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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Sex teacher 3

Image result for SEXY IMAGE OF A WOMANNuel

A week has passed and Victoria keeps on tormenting me. I always have a permanent erection in her class and I've still not figured out the way to meet her.
In the mean time, I've been fucking the living shit out of my girlfriend and she's loving it. As for me, I wish I was buried deep in Victoria.

The boost I needed came sooner than I expected. I'd stayed late at school for training and I went to the gym to shower. After my shower, I came out of the restroom into the main gym and I heard something suspicious. I felt excitement fill me. I'm pretty sure I'm about to catch some students fucking. Maybe they thought the gym was empty because its late.

I sordidly stepped and avoided making any noise.I was almost upon them when I suddenly realised that I recognize the voice. Victoria. Adrenaline filled me at the thought of her being in danger and as I moved to rush forward, she said.."No.. I only came out here for you to eat me.." I stopped in shock. She moaned again and I could hear the swishing sound of a finger hitting deep. It made that familiar sucking sound..."No baby.. Let's fuck. I'd give you the fucking you're yearning for".."aaahhh..."she moaned.

Sex teacher 2

Image result for SEXY IMAGE OF A WOMANNuel

I was dumbfounded the entire rest of the day. I went home in a haze. Cloudy, sex induced, maddening haze. I totally forgot my plans to invite my girlfriend over and bang the crazy shit out of her. My goodness. The new teacher is Hot. Like, nerdy kind of Hot; but Hot nonetheless.

I laid on my bed and replayed what I saw in my memories. I looked up at her heart shaped ass. Her voice is very tiny and grated along the edges of my dick nerves. Yes. I sported an erection during the entire class. Oh my Fuck. She being a teacher is a huge crime against male students.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Sex Teacher 1

Image result for image of a sexy painting girlNuel

I strolled into the courtyard of my high school. I'm trying to take a short cut to the gym and relax for a bit. Working out calms me down. I feel inordinately stressed.
The hustle and bustle hit me and I scoffed at the immaturity emanating from this losers. Well, I need to go and train. When I passed, some set of girls tittered in excitement and I felt disgust hit me. Idiots. These people don't know me; they just see the perfect exterior and huge body.
Image result for image of a sexy painting girlThey all want a piece of me. They'd do anything for me. Sluts. It's been long I faced a challenge. I looked back at them and winked. I'd fucked every bitch in their clique except Tania.

Facade (Funbi's diary) Finale

Image result for image of a sexy painting girlTHE UNEXPECTED 
I walked to Sitzwe's room mind-boggled, I was not sure whether I was going there to show gratitude or 'to get my man back' - yes, you read right, that was how foolish my thoughts were, it just felt like the right thing to do as I cannot refuse the wonderful gifts. I exhaled heavily on getting to the door, the last lap of my heavy sigh knocked the door, I knocked feebly firstly, garnered guts and knocked more seriously,
"who's there? come in" he said.

Facade (Funbi's Diary) 4

Image result for image of a sexy painting girl
My dream of being a monogamist is floundering by the minute, the new development between I and Sitzwe is defiling even ounce of dignity within me, I had become an object of aggressive sex, this past weeks have been nothing to write about which is why I am distant from you, Sitzwe is worse now, he had convinced me that the Abeokuta charade was not a mistake, it is a newly orchestrated system for him to deal with whatever trauma it is he is going through. Sex with me is now a war.


Image result for image of sexIts been such a looongg time I wrote. I miss writing here.. I've been so absorbed with the new guy I met. Flash back, we hooked up at a business dinner. Man was a hot mother fucker and honestly, I could wait to spread wide for him. He was everything. Sexy. Intelligent and career oriented.


Image result for image of stilettosThings have been going bad for me recently. Ever since I fisted that woman's cunt, she's been stalking me. I get crazy random calls and texts from her and ITS SO CONFUSING. I'm afraid to admit to anyone that i'm scared because i don/t know how they will react. I mean, I'm a man!

I'm truly scared of this woman stalking me though. okay, let me explained what happened. So, after i brought her to orgasm like 3 different times in public with my fist, I suddenly lost interest. I dont lead woman on and I am not a pretender. I told her upfront that this is just a one time thing and it was nice to meet her, bla bla black sheep.

She looked hurt and I hardened my mind. She begged me for a favor for her to at least bring me pleasure in return. I almost agreed until I saw the desperation in her eyes. I almost fell for it but no. I just got out from some altercation with 2 cougars and it was such a big issue. I'm not ready for some woman to catch feelings for me.

Now she's stalking me, so i'm scared. What to do now?

naija girl today

Image result for image of an evil tearsI got the interview and it was a fiasco. Remember I had that episode of where my suit skirt got torn. Well it was awful. I rushed into the company's restroom to see what i could do salvage my suit before it was my turn.

I was in there when one motherly looking woman came in, looking all concerned and all. I didn't know when i spilled all my woes on her and I even told her that this company is not my best choice, but i will manage it.

I noticed her countenance went cold, but i was too agonized to care. Voila, the same woman conducted the interview. I t was then i knew my big mouth has gotten me into big trouble.

Wet 8.5

Image result for image of an evil grin

I look down at her. My girlfriend. The woman i claimed to love. The heady power of having total control over her rushed through me in a jiffy. I cant deny that I love being dominant over her. I cant believe she is truly hypnotized. Different ideas began to rush in. But first, she needs to lick up all my cum.

