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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Tempt Me

I sat down at the booth, trying to shove rice down my throat..Im not feeling the food though; i regretted coming out tonight. I should have just buried myself in my house with a tub of ice cream.. The food tasted like sawdust, but i chewed on.. I thought that my best food;rice and chicken will cheer me up.. Boy was I wrong!

My fiancé broke up with me yesterday, after 5 years of investing my life and time fully to him. I can't believe i just got jilted in a very sudden manner. I never expected it all. Yesterday was our 5 years anniversary; and we had made plans to go out for dinner. I wanted to surprise him and I had made his best food; pounded yam and egusi soup. I made my dining table look beautiful and romantic by putting candles and rose and shits.. I wore just lingerie; matching blood red brassiere which showed off my small breasts by giving it extra cleavage and a tiny thong. I hated wearing garters, but because he loves it, i wore it.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Sorry, Not Sorry

Forgive me my queen, it ain't even like that.
I probably made you fall for me, cheese traps for rats and mice.

When i myself ain't got a heart, the undertaker... My Face masked by the big black hat.
I bet you thought the odds of falling for a nigga like me was slim, like getting two sixes at the throw of a dice.

I bet u never thought you'd experience so much hurt and pleasure from someone you got the hots for.
But the fact is... i did 4 times the usual to make you my number one, but u always slide to 4th exactly like arsenal do.

I Miss You (featured poem of the week)


I still remember everything vividly...
How it all happened suddenly......
How she beamed with smiles joyfully....
How we got so close carelessly....
How she made me fall endlessly......
How she got through my barricades easily.....
I sure can still remember,  wholesomely...

Gone to the wind (letter Series)

Dear You,

If i attempt to say 'Hello or hi or how are you doing, it would be unlike me...but still, my love, hope you are missing me the way i miss you right now?

The thing is, I don't even know what to write.. Im listening to 'Nothing but trouble'
...but still im trying to get inspired #smile..

 *clears throat*

Thursday, 26 January 2017


Tristan is all mine.. He does everything for me..He fell totally in love with me.. I love him so much.. I can't believe that we'd get back to this point in our lives.. He really tried for me.. And he's forgiven me. I totally regretted all my actions and thanked the lord for him everyday..

He wiped the memories of Joshua from my heart and made new and beautiful ones with me.. I introduced him to tianah and all seemed well in my life.. Tianah totally endorsed him and i feel so complete.. Surrounded by the love of the two people closest to my heart.

I came back from work, very tired and battered.. I tried inserting my key, but i realised the door was open.. I entered the house and i felt dread crawl up my spine.. I hope my world is not about to shatter, i thought..

Wednesday, 25 January 2017


I went through college like a bastard.. Not one thought to sparing a woman's feelings.. I fuck em and leave em.. My soul is frozen solid. Theres nothing any girl can do to make me fall in love with her. I went into body building and gymnastics.. I have a beautifully defined body and i grew very tall. I never once came home in my four years in college.. I barely communicate with my father.. All these years, all he does is to send money to me. I'm perfectly fine with this..

I rented an apartment in portharcout and started working.. I live a very comfortable life and im good. Yesterday night, my father called me and told me he's getting married to a celebrity and he'd like me to attend the wedding party and infact, come live with them and pretend to be happy since they are going to be under the public scrutiny for some few months after their marriage.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017


One leg in d east.. the other in the west, directly facing your equator, bluntly staring in its face...
It opens up, am bout to exchange kisses wit both of ur labias... hoping to swim in its pool with heavenly rhythmic pace...
Its a no grass zone, a perfect haircut giving it a yummy face.
It calls with poise and grace.

So much sass, increasing my urge to thread the needle.
Your eyes shut in anticipation, only the spirits see what i'n about to do.

Your Toes curl, leading to a proportional increase in warmth and moist.
No flag can fly at half mast with you, my soldiers got mine fully on hoist.


I watched my father defile lily.. And she was busy enjoying it! I got angry at her and everybody!! I felt murderous rage fill me as i saw her moan.. I could do nothing to stop the situation!! I have no other family member to help me and I'm totally dependent on my father.. I felt my heart break and shatter into tiny pieces and i vowed to get my revenge on them.
I left the room and ran out of the house in anger..

