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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Two (Ho story 4)

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Okay.. so, I met this absolutely gorgeous hunk at camp. I took a look at him and I was like, yes, I’m definitely gonna have this nigga.
I strolled up to him, and what can I say, we became instant friends. We had a crazy chemistry and a mad build up. Little kisses here and there, little touches and oh so romantic. We fucked the night we got out of camp and it was climatic.
This nigga got a big dick and he absolutely knew how to use it.. I was also on my period, so it helped with the greasing.

Not long after, I realized this nigga had a girlfriend. Which he failed to tell me about. The day I found out, we had finished fucking in his aunts big bed (I went to visit him there) and then this text came in when he went to bath.

Oh well. He’d always gisted me about his brother, but I paid no mind. After I found out about his girlfriend, I didn’t say anything. Just went mumm and then he traveled home. A few days later, he texted me saying he misses me and all— this nigga went to see his girlfriend o! I decided to go visit him. Told him I’m coming.

Unfortunately for him, he was on a date with his girl the day i decided to go. He sent his bro to pick me up from the bus stop If I thought he was gorgeous, I was mistaken! His brother was fineeeer! And taller ! With the sexiest voice ever. While he drove me to their house, I flirted with him like there was no Tomorrow. Later that evening, the camp guy got back from his date with his girlfriend... so we had to lie that I was his brother’s girlfriend He was so pained because he wasn’t able to properly explain to me.. based on the fact that he was claiming single He was caught in the middle Anyway, I slept in the brothers bedroom that night and we had the hottest dry hump in the world. The camp guy was pained asf because his girlfriend was clingy and he couldn’t get space to talk to me properly.
Suffice to say, I fucked the brother too. Whose dick is better by the way, and I left them with their mess.
Oh , after fucking the brother, I still fucked him too. On the same bed.

KONGI VII (He Was More)

Castle and Beckett

I haven’t replied when he launched in, Jeez!! 🔥
I think I lost three years of my span from that pain, all I could call was my mommy, it definitely wasn’t Kongi’s first time, he stroke the shii out of me, maintaining same speed, being consistent and coming in correct; such prowess! He guard the bench with his legs, helped balance my leg on his shoulders and did necessary justice, it took time for me to adapt to the pain but HEY; it was worth it. It was the first best sex of my life, that night created a standard of what it should be for me, I pleaded that he cum, the dude could go all night. Hood dick needs a special anointing to contain — for anyone considering one.
We had various wonderful sex, in weird places and in the most outrageous manner, I remember having one in the morgue, you really don’t want me to share that. 

KONGI VI (He Was More)

Image result for sexy picture drawing


Oh yes! We did! Multiple times and I have no regrets. There was no way I could say No to such alluring dick, it was irresistible—I have seen it form ambiguous long shapes in trousers when in its prowess, ever since have I had it as a dream to one day take it in. 

It was against all I was taught as a child, ironically; my first sex was a hood sex, with a hood dick and on a hood bench; yeah you read right — a hood bench.  Wonderful cold night, after the rain had disturbed the day, we were seated at Kongi’s favorite spot, I was taking him through some English lessons as he was preparing at that time to go back to school, we have had two hours of serious and focused lecture thus I was bored and tired; So I pleaded that we did something else, he obliged in the most surprising way, it was pitch dark with another looming rain, the cold was brute, he chose to sing for me, he made me promise not to laugh, I haven’t seen him want to sing, it was a ‘go’ for me, I grinned hard, it was quiet, the rain and its wetness had sent people to bed and some to liquor joints. He began to sing to me with gravely voice, very low in tone and melodic, it was the Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds song, I was seated on his laps, facing him and backing the road where we were. 

Friday, 14 December 2018

My Dream (Ho Story 3)

Related imageThe building was a stadium like structure; magnificent.  I could hear the sermons, hence I was late,  which was not intentional but heavenly rewarded because I get to see my crush,  looking dodolistic.
 He was wearing a tight fitted pink pant and I didn't bother about the rest part because I knew they were well dimensioned, as the goal was the crotch.  We had something in common today- lateness.  The usher directed us to the last floor, perfect. He had a grin I topped it with a blush😊. Only two seats- isn't the devil the greatest of all times😅. I was fucking dripping, my bud is throbbing, labia gasping for the log like it has been starved for ages, and truly it had been.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Sneak Fuck (Ho story 2)