I began to tell her different perverted shit i will do to her. I will make sure to fuck up her tight asshole. fuck, the thought of sinking into that tight sheath is doing crazy things to my libido. I will ram my cock into her and fuck all her holes into oblivion.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Wet 8

Image result for sexy images of women in chainsHer stomach rising and falling, her firm rounded breasts heaving as her climax neared, she grabbed the cucumber with her free hand and began thrusting the fruit in and out of her hot vaginal sheath. She couldn't stop moaning as the cucumber hit deep into her.

Image result for sexy images of women in chainsThe new and exciting sensations rocked her, reaching out to every nerve ending, tightening every muscle. With her soon to be husband watching her most intimate and obscene act, she was discovering hitherto unknown sexual pleasure.

If in her life, she will ever imagine this, she cant believe. She, the sexually repressed girl, and bashir her gentle lover currently staring deep with utmost concentration into her pink pussy hole, watching her screw herself with a vegetable on the basis of hypnosis.

Saturday, 21 April 2018


Image result for images of painImpostor!
I can see through you.
you're a fake.
you have nothing to say.

keep up the pretense.
it befits you.
continue your silence.
your silence of lies.

facades of lies.
they tell me you are fine.
i can see through your lie.
you're a fake, you lie.

Shades of Pain

Image result for images of pain

there are 20 million shades.
and pain.
Image result for images of pain
they speak to me.
their language of horrid colours.
dull is what life seems.
a awful shade of ashy lace.

i bleed endlessly.
i bleed to die.
i feel not the pain,
the pain is deep inside.

Diary of a Poet 5

Image result for images of shadowEnveloped inside the fog of her own brain
Memories of happiness and sorrow come in waves
Tear ducts overflowing and never depraved
Tears filled with hate and blood stains
They stream down her cheeks to the corners of her mouth
Creating a cycle of swallowing them so they reroute 
Some churn forever never making it back to recascade
Creating an ocean filled with tidal waves
Image result for images of shadowSlamming into each other creating chaotic sorrow bubbles within
Floating through her veins and crawling beneath her skin 
Finally rupturing and spilling the salts of hate and pain
Salts that forever line the shores of the beach made up of black grains
The ocean takes these grains of black back out to be set free
Free to release the hate that's deeply embedded in her fearless sea

Diary of a single woman -After I lost my virginity

Image result for beautiful image of smokedear diary..

After finally losing my virginity, things went awry between the both of us. It didn't take long for our mutual differences to show especially because our whole relationship was based purely on lust and nothing else.


Image result for beautiful image of smokeSlip me a pill, I swear to God that it heals.
It feels real.
Kush up my shisha pot, I'm a slut who's boxed up in sloth.
Lazy as fuck, lackadaisical with my alarm forever on snooze, so when the hitters come I cannot duck.
Slip me the molly, coz I ain't really holy and I don't feel I need to make heaven, coz on molly the heavens often come to me. 

Down on my knees not to pray but to sniff the whites and choke on the coke.
This powder is to make up my mind and conceal my real pain.
I'm hurt but I feel this and many more would numb the pain.
Novacane when it rains coz frank ocean said the same.
Yes the coda got me slow, yes I thought it would pull me out of my low but now I know it ain't do shiii and my heart still drops to it's knees when time finally quickens. 
Image result for beautiful image of smoke

I am, I was.

Image result for couples in a meadows
I've been hiding my kevin's heart, I admit I do it real slick.
I'm a cheat, breaking hearts, it's a shame that I'm a big prick.
You taste better and do better, yet I still go for versions that are beta.
I'm real dumb, for not seeing you are a real one who's better than those half baked cakes that I taste behind your back. 

I'm way off track and there's something in my brain that I confess I really do lack.
My smile is crooked at dinner coz I'm only thinking about dessert.
I had you for appetizer and now it's the main course, yet for some reason the taste don't feel good enough. 
Image result for beautiful image of trees

Friday, 20 April 2018

what is love?

Image result for beautiful images of love
what is love?
yes i ask.
i have no understanding.
of that implicit emotion.
this moment i want you.
the next moment, i do not.
is that love?

what is love?
this feeling tearing me apart.
this feeling making me fuck them all.
just to leave away from your memories.
is that love?


Image result for beautiful images of kisses

The past few weeks has been the best of my life!!!
Who knew that Adeola could be so humorous, my insides swelled with the urge to se pe fun segun... But I couldn't rain curse words down on my future in-law, God just save im nyash walahi.  
I hadn't seen her since our encounter at 'Alhaji's house', but it seemed like we saw daily, all thanks to the internet and of course Meister Zuckerberg. I really needed to see her soon, else woe may betide me.

Thursday, 19 April 2018


Image result for beautiful pictures of butterflies and flowers
I love a woman but I fear her the most, she could put me on toast, she could shut down my boast.
The texture of the fabric of her mind is indeed amazing, demonic and angelic, an irony in flesh and spirit.
I'm fascinated by the way her mood flickers.
Some times she kicks ass. 


Image result for beautiful images of the seaObediently, she fetched the long, cool green phallus and stood dutifully before her master. 'Lie on the floor and push it right up your cunt,' he commanded. His words were alien to her. This was the other side of the man she loved.