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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

KONGI II (He Was More)

SlumhomeHow did we meet? 

Well, one of those days with lack of road options, I had to journey through Kongi’s street, dead late in the night, my phones were down, I had a flat battery from watching movies to keep myself company in the classic Lagos traffic, It had rained thus the other optional route was a no-go area, I prayed the rosary trying to pass Kongi’s street, notorious for its presence of vices,  a week before then was a story of a man who was killed and dismembered on the street. It was a bad idea but the only one I had, no street lights, soft ambiance of different local Fuji music playing through stereos in houses, I had not journeyed far when I saw a woman run out of the house with just wrappers on refusing to oblige her supposed husband sex - she called attention the attention of the unbothered neighbors to come to her aid, she complained of her husband’s brutal mannerism of sex, saying his penis is getting too big and he’s seeming tireless when it comes to sex. An interesting gist I would have loved to listen to if It was during the day but the time was against my interest, thus I walked fast away from the scene especially when I saw the supposed husband coming through the door with his manhood trying to tear through his underwear.

Moving forward from the awkwardness, it began to ooze Indian hemp, the signature hood smell, a one bench liquor store by the corner where cheap alcohol was sold, filled with men who clearly did not want to go home, the seller, a plum and fair rascal woman flirting with each one of them according to the amount of money they have spent so far in the night, soft Fuji music playing and every one enjoying their lives, I prayed hard that none of them holler at me because that will be the beginning of my doom, more than 16 drunk men in the hood at night, my vagina ran dry at the thought of it. 

I got to the point where I feared the most, the area boys corner where vehicles are parked and men are sleeping in them, I heard snores mixed the croaks from frogs, jumangi set up if you ask me, I squeezed myself through the parked yellow buses and was almost out when I heard the loud yell! 
“Duro mbe!! “ it said 
“Ye! Mo ku o!” Was my reply as I began to shiver

KONGI (He Was More)

and so the Adventure begins! Excited about the adventures coming this year!

I met my man when he was barely a “man,” that time when hope was all we had, dangerous venture as the society painted it, “use your head” was my mother’s theme song, I was convinced that there’s but a brand of love our society understands and appreciates, the brand of love that is with very little sacrifices, nobody wants a love journey with too many compromises which leave the essence of love to wallow in despair. 
I am optimistic in nature, almost too optimistic, my greatest asset as a result of this, is my instincts, hardly ever wrong although it takes me down a path no one except myself can journey through, my optimism made me decide to study forensics in school, made me a proud caregiver for the dead and ultimately helped me own my own Funeral service company. It is till this day a party I thread alone, only that monies made is easy to spend for my folks and foes. My instincts when followed helps me understand what really is meant for me and how to filter the distractions from the ‘outside’ that may come with it. All my accomplishments happened against the wish of those who swear to love me and want the best for me but here we are; courtesy my indefatigable instincts. 

My weird, outrageous but conscious instinct presented Kongi to me, it made a lot of effort for me to not say ‘No’ even in the face of doubts, mixed feelings, and fear - Kongi, a boy from the hood, the boys our mothers warned us to not associate with growing up, those type that we prayed against; a boy whose street I seldom pass except out of lack of options, I briskly walk on it, at a pace nearly as fast as a run. How we managed to meet is a mystery to my mother, she could not handle that we managed to talk, got close; so much that we built a relationship out of it; my mother believed that we were on a train headed for a wreck. 