Image result for image of a sexy woman in shadowsI met this guy at the bank in February I guess.
I was dancing on my way in and he saw me through the glass-I guess he was blown away. He works at the customer service centre and proceeded to do a very unprofessional thing- steal my phone number. I was mad about it and he apologized, then and we started talking.
I expected a very bold guy, but dmmit, he was so bloody slow. So slow that the first time I actually went to visit him, I was the one that invited myself.
I expected him to touch me and make my fantasies cum true (pun intended); but he didn’t even get the whole signal I was giving him. It was like he was blind. Till I left his place, he didn't make a single move. I was so pissed that day I stopped talking to him.
Not long after, something incredibly sad happened to me and I seek comfort in his arms. He was always there for me, keeping me calm and sane.
Still, he won’t still invite me over. The wait was driving me crazy and I was tired of waiting for him. Yesterday, I visited him- I lied I was coming to a a place around his house (a big lie because I was home all day).
I got to his place around 8pm and was pretending to be tired and he totally fell for it, he was  pampering me.
Fast forward to 11pm he still wasn’t making any moves that was how the devil in me just took over.
He was so good at fucking me well, I don’t even regret cheating.
Don’t get me wrong, my boyfriend is also good in the sack, but, variety is the spice of life, like they say.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Bestie (Ho story 1)

Image result for sexy image of a couple in shadowsI wont bother to tell you her name.. You know the kind of sex partner that's also your bestie? I have that particular lady, even if my father is standing, shes ready to suck me off. If she comes to my house, we don't even speak four sentences, we've pounced on each other. She doesn't ever say no.
We've had sex in every nook and cranny of my hood(some inhabitable places infact).
Sometimes we promise ourselves we wont fuck, and try to dodge each other, but we've never been able to keep that up for more than a day.
If shes going to work as early as 6am, shes ready to have a quickie at my place. When she gets back by 5pm, w end up fucking till night.. The funny thing is like i said earlier, she ain't even my girlfriend!
Shes just a bestie.
If I try to calculate how much I've straffed that pussy, it would be more than 1000 times, because even if shes menstruating, we fuck.

Image result for sexy image of a couple in shadows
I seriously became addicted to her pussy-- it got so bad! We fucked on the beach sand, club toilets, tricycles, I finger her pussy on bikes sometimes.
She can disobey anybody for my dick and sometimes she skips her work because she will claim she is late after our morning devotion (sex). After some time she didn't even learn the work for about 3 months and believe me the 3 months were the worst days of my life because we had to fuck everyday while she’s hiding at my place Morning 6am till night when she’s going back home.
Right now, she's claiming born again and she looks decent such that her brothers are always so proud of  her. They think she's a virgin and they are always bragging with her. Meanwhile, she's a Knackademus.

Friday, 7 December 2018

KONGI V (He Was More)


After the ordeal and how Kongi’s effort was under-appreciated by my mother, I decided to visit and thank him properly, courtesy demanded that at least, I walked into the street, filled with idle folks and a hardworking few, Kongi was not hard to find, a beggar by the road pointed his very spot to me, on getting there, I met Kongi perusing a newspaper, it’s one of the numerous ones on his table, seeing me; he jumped up in awe, I saw him in the light of day; he is a fox!

Thursday, 6 December 2018


The words that ring in my head.
They beat at the consciousness;
That heavy nothing.
Its like a wool stuffed up in your soul,
Soaking up everything, nothing to behold.
That wide encompass of carcass.
A dead meat with no blood, no canvas.
Vacuum everywhere.
A ring of nothingness in my head.
I think to myself, ‘even if I bled’,
There’s nothing here,
Nothing said.
Its crazy how happy I feel.
In a bubble of rose screens, I think I’m free.
The perceptions are very warped.
Image result for image of smoke
They’re twisted, bad and very mad.
Empty, the language we speak.
We’re dead inside, we’ve hit our peak,
We live a half fulfilled life, nothing stick.
Literally, nothing stick.
I lay down there, empty to my core.

Nothing left, nothing gone.
I’m full to bursting, I’m full till im sore.
I’m full of nothing, I’m totally empty.
Empty, the cry of your soul.
Seeking validation, seeking love.
You won’t get it though; no-no-no.
If it hit you in the face,
You’ve got no space.
You’re very full.
Yet severely empty.

