my heart in my throat.. I tried to look confident, but im sure my nervousness is obvious. I looked into his eyes and he looked back at me placidly- the way he looks at every other student. I vowed to change that. "Please sit," he said with a tired smile.
"Are you married sir?!" I looked at him in shock and covered my mouth with my hands.. "I'm sorry sir.. I didn't.."
"Don't worry," he said with a deep laugh.. I felt severely embarrassed."I'm married, yes." He chuckled. He looked at me speculatively.." Why did you ask?" "Nothing sir, i was just curious"..

"Are you married?" He asked.. I answered negatively and  then he asked me some few personal questions and we started chatting.. We totally forgot about the interview and what not.. He told me all about his wife, family, daughter and all.. Time passed us by.. I was in heaven. I'm having a Yemigarsm.. He's totally hot. His voice is awesome! We discussed alot of things.."wow! I didn't know time has passed this long!"he said. I looked down at my watch and realized we've been talking for 30minutes..

Sunday, 5 February 2017


I wouldn't introduce me to me,
My life is like a cascade, I am the only one that can come to my aid.
When your niggaz r balling, and you still searching for your first trophy.
To me success is a bug, and to it i'm like mortein.
A teacup with no tea, I'm in the accused box with no plea.
At the moment i encapsulate emptiness, like trying to call jet with no lee.
No shoulders to lean on except mine. 


I trudged inside the lecture hall still feeling sleepy. This bloody class is too early!! Who starts a class by 7am? I'm so angry and tired.. I had to wake up as early as 5am to get bathed, apply my make up and eat.. I don't even have much appetite this early in the day, but i shoved down some cornflakes sha.

The rush for buses too?! It was crazy this morning.. I'm not even going to do this again.. After classes, I'm going home to pick one of my daddy's cars'.. He won't miss it.. I'm a post graduate student trying to get a Master's.. But i think I'd drop out of this class and collect peoples notes if this early shit continues.. I can't be waking up this early consistently.
I sat down and dropped my bags beside me and looked around.. The hall is full to capacity..

Untitled (featured poem of the week)

I won't write you a poem... I won't sing you a song...
I won't say a single word when you're doing it all wrong..
Cos your emotions are short and my temper aint long...
Whats the use of breaking down doors when you can just push "ding dong"...

I won't say anoda word.. I won't send you a text...
I won't write a long memo for you cos its what you'd expect..
I won't think bou u.. Not even by chance or reflex...
Sadly I won't forget you when you're are now 'ex' and am on to the next...

I can tell you're far from getting near... And I ain't near from afar... Am staring at bleeding tattoos, there's a tear and a scar..
Feeling amazing hatred deep like the depth of a jar...
Everything now changing like chameleons... When I thought I already knew ya..

Thursday, 2 February 2017



I looked at her in shock.. My world came crashing down around me.. All my love and our best laid plans?! Shattered because of Amina?! I can't accept this at all.. I have to do something about this.

I regained my confidence and stood up straight.. I'm not going to let her destroy my life! "The CEO is not on seat. Kindly leave immediately." I said coldly.. She acted deaf like she didn't hear me.. I grabbed her hands and forced her to the corridor.. I was surprised.. I didn't even expect to lift her easily.. "I'd sue you bitch!! I'd defame this company!! I'd destroy you!!" She screamed as she left.. I could still hear her echoes ringing in my head.. I dialled hafeez and told him to come back quickly.. I was boiling with rage..

Wednesday, 1 February 2017



I was working and could barely concentrate on anything.. The thought of my runaway one night stand assailed my thoughts and infused my mind.. I couldn't help but get a hard on remembering all she allowed me do to her.. She's a hot number, oh, yeah.. My hands glided to my cock and squeezed.. Delicious sensations ran down my spine from thinking it was her hand.. I imagined her grabbing me and swallowing me just the way she did the last time and i almost came in my pants.. If i continue this way, I'd have to fire myself! I can't even concentrate on anything meaningful..


It's a slow feeling the way i miss kate.
I lay beside my phone waiting, i've called a couple of times... yet she might claim to have missed just 8.
Life's fvcked up and i accept that fate.
All I'm asking for is a tabula raza, another clean slate.
I watch you watch me as i suffer in pain.