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Rebound Tales 7

This evening; I sit around, sappy. I miss all of them. I miss my rebounds— from Nick, emmy, khaleed, and the rest I can’t even place. I miss having the heavy weight of a man on him. I miss their sweat, sigh, the way my body provides the pleasure for them. I miss the way I turn them on. It’s crazy.
Time and time again, i could never condition myself to using sex toys without a real man involved. I could never even try to make myself orgasm. Right now; thinking of a man— real man is making me go creamy down there.
I sat on my bed staring down at my slim thighs. I need someone in my life.
Today, I stare at the horizon before me. The sun is setting and it makes for an absolutely stunning view. I can feel the stress seep out of me while I stare at the blood red and pink hues blending into the orange and white backdrop. My eyes caught on something.
My eyes zoom on something. I felt a shockwave go through me. My eyes clash with his. He’s on the floor below mine on the opposite building.
I can’t be describing him— he’s physical perfection. He sent a wink my way and i felt my panties soak.
As if hypotized; I went down the underground garage and I saw him coming.. It was late and no one was really around .. Although there was the security cameras. I didn’t understand what happened next. I was about speaking a word when he gently shushed me and pressed my back against a pillar and gave me a very very deep and wet kiss.
He placed me strategically away from the camera reach but still; my heart thud in excitement. Anybody from the complex can see us if they come in here.
Verily; he came prepared.
He whipped out one of the longest schlongs I’ve ever seen in my life, covered it in rubber and pushed my shoulders until I was kneeling.
My mouth watered in anticipation and I gave the heaviest and sloppiest blow job of my life. Its crazy. I absolutely loved it. I kept on licking and slurping on that dick like my life depended on it. I loved licking it. I loved blowing it. I laved it with attention and deepthroated like the nasty slut I am.

Fuck, thinking about it now is getting me wet and there’s no one here to fuck me. Bye.

Thursday, 11 October 2018


They walked further through the sloppy Santorini streets to the seaside, it had a breathtaking view with tents pitched around it, they were lodges for rent for visitors mostly couples, with an interior of a regular three star hotel standard, the site was magnificent, both parties without a word decided to explore, it was hard to say No, one party had a dying wife, the other had an uncertain patient but they chose to live in the moment, held hands and walked into the fun, more alcohol was served until they passed their collective drink limits, Tade already on beast mode now, feeling like a gladiator,
Nissi, on the other hand, was looking like a Greek queen, partly clad in a top sweatshirt and bikini pant billow, they ate some well-barbecued pork, Nissi ate in joy even as she yapped about how bad it was for her body, in the eyes of Tade, she was looking brand new, they were living in what he wished was he and his wife’s dream, her reach to his soul was venomous, he stared at her till she could read his mind. They retired into the tent when the breeze was too cold to enjoy, candle lights good heat to set a different mood, the scents from the candles lingered into places both party seem to have long explored. Lying body to body staring at the roof and discussing, they somehow have had a lot to laugh about since their meeting at the bar, Nissi leaned in to feel more body heat from Tade, she placed her head gently on his willing body and maintained a mildly disciplined position, the breeze of the sea came in more, leaving the body to want, the cover provided by the lodge is a soft cotton material, that encourage lodgers to still cling to each other to be warm enough when the breeze is heavy, an intentional act to spur intimacy, Nissi not being a friend of cold held Tade more closely as making to somebody moves such as pressing herself against him, move for friction and create heat, this was an arousal call for Tade, lying next to a stranger he may never meet again in an environment he may never come again, he welcomed Nissi into him more, held her close and helped her get her heat, she was more comfortable, thanked him by kissing him on his chest. They did this for a while till the candle lights went off, it was a call as far as Tade is concerned, maybe the alcohol intake or probably his meaning intentions; he lifted Nissi to his face level and began to kiss her. 

With protesting hormones and needy body, Nissi was helpless, she had no time to pay attention to what her brain was saying even though he said brain was too confused to think properly, Tade had a wonderful lips and skewed kissing technique, this combo drove Nissi to the core point, she was horny to stupor, tongue hit tongue hard, exchange of passion using the lips, vibrating bodies and needy sexual apparatus. The face of the game changed when Nissi went on to his manhood to massage it using her lips, the synergy between her lips and the overly charged dick is dynamite, she was cautious, probably because of her profound knowledge in medicine, with utmost care she handled it, it felt like a major surgery was taking place only the the patient wasn’t in pain, Tade discovered how much he had missed on sex, every touch drove him nuts, Nissi puller her sweatshirt to give Tade a view of her cup-size pointy breast, he reached for them but aggressively, she tapped his hands off, almost like he wanted to remove and them her tits home. She controlled his hands and taught him how she liked her breast to be fondled, all these she did without saying a word, her interesting body smell and well engineered body made Tade untamable, massaging his cock softly, make sure it’s hard to her taste, she swung her bikini to the side and insert the averagely long killa monster into her, it was like feeding yourself a sweet poison, his cock gave the appropriate touch at the wrong time which made it hard for her to create a pattern; it was too spontaneous in its operation even though she claimed to be in charge, Tade’s dick was independent in its assignment! She rode it to Damascus, as she rode, flashes of life came, it was a transition, it took her to a place of peace, she moaned softly, her bounce was consistent and rhythmic made Tade lost in lust! They were having the best time of their lives, Tade will fondle on her boobs when he needs a touch with reality, riding for nearly thirty mins, Nissi figured out what could be a panacea to her waiting patient, a good dick indeed will give anyone a clarity. 