Monday, 3 December 2018

KONGI IV (He was More)

“If you move again, I GO KILL you” his spits all in my face and on my lips, to seal his threats; he tore my clothes open using his dagger, cut my bra through and exposed my breasts, his friend was too impatient and was ready to pounce on me, I felt my gown leave my body, I nearly cursed my instincts for making me wear it on such fateful day, i thought of the unease my mother will be in, two overly erected penises staring at me, my thighs were shaking! I felt like dying, I began to feel harsh touches on my vagina, I was helpless, one pinned me right down whilst the other was on the verge of gaining access, torture on my below even my eyes was in pain from staring at some ugly looking hairy and sweating balls. If It and happened that night, I won’t be doing writing today, i will be too ashamed to, that is if I am still alive. 

I heard a loud noise, a useful one, finally a voice challenging the about-to-be-done deed, I was so happy, I began to cry, I was overly weak, my heart panting fast, shuddering body and a glad vagina. Chai!! A day of agog it is. The two rapist were caught and brought to me by this gentle tout called KONGI. He did this because he wanted me to pass judgement on them, as romantic as it seemed; I simply wanted to go home. He asked rigorously if I was sure, teamed with his over forty angry goons, I was affirmative, they tied the two no-good fellows next to two rams ready for slaughter and escorted me home. 

KONGI III (He Was More)

Image result for dark picture hd

Two haggard and slender guys came out from the dark, staggering somewhat whilst sipping the herbal concoction, this is not good, I knew I was in trouble, I thought of running but to where? They know their way better than I do, this could be two out of a legion who are hiding to perfect the ambush, after a thoughtful moment, I resigned to kneeling and begging for my life, whilst on my knees, one of the hard guys pulled his penis out to wee and I almost fainted, this forced out the stream of tears I was trying to hold back, although it’s a good dick to be honest but the carrier if it manages to enter will be a nightmare, I cannot imagine what was running through their minds, the other walked majestically to me, I was staring close range at his below, he was smiling, a bedeviling smile that sent cold down my spine. 

He picked me up like an object and smacked my ass hard, a hot drop of urine ran out my vagina, she knew she was in mess, 
You dey crayfish waka” he said in a Yoruba accent that would have made me laugh if not for the situation I was

My Stranger

Image result for image of a sexy man in shadowI stared at my eyes in the mirror, trying to understand what I just saw. Through my memory, the sight hit me anew. First, I noticed his hips. The eyes may be the window to the soul, but,a mans hips were his seat of power.
I doubted he'd chosen those perfectly fitted jeans and that black T-shirt that belied the tautness of his stomach for the purpose of flattering his lower body, but he had and now I lose myself in the thought of caressing with my lips that exquisite hollow that lay between smooth skin and elegantly jutting hip bone.
I remember dragging my gaze to his face, as dignified and angular as the rest of him. Pale skin and dark razor-cut hair contrasted with eyes the color of ice. Glacial, I decided his eyes were—they spoke of hidden depths.
A stark beauty, he was a man made to be admired by intelligent women. Lean and tall but with the substantial mass of an athlete, he was utterly masculine. The world had fallen away in his presence and now that he was gone, I was left in the equally potent presence of his absence.
Fuck it, he's so gorgeous, he looked harsh. Sort of a stark beauty. The type that crept up on you and sucker punched your insides at the thought of a man being so fine.
Unfortunately, this is not a love story.
At least not for me.
He's Gay and currently single. Sigh. What a world.
I wonder if the power of my pussy can convert him?
Sigh, for the billionth time.
My prince charming, Gone.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