Wow! That's the most intense feeling ever.. I've never imagined that sex would feel this way.. Mr Brown pulled out of me and fell on the bed beside me.. In a satisfied voice, he said " your pussy is the tightest one yet..." I looked at him in delirious happiness.."really? I asked.." Of course.. Now, you are going to be my little fuck toy.. I'd provide everything you want without your parents knowledge and We'd continue this.. Since you are like a bitch in heat"

Monday, 23 January 2017


I am so much in love with my girlfriend lily. We've been next door neighbours for years and It was until we were in jss3 I could ask her out officially.. We would play together, and our families will go on outings together. We are known as best friends..My mother passed away from breast cancer when I was in Ss2, and she was my only crutch and comfort. She was the only light for me and did everything to satisfy my needs.. She accepted my mood swings without question, and I knew i can always count on her..

My father became a drug/alcohol addict due to her death and it made our little family (just I and him; I am the only child they had) fall apart. We rarely see eye to eye on things but, he usually provides all my material needs. He became very strict and my freedom became severely limited. I guess in a way, he's trying to protect me.

I've got the greatest mix of happiness and sadness in me tonight.. I and lily got admission to prestigious universities.. But different ones.. College is going to separate us. But then, we plan to celebrate tonight..

Sunday, 22 January 2017


Read and share CLIMAX!

HOW I FEEL (featured poem of the week)

*How I Feel*

Everyday seems so hard,
Seeing you I feel so bad..
I try to cheer up with a song,
But all i do is just so wrong.

What is it that i can say,
If it can be bought i would pay..
I try to say how i feel,
But its not that strong a will..

Saturday, 21 January 2017



In the blink of an eye, I shot her in the legs and the screamed in pain, blood oozing from her legs.. I'm sure she thought I'd hesitate. What nonsense?

"This was not the plan.. She cried.. She dropped the gun and i swiftly moved to pick it up.
I stood in front of her naked, and said " You fucking bitch. You made my life hell.. Did you think for a moment that I'd hesitate to fuck you up? And go meekly with your plan like a fool? After all I've endured under you?! You must be mad to think that, you bitch.

Friday, 20 January 2017


I have my plans set for sarah. She's one of the most beautiful girls I've ever picked up and trained; and she's in high demand among the clients. Im not going to lose her for whatsoever reason.. She's one of my greatest assets that earns a lot of money for me. Even after her contract with me is expired, i will make sure to manipulate another one- so far she's still beautiful and sexy.

I'd had my eyes on the billionaire Edward.. I want her to bring him in as one of our customers.. He's a very rich one and will contribute a lot to the business.

She slid into the Limo and i could just stare at her.. The most beautifully innocent face I'd ever seen.. Her eyes look so expressive, and i had to catch myself from falling into their mystery. "Good evening sir, im sarah, and I'd be escorting you tonight"..she said in a firm but sultry voice.." Im Edward, and glad to be the recipient of your services".. She smiled charmingly and relaxed against the seat.

In no time at all, we arrived at the venue and took our seats.. I introduced her as my date, and she turned heads as I worked the crowd and accepted compliments from people.. She's a skilled conversationalist and knows a lot about everything.. I wondered frankly at how intelligent she is. I expected her to be dumb.. Just smile and look pretty.. I didn't expect her to join in every conversation and weave people into a spell with her words.. Im mesmerised with her..


I had fun this evening.. I'd met a lot of guys in my whoring days and Edward seemed different.. He's a very sexy guy that oozes charisma, but, he's extremely arrogant- a trait I detest in Men. Well, whatever.. My plans to seduce him were totally forgotten as I enjoyed myself at the party.. This is awesome..

He kept on meeting my eyes though.. Touching me softly and whispering sweet nothings in my ear like we are really dating.. I guess appearances are very important to him and we portrayed an happy couple; you'd never suspect we just met that night.
Charades.. Im very good at this game.. I joined in Every conversation and acted like a true society woman.. I smiled cynically in mind.. Even the edward could not realize how skilled an actress i am.

After the party, he asked his driver to take me home, but I declined. I can't risk him knowing my apartment.

3 weeks later

Madam called me to her office and told me that I have an opportunity to get closer to the billionaire. "This is a chance to redeem yourself my dear, you will get very close to him and make him fall for you.. We need his money." I looked at her, not comprehending.. She told me about the most incredulous plan ever, explaining it bit by bit with details.. My heart jumped up with joy and i swore to get him no matter what. Any hesitation i had disappeared and i smiled in happiness.. I'd be free..
Just one thing to be done..
And I'd be free for life.


I threw another party in my private island for one of my friends.. It was his bacholorette and i wanted to make it an epic experience for him..

What i didn't like was the influx of whores.. The party became totally bawdy and couples began to pair up.. It was nearing 1am and i left the party ground's to get fresh air.. I wondered why im not enjoying the party; booze is flowing, girls are plenty but I'm very distracted.. I can't let go of sarah.. Her wit, beautiful smile and innocent face.. I went back to the escot service to ask for her but i was declined severally..