“Wow,” she screamed as she increased the speed, a moment Tade thought needs his most rapt attention, with stride she rode, aiming at making Tade cum in faraway Greece. The storm came and it was heavy gush into Nissi’s vagina. 
“Damn!” Tade thundered 
“Be sure I won’t get pregnant “ Nissi replied 
“I actually wanted to say this is the best night of my miserable life” he smiled 
A clean-up followed by more talks from both party, they fell asleep, her convo didn’t capture the just concluded escapade, they were diplomatic enough to not discuss it. 

Morning came, Tade and Nissi woke to their reality, that which they spent the whole night running from, Nissi was up first and she rushed out leaving Tade a note, 
it said “I will love to see you again, call me” 
Tade woke an hour later to the note and rushed to see his wife. 

Getting to the hospital, his wife was awake and surprisingly strong, She demanded to know where he was, he had nothing credible to say, meeting the doctor helped the matter die down, anyone present sure can tell without mincing words that there was trouble. He rode her in a wheelchair to the doctor’s office, getting to the office, the very anticipated Greek doctor was not on seat, they were asked by nurses to wait as the doctor will join them in no time, the doctor did come, greeting warmly the seated couple, it was a voice of fear to Tade’s wife but a familiar voice to Tade, raising his gaze to see the doctor, lo and behold, it was Nissi from last night. Both parties froze! 
Damn, a very rare moment in time. 
Three sick people seated, one as a result of health failure, the other two as a result of lust. 



Sitting alone in a corner, he ordered for a harsh whiskey to engage him somewhat, he got himself  pack of cigarettes to go with, shots after shots he gulped, he last smoked eleven years ago but cigarettes posed to be a need for this peculiar night, it needed his brain to be numb for a while to at least lighten his heart, that thin line between depression and suicide, he scrolled through the wonderful pictures from the evening, rivulets of tears, a needless smile and smokes from the cigarettes filled his face, the happy bartender server sedulously on demand without any attention to his face. Somebody seated far across him on the rectangular in-house bar table was attentive enough to notice him, a lady, tall and definitely not from Greece as she was black and with a number of other negro attributes, she sat close to him, drank his just-filled drink (the ninth one) and said hello. He was hesitant to answer but the lady seem like one who wouldn’t take no for an answer, she ordered another round of scotch, promised to continue drinking till he was ready to talk, the gesture managed to make Tade crack a smile, knowing he is from Nigeria soften the atmosphere more, coupled with the continual supply and consumption of the scotch? Tade gradually opened up till he became a chatterbox. He will however break down in between talking but his new friend Nissi was quite nice to help him get together, they talked and blended well, Nissi switched to pidgin English to fortify the communication, she did well to console, listen to and entertain Tade, she danced for him, made him sing karaoke to the audience (herself and the bartender), it was midnight and they needed to go, they left on request of the bartender who needed to close the bar, they entered the streets quite tipsy, the cold of the night made them cozy up, Tade after much talk demanded to know why Nissi the port harcourt girl is in Greece, she mentioned that she’s a doctor who had to fly in from her holiday in Cabo because of a patient with aggressive motility disorder, she lamented on how she had to ditch her splendid holiday to honor the first and only unofficial of a good colleague, she buttressed on how uncertain she feel about the patient whose case is way more intended than normal, her emphatic nag on the matters shows her frustration, she mentioned she may have to back out but she will however like to meet the patient. Tade find her gesture alluring and lauded her feat as a doctor 
“Many of us as kids really wanted to be doctors but you managed to make it a reality, that’s a big plus” he commended 

“Awwwn, thank you fancy realtor “ she replied in the flirtiest manner.