My village Fuck

I’m called Nelly. When you hear a name like that, of course, good looks should come to your mind. I’m quite good looking and yeah, I have money too. I had a wedding to attend and my biggest problem was getting a pussy to fuck. Worse is the fact that I’d be living in the same house with my parents. Nosy parents, nosy siblings.. Its going to be a long weekend.
Normally, they only get to see me quite rarely, so, everyone is up in business. ‘When will you marry’, ‘Where’s your girlfriend’ and questions like that.
Anyway, the pre wedding party was ongoing and I was getting an erection from staring at the backside of a good looking fresh girl. I estimate she’d be around 23 and she has a waist strong enough to withstand some good fucking.
I obviously caught her eyes with the ways she keeps on giving me silly flirty looks and giggling with her friends. In my head, the deal is sealed.
I motioned to my cousin. We quickly discussed how fast I can get to fuck her. He arranged the whole thing. We made a huge mistake though, we didn’t take condom into cognizance. That night, I slept, having dreams about fucking deep into her juicy pussy. I couldn’t wait to have her deep pussy ensconce my dick.
The d day came which also was the wedding day. We attended the whole shenanigans and then I
snuck out with my soon to be fuck. We got back to the house, while my cousin acted as the perfect wingman.
We got to the bedroom and trust me, I didn’t have the energy to sweet talk. I expected this girl to pull of her panties, I was hungry to eat some cunt. You wont believe it. She became hesitant. I sighed mentally. I thought we had finalized!
I didn’t understand her concept of playing hard to get. Why is she pretending?! I tried to sweet talk her bla bla bla and finally, she allowed me touch a tit. All the while, I suddenly missed my Lagos girls. Those girls, they know the deal!
They understand I don’t think less of them. I give them a great dick and I make them cum multiple times before taking my own pleasure. I love them! I love the way they bounce on my cock in joy.
I love the way they express themselves and accept their sexuality. I love their non repressed life.
Anyway, I finally got to give her head and she was a bit hesitant— all tensed and ahit. At this point, I was beginning to lose interest. Wdf?
I stopped and decided to fuck— oh shit, No condoms. I quickly told my cousin who was smoking outside about it and he went to find us some. He got back some few minutes later with bad news. No condoms— it was a Sunday and all the shops were closed. Shit.
At this point, I was frustrating and I considered ditching the whole thing especially since the girl was making the whole thing awkward— acting odd.
I felt my dick deflate in defeat. Fuck. I started dressing up and I told her we’d meet up some other time and she suddenly pulled me back to the bed. We had the most amazing make out session ive ever  experienced in a long while. She’s a good kisser! She then proceeded to fellate the hell out of my manhood and soon enough, I felt my uncovered dick spearing into a soaking wet pussy.
It was heavenly! But heaven is only for a short period. On my second stroke and third thrust, when her pussy muscles clamp tight on my meat and I was thinking ‘fuck condoms, I’m fucking this pussy’, I heard car horns.
Shit! Apparently, the church service is over and the fam came to get ready to the reception. Double shit.
At the moment when the fuck was the sweetest, I had to pull out from her sloppy hot and tight as fuck cunt. I wanted to die. We sprung apart and we dressed hurriedly. I didn’t want anyone to see her— her reputation is at a huge stake. I hurriedly handed her over to my cousin who re routed her through the backdoor and hustled her by carrying her over the fence.
As for me, I almost died of blue balls that weekend. The first girl I fucked when I got back to Lagos.. her pussy hear am!
And yes, I went for HIV test thrice. I was a paranoid bastard.

Friday, 23 November 2018

I want you (Love Version)

I want you.
My King.
I want to feel your love.
Your arms telling me its fine.
Protecting me.
I want to spoil you.
I want to give you the world.
I want to know I’m your Queen.
I want us to be the rulers of our kingdom.
I’m the Ying to your yang.
I love you immensely.
I want to ease your pains.
I want your problems to seep away.
I want to be your missing rib.
I want to help you.
I want to support you.
I want to be here for you.
I want to own you.
I want you to feed me your soul.
I want to know im yours
I don’t ever want you to go.
Please don’t ever leave me.
I’m scarred from promises failed.
I know you wont let me down.
I think of you everyday.
My thoughts are like a mirage.
I stalk you everywhere.
It’s unfortunate you’re not mine.
Together, we could be power.
We can conquer the world.
But you don’t even know I exist.

I want you (Lust Version)

I want to kiss you.
I want to wrap my hands around you.
I want to feel your skin against mine.
I want to fuck you.
I want to fuck you so hard.
I want to lick your sweat.
I want to inhale your scent.
I want to wrap my hands around you.
I want your hands hugging me.
I want to feel your teeth bite me.
I want to feel your incisor go deep into my skin.
I want you to fuck me like a beast.
I want you to unleash on me.
I want to feel you plow into me.
I want you to come in me.
I want that utmost satisfaction.
I want to cum from your tongue.
I want us to swap cum.
I want ypu to master me.
I want to dump you after.
I want to fuck your brother too.
And your best friend if he’s available.
With your whole squad.


