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Sunday, 17 June 2018

My fuck date 20

I felt the walls choke on my dick and pulsed while she squeezed her inner walls on me. I groaned in delight and kissed her neck.. Fuck.."work that cunt on me.." Fuck.. I lost control i slammed into her deeply. Deep into her warmth... She screamed and came apart in my arms.."oooooh.." She moaned.. I came at that sound. Spewed all my bottled up cum in her.. I could feel her womb clench it.. Trying to swallow it all up. Fuck I spurted deep in her..

My fuck date 19

With the supervision of Emem, we had a great kiss, my hands ran through her body, i felt the very smooth and soft skin, body to body we were stuck on the lamp table, still as Emem wants it. I roamed my hand's through her breast, the expression on Uduak's face confirmed to me that we are not kissing because job required so, we reveled in the moment!

My fuck date 18

Past month have been the juciest part of my diary, memoirs upon memoirs are in litany on different dates, the day on the plane have indeed turned a blessing. I and Uduak are having something that you can from a distance call a honeymoon, her company is bright, informative and progressive. We got through the audtion her aunt offered, I will be taking a role! who would have ever thought about it? that my first shot at movie making will be on the Emem Ottong's set?! My mom is right again, of course, I am loving Calabar!

My fuck date 17

The biggest thing is about to happen, a call came through from my aunt while I was in my crush's class, she called me to check my mail soon and reply accordingly as soon as I can. she said also that I should inform Fred who I am with in one of the school's restaurant. we opened our mails respectively and it was a request from her company for a movie audition!
the happiness on Fred's face was priceless, he literally froze in amazement and I could see his eye bags filled with water but he managed to control the eyes situation! I was glad to share and be part of the moment with him, it seems to be something he longed for.

My fuck date 16

Maybe this is out of place to do as Etido my friend is telling me, but I am craving to visit my student crush. it is long overdue, we are now too intertwined, I saw it inappropriate to invite her to my place which is a staff quarters, but she asked for it as a reward of acing one of her very core courses.

My fuck date 15

I answered with a smile correcting her pronunciation of Calabar with British accent. we blended well in talking and I tried as much as I can not to bring the Lecturer to student vibe into the very smooth conversation,
She relayed to me more about herself, I got to know she came all the way to Calabar for the sake of Cinematography and filming, this fact further soften the spot I have for the vibrant lady, just like me; she knows what she wants, she also has an enabling environment.

My fuck date 14

I decided to chill out today to at least mark my arrival in Calabar, already mingled a little with some of the staff in my department.. Made friend with Etido, he seem to be cooler than others, he have hinted me on the best and most popular spot to go.

My fuck date 13

Nursing the rage from the incident three years ago have been frustrating, I like the sex but don't want to drop my guard! I don't like Duke enough to want to be his baby's mom. what was I thinking? I have been horribly angry at him and I hate it; I want more litany of sex like that but he ruined my urge, I just hope I am not pregnant.

My fuck date 12

Damn, I never thought I will see that face again, and also in the most compromising position there is. I struggled really hard to get through the class, how much damage will this girl cause me?

Thursday, 7 June 2018

My sexy new roommate🔞

My former room mate Luke from last year was gone and had been replaced by a pretty freshman named Judy, i really missed Luke but didn't mind Luke's absence after Judy and I got very comfortable around each other.

My fuck date 11

I was scared for a minute because I have never in my fucked up life seen a penis this long.. with sturdy looking veins decorating it, poised like a snake ready to strike.
He laid hot and heavy and he was rubbing the tip to get to work.. He oozed a bit of precum. The pearly drop made my mouth water..

My fuck date 10

I cannot help myself. The night is getting quiet and the only noise disturbing is our very audible murmur.. we are lying down on the very broad and furry center rug, he was lying horizontally at my feet. Consistently, my legs felt his laps, athletic and hairy..

My fuck date 9

"Can't this driver be bold enough to just barge in?" I thought within me! I imagined him slamming the door open and forcing his way into me. Fuck.. My fingers flew faster on my pussy. The thought of him fucking me and doing those crazy shii to me pushed me over the edge.
The tears of cum rolled down my thighs and the sensational storm calmed. Still.. I didnt feel satisfied. I got out, applied my to-bed cosmetics and joined Duke the driver downstairs with high hopes that something will happen!

My fuck date 8


I got a call from my aunt and she gave reasons as to why she couldn't be around in person to pick me. She advised that I feel at home, she already had pizza ordered for me, all of these is tandem to the fact that she won't be coming home till the following day.

My fuck date 7


It is obvious the lady from the plane was sent to torment me, she can't in anyway be my crush, I came out barely 15mins after the caring rendezvous in the air and there she was all wrapped up in the hands of another man, all in complicit positions!

Sunday, 3 June 2018

My fuck date 6

I got to the airport eventually, not early enough but right on time to avoid any brouhaha for the non-refundable I have with me; activities are going on intensely but with an overwhelming silence, just machine beeping, keyboard chattering and teller prints disturbing the silence therein, I got my ticket endorsed, "seat number 34" the dark slim lady at the counter told me.

My fuck date 5


Up early and out in my friend's car to the airport, my flight is 10am but because of the tireless traffic in Lagos, I want to be in the airport's vicinity early enough so nothing will stall me. My good friend is my driver and his joy in doing this for me was very palpable, countless times, he professed how much he is happy for me. He was sure this has in it, more blessing than I envisaged.

It was seeming like my mom hired him to do this because he really sounds like her. My over caring mother on the other hand kept calling and texting, torrents of prayers was unleashed on me and my lips is getting tired of saying amen, her co-pastors also saw it good to call me and release yet another tsunami of prayers on me. Their prayers had something in common, they all included in it that i get also a good girl in Calabar like I have gotten a good job there, the same thing Ndifreke was telling me as he drove.

My fuck date 4


Jeez! Finally in the very popular Muritala Mohammed Airport in Lagos; Thirteen hours felt like 13years on the very miserable flight; I sat next to a coughing patient and it was just too horrible an experience. I couldn't complain because then; I will be the sociopath and anti-humanity brute, I had to take it all.

My fuck date 3


After getting all the necessaries from the school such as my plane ticket, I packed up immediately. It is unprofessional to stall the school and since I am now a staff, there is a status-quo I must abide by..

My fuck date 2

I am here packing up my bags to journey back to Nigeria, my country but I am not sure I can call it home. I have stayed here in the United kingdom for twenty years, going back is both exciting and depressing simultaneously. I thought of going there to learn in detail about the culture and norms so as to project it in moving pictures, it is my way of standing distinct amidst the very competitive environment I am in; theater arts is a big deal here in the UK, so one need a strong and formidable symbol that will single you out as Unique. An excellent edge is needed.