An appointment was secured with the Greek specialist after tireless efforts by the doctor, a date was fixed, the countdown began, it was Tades’s way out whatever the case may be, he genuinely hopes his wife gets better but was very ready to stop trying if things don’t go well. The torture was too much psychologically, it affected his performance at work and at life in general. Santorini was his escape plan. 

The day came, Tade and his wife set out to journey to Europe, his wife was in an unusual perfect health shape, she glowed differently, one would mistake them for a couple going on a very needed vacation, all this to Tade’s surprise, he was tempted to view the trip differently, began to have a second thought as to his expectation, he became really optimistic and his hope got as high as the Everest. 

They arrived at Santorini in the hot of day, to in a way celebrate the surprising wellbeing of his wife, Tade booked a wonderful dinner for two, a classic restaurant well arranged on a Greek street outdoor to fit the well coated in white Santorini city, it creates a moment for any type of event, Tade thought it wise to trip his beloved wife with it since they don’t get to do this often. His wife lavished herself with a well-tailored jump-suit made of Ankara material, she packed her long hair all to the back leaving its ponytail extension dangling and sweeping her back, she was dressed elegantly, Tade was more than proud to have her by his side, she caught the eye and attention of a lot of sexy looking greek men, coming to Greece was not bad after all, traveled for a lopsided treatment but it turned into a ball for the troubled couple, Tade in the moment was happy, he snapped in tones, disturbed his social media timeline with the wonderful pictures, there was overwhelming response by friends and family, the pictures were well received, everyone was either happy for them or shocked to see such moment in still motions; either way, it prompted them to show forth their love, Tade’s hope heightened, he couldn’t believe his lot, he pampered his wife, his heart continued to pray that it never stopped. 

Few hours of happiness was pricked with a turn of event, Tade’s wife after feeling a stabbing pain near her abdomen fell to the ground and began to convulse, nearly every eye went to the scene, some stood in fear whilst others screamed, Tade was confused, all happened too fast and caught him unaware, he reached to help his wife, carried her to himself, helplessly waiting for her convulsion to subside, he cried bitterly, mourning his supposed good moment, onlookers did well to call the paramedics to their aid, they arrived in no time and all involved parties left for the hospital. More professionally and carefully; Tade’s wife was attend to, she was stabilized and left to rest. An hours passed, Tade sat staring at his wife, this time praying she really didn’t wake up, this he did out of pity for her and out of tiredness on his part. He left the hospital to stroll, he sauntered through the calm late night streets of Santorini, breezy and with a perfect ambience to clear one’s head, on this road, Tade cried hard, anger and pain was the mixture of tears, loneliness even with a companion drove him crazy, he had no strength left to carry on, he prayed to God differently, he had trekked two miles when he noticed a 24/7 bar, without thinking it through, he walked in. 


Tade received a call from his wife, she was down with pain, a motility problem that triggers every once in a while, as critical as the case seem, it is not an emergency to Tade, he is used to it, he rushed out of work in frantic race, most of his colleagues understood, they let him be, he drove blindly to the house, it’s about 15mins away, an idea he initiated for reasons of emergency as regards his dear wife. He was fagged out, the persistence of the sickness in recent times have been a threat to his well-being, he was right on that thin line between giving up and trying more, he got to the house, carried his wife like a child into the vehicle, it was a regular charade to his neighbors, they simply helped him with few things and wished him well as they were overly sure his wife will be fine. Many news of the woman being a witch or a money wasting entity has been in the buzz for a while, many folks desist from associating with Tade as they surmised that he had used his wife for some money ritual, there was an underlying presence of rejection in the manner of engagements with Tade in his neighborhood, this made him expect very less from people, he used to take it to heart but as time went; he figured out people will talk no matter what, he grew tougher skin when kin and friends joined the league of the careless rumor mongers, it dawned on him that it was him against the world even as sometimes he still get worked up with the unpleasant bad occurrence. 

Reaching for help in the hospital, he screamed to alert the gossiping nurses, they were quite reluctant to help him but the fear of losing their jobs gave them no choice. 
“Which kind wahala be this sef? Iwo leni, Iwo lo la, bi ekún a p’ko je.” One of the nurses lamented. 