I feel so dumb right now. 
I mean, no one has ever made me cry thrice in a day ever. 
I feel like a complete mess. 
A mess. 
A beautiful mess. 
I know I’d make sense of it as time passes though. 
Do i feel dumb? Yes. Stupid? Hi No. 
These things happen. I feel so powerless too. 
I wish i could sweep away all his problems with a snap of my fingers. 
Unfortunately, I can’t. Like, why am I a waterwork today? 
 Everything went to shambles. 
I tried to make things better. 
I felt being frozen was nothing. 
All I wanted was to see his smile. 
The one I always wanted to see in reality. 
I had lofty dreams of us making up and it being fine, and suddenly, it all crashes.
I think I just want space.
I think I need to think.
I’m happy and sad in rows.

Thursday, 22 November 2018


She is not much to write home about. I mean, she has the kind of face a guy like me will see and pay no attention to. No, she’s not ugly, but when you’re into the model types, most girls are average. I took note of her the when she followed me to my apartment.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

KONGI II (He Was More)

SlumhomeHow did we meet? 

Well, one of those days with lack of road options, I had to journey through Kongi’s street, dead late in the night, my phones were down, I had a flat battery from watching movies to keep myself company in the classic Lagos traffic, It had rained thus the other optional route was a no-go area, I prayed the rosary trying to pass Kongi’s street, notorious for its presence of vices,  a week before then was a story of a man who was killed and dismembered on the street. It was a bad idea but the only one I had, no street lights, soft ambiance of different local Fuji music playing through stereos in houses, I had not journeyed far when I saw a woman run out of the house with just wrappers on refusing to oblige her supposed husband sex - she called attention the attention of the unbothered neighbors to come to her aid, she complained of her husband’s brutal mannerism of sex, saying his penis is getting too big and he’s seeming tireless when it comes to sex. An interesting gist I would have loved to listen to if It was during the day but the time was against my interest, thus I walked fast away from the scene especially when I saw the supposed husband coming through the door with his manhood trying to tear through his underwear.

Moving forward from the awkwardness, it began to ooze Indian hemp, the signature hood smell, a one bench liquor store by the corner where cheap alcohol was sold, filled with men who clearly did not want to go home, the seller, a plum and fair rascal woman flirting with each one of them according to the amount of money they have spent so far in the night, soft Fuji music playing and every one enjoying their lives, I prayed hard that none of them holler at me because that will be the beginning of my doom, more than 16 drunk men in the hood at night, my vagina ran dry at the thought of it. 

I got to the point where I feared the most, the area boys corner where vehicles are parked and men are sleeping in them, I heard snores mixed the croaks from frogs, jumangi set up if you ask me, I squeezed myself through the parked yellow buses and was almost out when I heard the loud yell! 
“Duro mbe!! “ it said 
“Ye! Mo ku o!” Was my reply as I began to shiver

KONGI (He Was More)

and so the Adventure begins! Excited about the adventures coming this year!

I met my man when he was barely a “man,” that time when hope was all we had, dangerous venture as the society painted it, “use your head” was my mother’s theme song, I was convinced that there’s but a brand of love our society understands and appreciates, the brand of love that is with very little sacrifices, nobody wants a love journey with too many compromises which leave the essence of love to wallow in despair. 
I am optimistic in nature, almost too optimistic, my greatest asset as a result of this, is my instincts, hardly ever wrong although it takes me down a path no one except myself can journey through, my optimism made me decide to study forensics in school, made me a proud caregiver for the dead and ultimately helped me own my own Funeral service company. It is till this day a party I thread alone, only that monies made is easy to spend for my folks and foes. My instincts when followed helps me understand what really is meant for me and how to filter the distractions from the ‘outside’ that may come with it. All my accomplishments happened against the wish of those who swear to love me and want the best for me but here we are; courtesy my indefatigable instincts. 

My weird, outrageous but conscious instinct presented Kongi to me, it made a lot of effort for me to not say ‘No’ even in the face of doubts, mixed feelings, and fear - Kongi, a boy from the hood, the boys our mothers warned us to not associate with growing up, those type that we prayed against; a boy whose street I seldom pass except out of lack of options, I briskly walk on it, at a pace nearly as fast as a run. How we managed to meet is a mystery to my mother, she could not handle that we managed to talk, got close; so much that we built a relationship out of it; my mother believed that we were on a train headed for a wreck. 