I tried using my PI, but they could get no identification on her.. I wondered why. When i went, i met a woman whom they called "Madam". She's extremely beautiful with ageless features and a slim figure.. I hated her instantly. Her eyes were totally empty. Not a smidgen of emotions reflected in them.. I asked her about sarah and she vehemently refused to give me her contact. I asked to pay any amount to see her, but the woman declined.
I wondered why she's keeping sarah under a tight leash. I got her investigated thoroughly and I realized she's running a prostitution ring and using the ES as a cover. I vowed to get to sarah and save her.. I bumped into someone and grabbed on to keep my balance..
"Im so sorry," the voice whispered.

I looked down and saw sarah! What is she doing here? "What's going on? Why are you dressed like this?" She looked at me sadly and it clicked in my head. She's part of the whores my friends hired for the party.. I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the room housing the hot tub.. I sat down and pulled her onto my thighs.."I've been trying to get in touch with you.." I looked into her eyes and she looked so sad and ashamed.." Im sorry.. But im a hooker.. A high class one, but a whore nonetheless.." She started by telling me her story.. I felt deep revulsion for a person who'd pick up an orphan and turned them into business..

I started stroking her hair and petted her.."im going to expose her and save you, my dear.." She hugged me..


This is going more perfect than ever! I had to hide myself from him until the perfect time.. He's totally falling for my sob story.. I scoffed internally.. Its time to bring out the big guns.. "Please Ed, make love to me.. I'd never been taking care of before.. Always raped.. Please, show me love.." The hot tub looked divine with  arrays of colourful bottles surrounding it.. He stood up and gently carried me..he then moved to the hot tub and entered.. I felt the water engulf me and i felt completely soothed.. It's at the exact temp between perfect/unbearable hotness and it gently swirled around me.. He gently turned me around and I'm leaning against the rim.. He poured bath-oil on his hands and massaged my back.. The oil smelled on strawberries and I moaned in intense satisfaction as he massaged me.. He gently rubbed the kinks out of my back and released the knotted muscles.. I felt so close to orgasm.. His hands are made from heaven.. His hands left my back and gently moved to my ass. He grabbed the cheeks and gently massaged.. I felt myself getting aroused.. He slid a finger into my pussy.. I shivered in delight and moaned louder than ever..

He leaned over me and poured more oil onto his hands.. He turned me to face him and he started rubbing my breasts.. He gently squeezed my nipples between his fingers and I saw stars.. He lowered his head and started kissing my neck.. Running his tongue around the shell of my ears.. I shivered in delight as he bit my earlobes..

He kissed his way down to my navel and bit the skin around it.. His head disappeared under the water and i felt his lips clamp around my cunt.. He tongue fucked me like a pro.. The disparity of the hot water and his tongue made me ran crazy with need.. He raised his head and kissed me.. I tasted myself on his lips and i moaned deeply..

He gently placed my legs around his waist, leaned my back against the rim of the tub and gently penetrated me.. He slid in home.. Deeply and totally.. He built my arousal like a castle and totally broke down my defense.. I screamed as he made the sweetest and slowest love to me.. I came in a rush of feelings..

We started our torrid affair and had sex everywhere.. Anytime... We were secretly meeting without madam's knowledge. ( that's what he thought).. He vowed to destroy her and he found out she has deep ties in the mafia, and he was warned to stay away from her.. He became obsessed with destroying Madam so as to get me from her.. She continued to reject our union outwardly, but everything is working according to plan..
He proposed to me and it all clicked into place.

1 year later

She's been a good girl, and has led the goat to the slaughter. I'm extremely proud of her.. Now, we need to get rid of him and get all his money. But rather than the initial plan of setting somebody up for his murder, she's the calf that's going to be framed for his death. I can just picture the headlines : Tragic news; Woman killed Billionaire husband out of greed...
Of course, she doesn't know this.. I chuckled..


I can't just sit still.. Today is the happiest day of my life.. I'm getting married to the woman of my dreams.. Even if we had to elope to another state to get it done.. Her madam will find out on the news that i married her! I can't wait to see the expression on her face.. I've gotten to know sarah better and she's the purest of women, with no filth.. I can't even take the time to engage before tying the knot with her. She's just my perfect foil.
I've left my whoring and workaholic ways for her.. I've changed my entire properties beneficiary to her; if I died, it was to be given to Charity before, but she's my other half and she's very intelligent with a lot of awesome business ideas.. As young as she is.. At 21 years old...