Tade’s wife was attended to by the doctor, who as usual was nice and encouraging, maybe because he was genuinely doing his job or because he gets to bill Tade every now and then. They sat to discuss as usual, a new door to solution, meeting a specialist to get a permanent solution to the stomach attacks, Tade at this point was not as enthused as he used to be, six years of a particular pattern will wear anyone out, his wife wasn’t only the sick one, even Tade was sick, only that his sickness had no diagnosis, he agreed with whatever the doctor said simply because he doesn’t want to be tagged the weak vessel but weariness filled his soul, he was sad and angry at the same time, sad of his bad luck, angry at God. He had done about everything he’s been advised to do, he couldn’t just wish death on his beautiful, curvy and slim wife.

The doctor advise was to fly abroad to Santorini in Greece to meet a motility specialist, the line of the Doctor that got Tade on board is the promise to quit trying if the Greek specialist have no solution, all he (Tade) had been looking for, a way to stop the torture, he needed a voice of support for his intention, a voice that would say its okay to quit.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Rebound Tales 6

Sigh. I’m so mentally tired. 
So much work to do, hardly anytime to sneak in a good fuck. Tonight, I decided to attend a widely acclaimed show. Tickets were sold out, but trust me, I got a pass from a friend of mine.
It was a music concert and unfortunately, I couldn’t get the VIPs like I usually do. I decided to be a good sport about it and still attend. A famous rock star was performing tonight and I couldn’t wait to feel the beat thump in my blood, and even maybe pick up a man home.
Soon enough, I was feeling the electric beats thumping through me and the vibe the crowd gave off was crazy asf! I could feel the bass thump in rythm to my clit.
As i was jumping up and catching my fun, I felt hands touch me. Warning bells rang through me. I turned back, ready to slap the person; until I saw that it was Nick. Fuck!


Love, Rage and Courage.

Aggressive, Energetic and impulsive.

Cremated... But rose like a phoenix with these feelings I can't shake off.

I can't seem to brush it off.

A fuel is burning inside of me, my insides are lit with a fire  that is all consuming and all I see is red.

All I see is bloodshed.

All I see are those who claimed to have my back but then they fled.

I can feel my pulse racing as my anger takes the better of me.

Vengeance is slowly becoming the theme.

Imagine shooting shots and they only hit the rim.

Imagine being fouled as you layup to the hoop.

You try and you get blocked, you try again and still the result is same, you discover you're hooked to a loop.

So what then is a man to do with all of this rage?

Flip a new page?

Just like that?

You mean without bringing all of these to the glare of the world's stage.

In truth I love y'all, but I'm trying to understand why to me y'all have become Saul; standing tall and leading the attack against me.

Stabbed me in the back and pulled me off my tracks.

I never saw it coming, for the red of love had covered my eyes.

From underneath you pulled me from my highs.

So now in the stead of that red I see crimson.

That same red with a tinge of blue.

It's a reminder that I am coming.

Crimson, crimson in my veins and it's the fuel with which my soul is driven.

In its sea I've been swimming, bidding my time and observing through a prism.

There's no more being timid.

Once bitten, twice shy.

I've been twice bitten.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Rebound Tales 5

Honestly— and I shit you not; I cannot bear this long spell with out a steady fuck mate! It’s crazy how I dont want to be a friends with benefits, but I want to benefit from it. Does that make any sense? Oh well. Its been two weeks of a dry spell and it driving me mad.
I walk around with no panties, therefore my labia slaps against each other when I walk and it’s making me subconsciously constantly wet. Ugh.
For every guy I pass on the street, I look down and peep at his crotch. I start to play a weird game in my head. Is he packing? I begin to draw a mental image.
Is his schlong long? Thick? Short? Does he have a mushroomy head? Or is the head slim? Thoughts about the shape of his balls also cross my mind.
Is it low? Hanging? Does the skin wrap around the balls or does it pull tight when he’s about to come?