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Rebound Tales 7

This evening; I sit around, sappy. I miss all of them. I miss my rebounds— from Nick, emmy, khaleed, and the rest I can’t even place. I miss having the heavy weight of a man on him. I miss their sweat, sigh, the way my body provides the pleasure for them. I miss the way I turn them on. It’s crazy.
Time and time again, i could never condition myself to using sex toys without a real man involved. I could never even try to make myself orgasm. Right now; thinking of a man— real man is making me go creamy down there.
I sat on my bed staring down at my slim thighs. I need someone in my life.
Today, I stare at the horizon before me. The sun is setting and it makes for an absolutely stunning view. I can feel the stress seep out of me while I stare at the blood red and pink hues blending into the orange and white backdrop. My eyes caught on something.
My eyes zoom on something. I felt a shockwave go through me. My eyes clash with his. He’s on the floor below mine on the opposite building.
I can’t be describing him— he’s physical perfection. He sent a wink my way and i felt my panties soak.
As if hypotized; I went down the underground garage and I saw him coming.. It was late and no one was really around .. Although there was the security cameras. I didn’t understand what happened next. I was about speaking a word when he gently shushed me and pressed my back against a pillar and gave me a very very deep and wet kiss.
He placed me strategically away from the camera reach but still; my heart thud in excitement. Anybody from the complex can see us if they come in here.
Verily; he came prepared.
He whipped out one of the longest schlongs I’ve ever seen in my life, covered it in rubber and pushed my shoulders until I was kneeling.
My mouth watered in anticipation and I gave the heaviest and sloppiest blow job of my life. Its crazy. I absolutely loved it. I kept on licking and slurping on that dick like my life depended on it. I loved licking it. I loved blowing it. I laved it with attention and deepthroated like the nasty slut I am.

Fuck, thinking about it now is getting me wet and there’s no one here to fuck me. Bye.

Thursday, 11 October 2018


They walked further through the sloppy Santorini streets to the seaside, it had a breathtaking view with tents pitched around it, they were lodges for rent for visitors mostly couples, with an interior of a regular three star hotel standard, the site was magnificent, both parties without a word decided to explore, it was hard to say No, one party had a dying wife, the other had an uncertain patient but they chose to live in the moment, held hands and walked into the fun, more alcohol was served until they passed their collective drink limits, Tade already on beast mode now, feeling like a gladiator,
Nissi, on the other hand, was looking like a Greek queen, partly clad in a top sweatshirt and bikini pant billow, they ate some well-barbecued pork, Nissi ate in joy even as she yapped about how bad it was for her body, in the eyes of Tade, she was looking brand new, they were living in what he wished was he and his wife’s dream, her reach to his soul was venomous, he stared at her till she could read his mind. They retired into the tent when the breeze was too cold to enjoy, candle lights good heat to set a different mood, the scents from the candles lingered into places both party seem to have long explored. Lying body to body staring at the roof and discussing, they somehow have had a lot to laugh about since their meeting at the bar, Nissi leaned in to feel more body heat from Tade, she placed her head gently on his willing body and maintained a mildly disciplined position, the breeze of the sea came in more, leaving the body to want, the cover provided by the lodge is a soft cotton material, that encourage lodgers to still cling to each other to be warm enough when the breeze is heavy, an intentional act to spur intimacy, Nissi not being a friend of cold held Tade more closely as making to somebody moves such as pressing herself against him, move for friction and create heat, this was an arousal call for Tade, lying next to a stranger he may never meet again in an environment he may never come again, he welcomed Nissi into him more, held her close and helped her get her heat, she was more comfortable, thanked him by kissing him on his chest. They did this for a while till the candle lights went off, it was a call as far as Tade is concerned, maybe the alcohol intake or probably his meaning intentions; he lifted Nissi to his face level and began to kiss her. 

With protesting hormones and needy body, Nissi was helpless, she had no time to pay attention to what her brain was saying even though he said brain was too confused to think properly, Tade had a wonderful lips and skewed kissing technique, this combo drove Nissi to the core point, she was horny to stupor, tongue hit tongue hard, exchange of passion using the lips, vibrating bodies and needy sexual apparatus. The face of the game changed when Nissi went on to his manhood to massage it using her lips, the synergy between her lips and the overly charged dick is dynamite, she was cautious, probably because of her profound knowledge in medicine, with utmost care she handled it, it felt like a major surgery was taking place only the the patient wasn’t in pain, Tade discovered how much he had missed on sex, every touch drove him nuts, Nissi puller her sweatshirt to give Tade a view of her cup-size pointy breast, he reached for them but aggressively, she tapped his hands off, almost like he wanted to remove and them her tits home. She controlled his hands and taught him how she liked her breast to be fondled, all these she did without saying a word, her interesting body smell and well engineered body made Tade untamable, massaging his cock softly, make sure it’s hard to her taste, she swung her bikini to the side and insert the averagely long killa monster into her, it was like feeding yourself a sweet poison, his cock gave the appropriate touch at the wrong time which made it hard for her to create a pattern; it was too spontaneous in its operation even though she claimed to be in charge, Tade’s dick was independent in its assignment! She rode it to Damascus, as she rode, flashes of life came, it was a transition, it took her to a place of peace, she moaned softly, her bounce was consistent and rhythmic made Tade lost in lust! They were having the best time of their lives, Tade will fondle on her boobs when he needs a touch with reality, riding for nearly thirty mins, Nissi figured out what could be a panacea to her waiting patient, a good dick indeed will give anyone a clarity. 