I love her grace and maturity.. She's my best friend and  confidant. I never knew anybody could change me. Not even a whore.. Im glad to prove nancy wrong. Even a whore loves me..  She's the woman to take up the helm of my companies with me.. And I don't give a fuck about what anybody says.. My groomsmen were all smiling, happy for me.. And i adjusted my tie..

We had the most beautiful wedding ever.. He's a good guy and he's very much in love with me.. What a pity that he's going to die.. I do not even feel a twinge of pain at that thought. Everybody is a pawn to be played, and I will follow the plans I made with cash madam.. With just a little twist though..

Now, I have everything, i can begin to execute my personal plans.. Mrs Sarah Edward Scott.. It's got a nice ring to it.. I can never love anybody. Ever. This world has been to brutal to me.

Honeymoon Suites..

Tonight, the charade is ending.. I'd miss his fucking though.. That's all. I got under his defenses and made him fall for me.

This is the night.. Cash Madam is going to be here as per the plan; im going to sneak behind Edward to give her access to the room.. I did that and started kissing edwards.. This plan will be perfect because I convinced him to discharge his security detail for the night.. Afterall, we are on our honeymoon.. I smiled wickedly.. I went to the bar and served scotch on the rocks into 2 glasses.. I gave him one and drank the other.. "Baby, i need you to fuck me now.." He jumped on me like a rabid dog and started making me moan. I can't lie, even if he's going to die, he's the best lover I ever had.. He started fucking me doggie and I screamed.. That was madam's cue to enter..

Earlier that day, I'd disabled the CCtv's myself.. and I kept a gun with a silencer under the seat where I'm currently being fucked.. I felt euphoria swim through me and screamed in orgasm as i felt his cum splash into my womb.. Deep..

 He pulled out and we heard a voice " stand up". We looked up and saw madam pointing a gun at us.. The exact type i kept.. I smiled in anticipation.. You might wonder why she's doing this herself, since she has a lot of men in the mafia; this had to be carried out with utmost precision. Edward is a billionaire whose death will be investigated.. And as such, the less the people who knows about it, the better.

I looked at Edward in feigned fear.. He moved immediately to cover me from her.. He shifted me behind himself and tried to talk sense into Madam like a Man.. "What are you doing? She's my wife now! I'd give you any amount.. Just let us be" he pleaded.." Is the attempt on my life not enough? You tried to kill me, but my people couldn't get enough evidence to tie you to it.. I promise to let the investigation go, if you leave right now.."
While he's talking, I surreptitiously squatted and picked up the gun under the chair.. My pussy clenched in anticipation and i felt myself going wet at the thought of what im about to do.. I jabbed the gun into his back from behind and i felt him stiffen in shock. He tried to turn, but i said in my deadliest voice..


"Turn and die" she said. I felt my heart splinter into pieces.. I should have known better than to trust her! She's all for my money! Not me! How could I have been so stupid? "I'm not wasting words on epiphany. You are my ticket out of a life of bondage and poverty, you've served me well. Please, it's not personal, you have to die".
"I love you sarah.. Don't do this.. I tried to turn and grab the gun from her, but I felt 2 bullets Pierce me in succession.. "Bye.. Was the last thing i heard..

He fell with a sickening thud and i saw shock in Madams eyes. This was not the plan. She was meant to kill him..
She pointed the gun at me..


S - I feel so empty without you.
      The stars refuse to align.
      please Gimme a sign.
      Coz as hours turn to days, i feel so
      lonely so please stay.
H - You ain't here and am so bored.
      My silence is so loud, yet i miss your
      deafening laughter.
      I miss making plans with you, like
      "bae we gonna crash the after".
S - I still want more and more of you.
      Like a vampire, it's your eyes that
      compel me.
      You and I against the world, there
      was once a 'we'.
      I hate you, I love you... I hate that
      i fvckn love you.

Thursday, 19 January 2017


Sparks 1

I blinked at the letter in shock. How did this happen? She broke up with me? Nancy broke up with me? Her text message went thus:

Im tired of being treated like a common whore Ed. You'd fuck me, and just give me money! Do you think money solves everything? Or is money a replacement for love?! You are a bloody workaholic! Your heart is blackened and I don't ever want to have anything to do with you. I hate you! You have other girlfriends and sleep around! I can never get married to you, ans even a whore would never marry you!
Im done with you! Go get a whore and treat her anyway you like! She'd accept it!
Enclosed is your engagement ring.
Fuck you!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Sorry i wasn't there when it all came down.
It all crashed swiftly, and i was absent, i couldn't be the parachute to keep u afloat.
Row, Row, Row faster i screamed... but speed still neglected my boat.
Coat of many colours, colours of grief, colours of gloom... all of these you wore.
I'd been waiting in the wings, to be the one to take it off if you ever put it on... "never would your tears hit the ground without me saving them" i blatantly swore.
It's a Shame to know i failed you and failed me, like a teacher marking the script of two best friends who copied each other in a test.