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Rebound tales 4

We didn’t speak after that day. Well, I never expected him to beep me. Its the normal meet once and smash cycle. Ugh.
I lay in bed tonight, running different images through my head. Thoughts of all those dicks I’ve fucked back to back sprinting across my consciousness. Feck! I’ve definitely been on a crazy dick rampage.
Thinking of dicks is making me wet though. I scroll through the hundreds of DMs i have and didn’t see any spectacular message. Just your average lame messages. Then I decided to go through my requests. Swiped and swiped until i found one.
‘A rose for a damsel’ it read. It’s so different, so acute. At that moment, I yearned to be loved. To be cherished. That message made me feel beautiful.
I accepted it and soon enough, I’m talking with him. He’s perfect. His voice is perfecter. He calls me his doll.
Countless nights, I rub my clit to the sound of his voice. He doesn’t know i do it. But at night, when he calls me after a long day from work, I use my earpiece to listen to him and I feel myself steadily getting consumed by lust.
I will find my hands creep towards my always pantyless pussy— easy access. I rub and rub slowly while his voice washes over me; telling me mundane tits and bits about himself.
Thats the part I love the most. I love hearing everything about a man. I love knowing him. I love to know he trusts me enough to confide in me. I love listening to men.
He tells me everything.
I can’t keep track of the orgasms I’ve wrung from my body; listening to him.
Curiously enough; I don’t want to ever meet him.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Rebound tales 3

I met his eyes across the street. You know that prickly feeling at the back of your neck when someone is staring hard at you? Yes, that one. I swing back instinctively and hit his gorgeous eyes, smack dab. I lick my mental lips. Yummy. My eyes made a quick flick to his crotch.
He’s packing. Yummy.
I deliberately wink at him and I saw him double take in surprise. Lol. He casually strolled up to me and we got talking. We set up a meeting and voom, I’m at his place. Fuck.

We’ve agreed to take it slow and all that bull crap but honestly, we’ve been sexting a lot and I was mad horny. I got to his place and he could not keep his hands off me. Kisses here, a peck there, I felt like the only girl in the world. His hands are wandering all over my body, squeezing my tight ass and caressing my thick thighs.

I feel my legendary self control sweep. He’s wiped off the memory of any other man off my silly mind. I couldn’t give a fuck about the other two guys. His hands are big and they squeezed my perfectly shaped tits through my bra. Dammit.

I flung my panties into the dust and rode him till dawn.
By the way, he’s Emma.

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Rebound Tales 2

I started looking around.. Who will I use to replace this gaping hole is my mind? And pussy to be precise! I met the next guy- Ben. Actually, I slid into his DMs. We got talking and all and he’s the absolute best person ever. You guessed it again. I’m a slut. I have no ounce of fucking shame.
I fucked him on the first date. We had sex over and over and as a matter of fact, he gives great head. When he latches his tongue on my pussy, my leg and body vibrates.
Countless times, thoughts of him assault my senses at odd times and I masturbate to his memories. I think I actually fell in love with this one because he made me go tupsy turvy. He swept me off my feet and proceeded to ask me out. I agreed to get cuffed.
This moment I’m alright, the next im crying if he doesn’t pick my calls. I think i went bat shit crazy.
A few days later, i felt him growing distant— ‘I cannot do this anymore’ he said.
‘Fine’ I reply. ‘Can I still get your dick though’
‘I’ll give you all the dick you want’ he said.
That night, we met up and fucked. We didn’t say anything about the relationship issue and I guess it was perfect that way. I called him 2 days later to schedule for another fuck but he didn’t pick my calls. Nor return it. Oh well, I guess that’s over.
It would be nice to fuck him again though. I mean, he promised to always give me the dick at least.
Well, I guess I wasn’t worth either his love nor dick.
He lasted for just a menstrual cycle.