“Wow,” she screamed as she increased the speed, a moment Tade thought needs his most rapt attention, with stride she rode, aiming at making Tade cum in faraway Greece. The storm came and it was heavy gush into Nissi’s vagina. 
“Damn!” Tade thundered 
“Be sure I won’t get pregnant “ Nissi replied 
“I actually wanted to say this is the best night of my miserable life” he smiled 
A clean-up followed by more talks from both party, they fell asleep, her convo didn’t capture the just concluded escapade, they were diplomatic enough to not discuss it. 

Morning came, Tade and Nissi woke to their reality, that which they spent the whole night running from, Nissi was up first and she rushed out leaving Tade a note, 
it said “I will love to see you again, call me” 
Tade woke an hour later to the note and rushed to see his wife. 

Getting to the hospital, his wife was awake and surprisingly strong, She demanded to know where he was, he had nothing credible to say, meeting the doctor helped the matter die down, anyone present sure can tell without mincing words that there was trouble. He rode her in a wheelchair to the doctor’s office, getting to the office, the very anticipated Greek doctor was not on seat, they were asked by nurses to wait as the doctor will join them in no time, the doctor did come, greeting warmly the seated couple, it was a voice of fear to Tade’s wife but a familiar voice to Tade, raising his gaze to see the doctor, lo and behold, it was Nissi from last night. Both parties froze! 
Damn, a very rare moment in time. 
Three sick people seated, one as a result of health failure, the other two as a result of lust. 



Sitting alone in a corner, he ordered for a harsh whiskey to engage him somewhat, he got himself  pack of cigarettes to go with, shots after shots he gulped, he last smoked eleven years ago but cigarettes posed to be a need for this peculiar night, it needed his brain to be numb for a while to at least lighten his heart, that thin line between depression and suicide, he scrolled through the wonderful pictures from the evening, rivulets of tears, a needless smile and smokes from the cigarettes filled his face, the happy bartender server sedulously on demand without any attention to his face. Somebody seated far across him on the rectangular in-house bar table was attentive enough to notice him, a lady, tall and definitely not from Greece as she was black and with a number of other negro attributes, she sat close to him, drank his just-filled drink (the ninth one) and said hello. He was hesitant to answer but the lady seem like one who wouldn’t take no for an answer, she ordered another round of scotch, promised to continue drinking till he was ready to talk, the gesture managed to make Tade crack a smile, knowing he is from Nigeria soften the atmosphere more, coupled with the continual supply and consumption of the scotch? Tade gradually opened up till he became a chatterbox. He will however break down in between talking but his new friend Nissi was quite nice to help him get together, they talked and blended well, Nissi switched to pidgin English to fortify the communication, she did well to console, listen to and entertain Tade, she danced for him, made him sing karaoke to the audience (herself and the bartender), it was midnight and they needed to go, they left on request of the bartender who needed to close the bar, they entered the streets quite tipsy, the cold of the night made them cozy up, Tade after much talk demanded to know why Nissi the port harcourt girl is in Greece, she mentioned that she’s a doctor who had to fly in from her holiday in Cabo because of a patient with aggressive motility disorder, she lamented on how she had to ditch her splendid holiday to honor the first and only unofficial of a good colleague, she buttressed on how uncertain she feel about the patient whose case is way more intended than normal, her emphatic nag on the matters shows her frustration, she mentioned she may have to back out but she will however like to meet the patient. Tade find her gesture alluring and lauded her feat as a doctor 
“Many of us as kids really wanted to be doctors but you managed to make it a reality, that’s a big plus” he commended 

“Awwwn, thank you fancy realtor “ she replied in the flirtiest manner.