A Letter to you( letter Series)

*All about you*

Erotic letter/poem

Baby...i cant get my thoughts coordinated...

i wanna try and write smn beautiful buh im na grasping eet @ all...

i fink im gonna write eet juss d way i feel right, turbulent and fucked up...

*i read a fucked up incestuous erotica... and I'm thinking of u banging
d shii outta me ryt now*

or me banging dirty fuck outta u...anyway it goes;



I left her apartment with a gaping hole in my heart.. The satisfaction I expected to feel was non existent. I feel just empty.. I looked deep into me and found nothing to hold on to...nothing... I started feeling so bad when I remembered her face.. So shattered and broken.. Filled with tears..

"Fuck, smith?! You going all soft on me right?" I thought.. But i couldn't forget her face.. And the way she felt in my arms.. So perfect and beautiful.. Withdrawing from her is the most painful thing I've ever done in my life. She is so perfect, and I'd never felt more complete than I did these last few weeks.. I love everything about her.. Her sharp wit and intelligent conversations.. She's been like a best friend to me and i just threw all that away with my actions. I briefly considered driving back to her place; but phone pinged and I got an sms about the position for a new CFO, and my heart sank.. This just became shittier.


I walked briskly into the building with my spine straight. I have to pick up the pieces of my life, shattered all around me.. I'm sure he expects to catch me all sad and cowered. That's not going to happen. I entered my office and glanced at his office across from mine. He is not around.. I sighed in relief. I collapsed on my chair and quickly put together a slide share presentation for my CEO's emergency meeting. I went to her office and discussed extensively with her about the requirements to be the CFO.. She put me through it all and told me that Smith and I will be paired on a project.. The person with the best output will be given the Job. I sniffed hard in indignation.." This means we have to work together and still compete?" I asked.. "Yes my dear," She replied..

Shit, my mood hit rock bottom.
I got back to my office and felt his presence.. I decided to take the bulls by the horn and went to face him with what we've been given.. Avoiding him; which was my initial plan is not possible anymore. I knocked on his and he came to open the door for me... I stared at him in shock; he looks like hell warmed over.. Bags under his eyes, hair rough and face haggard.

My initial instinct was to run into his arms and ask what's wrong, but i cautioned myself and went straight to the point. He offered me a sit, and we began to discuss. I left his office after 2 hours of strategies.


As I drove home from work, i thought about resigning because I can't just bear seeing him everyday. After that day after, he's back to his normal assholey self and even worse.. His digs at me has become personal, and im now ready than ever to win the job over him. The thought of being his senior gives me joy and is the only thing keeping me warm at night. Infact, his wicked behaviour is the only thing burning the fire in my heart.. I'd have resigned.

Try as much as I may, i still love him.. I catch myself playing our memories on a loop in my head.. I totally withdrew to myself and even zoned my mother out. Im obsessed about getting the job. That's the only thing that's not making me go mad. I see him everyday at work and we have to work together in close quarters to achieve the aim of the job.
The only thing that changed about him is his whoring ways.. He totally alienated himself from his drone of office admirers and gave the work his 101℅. Whenever i think of his ideas and what he's planned, i begin to panic.. He's very intelligent and I'm very scared of losing to him..

The competition is a very fierce one and i feel myself being pushed past my limits.

I see her everyday and its driving me crazy.. Her lush body and genius ideas. She's become totally indifferent to me.. It's like i never even existed again. I resumed my acts of frustrating her, but she's just cold. Nothing i do ever affects her.. She became a shadow of whom I knew.. Just giving all her efforts and time to the work. I curse the work that's making me being this near to her without being able to touch her. I didn't know what to do again. Anytime i try to bring up our matter, she'd just shut down.. I began to get scared. What have I done? I've created a work zombie. I realized how much my actions cost her and infact, she doesn't deserve what I did... I think I love her..

I know what to do though.. I'm going to make amends.. In the meantime, the competition is getting fiercer.


The day for the presentation came, and i feel so sick to my heart at the thought of smith winning. I wanted to die at the thought. This job is the only thing not making me fall apart.. But "he deserves it too, i thought.. His ideas are epic. I wondered what'll happen. We are supposed to submit the slide share presentations to the general secretary the day before, and it will be presented by a neutral person to remove bias.