Rebound Tales

Tonight, Im going to be telling you stories. Tales from my rebound life. Or thereabouts. I was reflecting deeply tonight and I just realize, hey, I’ve mever truly been in love. I’m just usually in it for the sex.
I met Nick on Instagram. We had a whirlwind courtship and soon enough, we’re fuckin’ ourselves like rabid rabbits. I can’t resist it. No matter how hard i try to play hard to get, I weaken. Usually, on the first night after I get excited about a particular guy, I coach myself about not being cheap bla bla bla but then, on the next spot, I’m starting to leak from thoughts of his big dick plundering my deep depths. Fuck.
Yeah, back to nick. I tried to be a good girl, but no avail. During the date, my eyes kept roving to his crotch area. Trying to determine how big his schong is and how much damage it can inflict on my twat. Damn.
I didn’t even bother to play coy. ‘Let’s fuck’. I whispered to him. We got a hotel room and he proceeded to show me the goods. We had long sex and I made sure i came severally.
After that, we hooked up a few more times and I started to catch feelings. I decided to shut him out. No more fucks, nothing like that anymore.

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Serendipity 7

It doesn't smell like chidinma.. I opened my eyes and swept the hair away from her face. I clashed eyes with my wife's younger sister! She looked disoriented but guilty..

I heard the door swing open and the handbag fell from my wife's hand. I rushed up, buck naked.."I didn't know how this happened! I swear! " she looked at me with raw intense pain.

Serendipity 6

I watch my dick as it slips in and out, just barely able to make it out in the dim, filtered light from outside. My finger also thrust in her and i could feel my nails scrape my cock and that triggered my cum. I grab her hair,  and yank her head so she has to look at me. Her eyes are closed, but I don’t care. I press my hand over her mouth and I felt her squirt.

I looked down between us and saw her cunt fizzle out cum that sprayed my balls. That made me cum harder. I'd never seen her squirt before in the 3 years we've been married. I shuddered and also wonder at her silence. She's never the silent fucker- infact she introduced the dirty talk in our relationship..

"Baby, are you that tired? You barely talked! That was the best sex of my life!" I collapsed on the bed and tried to catch my breath.. It was then it hit me.

Serendipity 5

Her upper body lift up off the mattress. My other hand is digging into the flesh just below her hip.  I scoot back and reach under her thighs, drawing them up so she’s on her back.. "You need me to pound your cunt?" She moaned in affirmation and I fucked her harder.

She gasped hard and I slapped her cunt. Right where we were joined. Right at the point where my cock melded firmly with her twat. She screamed and went wild like never before. I knew she was close to coming. I reach underneath her body and strum her clit to the rhythm we’re making. Writhing, and moaning, and gasping for air!

My cock pound into her and a crazy thought entered my mind. I slipped one finger and it popped past.. I began fucking her with my cock and a finger.. Her cunt went tighter around me and I knew the moment she came apart.

Serendipity 4

She began to groan and shiver.. I pulled out my fingers with a pop.. And slipped my cock into her wet heat.. She moaned and I could feel the exact moment she woke up. She gasped and I thrust into her like a crazy man..

One knee comes up, dragging across the sheet to give me more access, and I let one hand leave her breasts and press its way under her belly, until I find her clit and begin to strum. “You like that?” I whisper.. She nodded and moaned louder.. I squeezed a breast and squeezed the globes as hard as I could..

Her ass bucks up a little, urging me to give her more. One hard thrust and I’m fully inside her to the root again. Her pussy clamping on to me, muscles tightening around my shaft. “Oh, yeah,” I say, pushing my upper body up off her back and sitting up so I can fuck her better. I grab both her ass cheeks and then gave a globe one hard spank! The ass jiggled and I couldn't help but smile..

Serendipity 3

My heart clenched with love.. She must have fallen asleep while waiting for me.. A wicked thought overcame me.. Why don't I act the way she does to me all the time? Countless mornings I awoke to my cock buried deep in her throat.. Or my cock clutching her pussy, while she rode me to oblivion.

I place a hand on her outer thigh as one knee comes down on the mattress, making it sink. Making her body shift, ever so slightly.  Her ass is curved towards me like an invitation and I resisted the urge to spank it.. But I couldn't resist running my fingers all over her smooth, soft skin.. She just shivered a bit, but didn't wake up..

I swing my leg over, place the other knee on the other side of her hip, and straddle her. My hands all over her ass. Rubbing. Eager to slip my fingers between her legs and see what’s waiting for me. I bent over her body to place my lips on her ears.. "Baby, did you Miss me?" I moaned into her ears.. By now, my fingers have slipped into her cunt and they squeezed me tight.. I could feel her wetness spurt all over my fingers..