I sat down and felt so nervous.. This is all I've worked for in the last 2 months..
The presentation began and i was shocked to my marrow.. My ideas and his were seamlessly blended together.. Who did this? I wondered. His ideas perfectly complimented mine on the screen. It was magnificent. I searched for him in the boardroom and our eyes met.. He gave me a sad smile..

In that split second, i realized what he'd done.. He stole my slide shares and worked his ideas totally into it.. It must have taken all night to do that!! The gesture brought tears to my eyes.. His slide shares were never presented..

Smith stood up from among the board room members and said..
"Samantha.. " I looked up in shock.
"I'm sorry for hurting you, and for everything I did.. I love you very much, and im willing to be punished for my wrongs.. Please forgive me..
Everyone looked on in shock. I was shocked.
"I've tendered my resignation letter, and I'm yours for ever".. He walked towards me..
I just started crying.. He engulfed me in a big hug and ushered me out of the room, admist the claps and catcalls of our colleagues.

I love you, and i hope you'd forgive me.. He explained why he did it and told me I deserved to be the CFO.. With my sheer intelligence..
I got the job and Smith resigned.. To start his own webtech company..
I'm forgiving him little by little, and he's healing the damage he caused.❤

Monday, 16 January 2017


I went over to his house-  he sent me the address via sms.. Why i even bothered to go, i didn't know, but all I know for sure is that im very curious, and I don't trust him one bit. He thinks to fool me right? Im very ready for him.. I don't go down easily.

I entered the lobby of his apartment complex and Im totally wowed.. I wondered how the apartment of my greatest enemy will look like. I'd gotten in touch wiith my mom before I came and I've told her everything.. She asked me to be careful and take it easy.. I purposely told that im coming here and I even sent her the address; in case something happens to me.
I rode the elevator and spied myself in its mirrors- Im dressed casually in a flowery gown and my hair perfectly coiffed. The bell dinged and i got down. I saw his door- 411, went to it and knocked. He opened it on the 2nd knock and welcomed me in. He looked so dashing in a red suit like he's going on a real date: I scoffed in my mind, but smiled outwardly. "Come in sam, you look absolutely beautiful" he said.

"Thank you, you look dashing yourself" i replied. What a fluke.. I looked at him in suspicion.. " dinner is ready, let me just get the drinks" he said. I smiled and looked around in appreciation.. His place is dazzling.. Neat and extremely spacious.. Beautiful artworks were on the wall and the place is classically designed in a manly brown with hardwood floors, teak detailing and a black carpet with ash throw rugs..

The tables were glass and the chairs are also ash color.. Wow. This is magnificent.. I didn't know why I imagined him to be a slob.. I casually moved to the dining area and my mouth watered at the tantalising aromas wafting from the covered dishes.. The dining room opened directly to the kitchen and I saw him rinsing glass cups.. I smiled in my mind and wondered what game he is playing.." How can he become nice after the last thing i did to him at work?" I thought to myself.. Well, that's his business.. I just have to be careful like my mom said.

He came into the dining room and pulled out a chair for me.. I sat down graciously and smiled.. Jeez.. I've never smiled this much in my life.. Nonsense.. He stood up and severed my food; Rice, chicken and coleslaw.. Just the way i loved it.. I felt my mind melt a bit towards him "lets see what he has to offer, I thought.

To be honest, I had a great night with him, talking about everything and everyone.. Catching up like old friends.. I never had so much fun in a long time. He's a good conversationalist and he never even hinted at anything sexual; just like a perfect gentleman.. He served dessert; Chocolate fudge sundae with a dash of hazelnuts and a plate of meringue pie.. Just the way I loved it too.. I felt my heart get warmer..

"what a good guy..Wait!! Sam!! Are you mad? Just because he served you good food, you are falling for him right?" I thought.. My internal monologue continued as he packed up the dishes, all the while smiling at him..


I never expected to enjoy her company so much, but she's enjoyable.. I love the way her eyes look animated when she's talking about something she's obsessed about- like football.. We talked about movies, music, politics, religion, and a host of others.. She looks so decently sexy.. In a free gown and modest makeup.. I've never seen this part of her; so warm, beautiful and nice.. She always looking so fierce and sharp at work.. I never knew we had anything in common..

She speaks about all topics intelligently; a trait I admire in women, and also, she eats up all her food.. She's not like most of the stick thin types i meet always watching their weight and all that.. I love a woman that enjoys her food.
Well, my plan is to embarrass her. Privately. She humiliated  me publicly and no matter how beautiful she is, I'd make her feel the sting of rejection.

4 weeks later

I don't even understand myself anymore.. I think im irrevocably in love with smith.. He's been the greatest gentleman of all time.. Telling me how much he loves me even without sex.  We've gone through all the date spots in lagos.. Something new and exciting each day. Our rivalry is now a thing of the past and our work is moving better and faster since we now agree on everything and see each other's point of view without any problem.. He speaks to me with respect and stopped all his whoring around.. I get all his attention and stolen kisses.. He's been turning me crazily on by fevered touches and  in the office and around.

I'm so ready to fuck him haaard.. But, i don't know why he's hesitant.. He keeps on telling me to be patient and that we'd do it at the right time.. I didn't even know how time flew soo fast.. I can't believe its been a month.. It's almost like things have always been this way.

Imagine having a man, both at work and always around you.. It's soo awesome.

This is working out better than I thought.. She's practically falling for me so hard. I've been a gentleman, building her arousal to the peak.. And mine too..
I thought I'd be indifferent to her, but she's breaking down all my defences.. I just hope I'd be able to go along with my plan tonight. I've broken down her walls.
Rejection is what is left.


He told me tonight is totally special.. We're going to celebrate our 1 month anniversary tonight.. I'm totally on cloud nine. I went to the spa; i got thoroughly massaged and sweetly waxed today.. I bought new lingerie for this special night. A strapless Black bustier and thong.. A soft stocking held up with garters..

I took a shower, wore the lingerie, lightly spritzed myself with perfume and applied light gloss to my lips.. I wore my red stiletto's to give myself a boost. At exactly 8pm, I heard the bell and i opened the door to Smith.. He didn't even say anything to me..

He grabbed me and kissed me hard and deep.. Trailing his hands down my body and touching me in all the right places.. He carried me to my bedroom and threw me on the bed.. He tore off my thong and went down on me like a hungry beast.. He gave me the full force of his attention.. I kept on moaning like a bitch in heat and held on to his head for my dear life.. When  i felt myself approach orgasm.. He pulled off and stopped.. I moaned in disappointment and felt like a strung up ball..

He gently removed my bustier and sucked my nipples and i felt a finger slowly penetrate me.. I cried out...
He withdrew his fingers and rubbed my cunt with his cock head.. He pushed in a teeny tiny bit and I felt his hugeness.. I feel soo full and he thrust deep.. I screamed in joy and completeness.. It's been soo long.. He withdrew and instead of plunging in deep for the 2nd stroke, he held my face tenderly, smoothing the hair from my face and said
"Payback bitch" and stood up.

I felt all the blood drain from my face.." What do you mean by that?!" I screamed! Im dying of arousal here!! "You got your payback. Now, we can resume our hatred from where we stopped". He said, stuffing his erection into his trouser.. I almost weeped.. I felt my heart broke into pieces as his words registered in my mind..
He wore his clothes and padded out of my room.. "Was all this a lie Smith?! You deceived me?! What?!" I asked.. My voice clogged with tears and I'd never been this humiliated in my life.

He just smiled wickedly and said nothing. "See you at work tomorrow, Samantha.." He always call me Sam. He left.
I fell on the floor in shame.. Tears streaming down my face.. He built my arousal to unbearable peaks and then left.. What a bastard.. I didn't know how long i sat on the floor crying.. I can't believe i fell for my greatest enemy.

My phone pinged a message alert and it read:
An emergency meeting is going to hold tomorrow..
"A new Chief Financial Officer will be elected.. Between you and Smith.. My dear, I want you to get this Job. Prepare."

This message is from my CEO.

I wiped my tears and my spine straightened. I'm going to beat you. You stinking  bastard.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Journey to the climax (featured poem of the week)

To make you climax
I'll take you on a trip
Make circling tracks
With my tongue round your nips

Rise up to invade
Your longing wet mouth
Feel the pleasures cascade
As I dart in and out

I can feel you are soaking
And wanting a ride
Your muscles invoking
I am needed inside

Lie you down to connect
Move gently with intent
Into you I erect
My love's monument

Dynamite uncovers
Your slippery hollows
Lucidity hovers
Fluidity follows

I lean down again
To your glistening face
You request with a grin
A changing of pace

My stinger's release
From your nectar-filled flower
Prompts you to your knees
Raise your hips to my power

I start tilling your field
With my rigid steel plough
You bend and you yield
Turn your head, raise your brow

One hand on your side
The other gripping your shoulder
We crash- we're the tide-
We're cymbals- we're boulders!

With us both fully knowing
Where this is headed
We change without slowing
Now I'm the one bedded

Sliding up sliding down
Grasp my chest for traction
You start to clamp down
I thrust hard in reaction

I raise myself to embrace
In this shared endeavor
Open eyes see your face
We are coming forever



I am shell shocked! What did i just do? I kissed Smith?! I ran away from him
 and entered my car. I zoomed off like the hounds of hell are chasing me..
"Oh, my God! What didi I do?" I agonized.. This is so stupid of me!
How will I face him tomorrow?! I briefly considered not going to work but I ditched the idea.. Why won't I go? How will I be! What will happen?!

I drove into my parking lot and got down from the stairs.. I packed my jacket
 and handbag and entered the house. My thoughts kept on choking me..
What will I do now? I feel so idiotic.. For crying out loud, I kissed him back..
I called my mom to tell her whats going on.. She's my bestfriend and
 she gives the best advice.. Also, she's just 16 years older than I, so she's like an elder sister.. Her phone rang and rang but she didn't pick.. I wonder where she is. I panicked at not being able to speak to her! She knows all about our hatred and she'd know what to do..

I moved through the house like a zombie.. I did nothing.. I just wandered
 aimlessly.. I totally forgot about the soap opera i wanted to watch..
 I decided to go to bed.. I took a shower and laid on my bed.. As I drifted off, my memories began to betray me, and I replayed the taste of smith on my lips.. His lips were so Delicious and he tasted like mint and Man.. I shivered in remembered arousal..
 He's totally the best kisser I'd ever had in my life.. The way he grabbed me, so dominant and sexy.. I felt so feminine and womanly.. He towered over me in even my heels..
 And he's kisses made me wet... I ran my hands down my puckered nipples and
 squeezed.. Oh my God... I love that egostical bastard's kisses...

I looked at her car drive off and I grinned.. This is just the beginning.. I'm going to thoroughly seduce her, and put her right where she's supposed to be- under me.. What a fucking whore.. A sexy hot bitch.. I remembered the first time we were introduced. I smiled at her and she looked at me in such a haughty and cold manner like i was beneath her. I chalked it off to the fact that it's probably because we just met, but her attitude persisted. I tried to be friendly with her especially because we had to work together and I didn't want any friction between us, but she continued to act towards me in disdain.. Im naturally a patient Man, so i kept being cordial to her.. And even asked her out on a date. She's easily one of the hottest women to walk the planet.. She makes suits looked like lingerie. Big breasts, tiny waist and a curvy ass tightly fitted to mold her body.. She doesn't help matters with the 5 inches stilettos she wears to work everyday.. In different shades and colors..
On the day I asked her out, she blew up at me and called me a Man-whore.. That was the day i decided to make her life a living hell.. I boycott her ideas everytime and paint her as incompetent in the presence of the CEO's; but she's absolutely intelligent. She's a brilliant genius and I grudgingly accepted that her idea that was presented is awesome, but she went behind my back, lied, and changed the whole plan. She's going to get punished alright, but not in the usual way I'm sure she thinks..

I got to work today feeling tremulous.. I didn't know what to expect from smith.
 Will he act all smug?! Or rub it in my face?!.. I entered my office and sat down.. I couldn't concentrate on anything.. I continued to fret.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped.. I looked up and saw smith.. I expected to see his usual annoying grin, but what i saw shocked me. Tenderness. I looked at him, my mouth bobbing like a fish out of water. How did i not hear him come in?

"Sam, good morning.." He rubbed his hands down my back softly.. What game is he playing? I wondered.."why did you just leave like that yesterday?" He asked me like that's the usual way we act towards each other.

"Get out of my office this minute Smith. And be rest assured that im not interested in whatever games you are playing,. Get out this minute!" I screamed. I stood up and pointed at the door " leave now, we've always been enemies and I'd trust a snake before you, now get out." I said..

 He just continued to look at me, saying nothing and started advancing slowly.. I looked around in worry and started shifting back until i felt the wall hit my back.."what are you doing?" I whispered..Why am I whispering? Im supposed to be screaming at this bastard.. What game is he playing???

 He continued to crowd my space until his chest was touching mine.."if you scream for help, nobody can hear you..You know its only our office's that's on this floor.." He murmured.. As if he read my mind.

He looked into my eyes, and i felt something spark in me..he gently and slowly lowered his head, with the obvious intention of kissing me.. He gave me plenty of time to escape, but i couldn't move. I feel rooted to the ground. He gently took over my lips and kissed me slow and deep.. He was coaxing me to open up.. I slowly opened and kissed him back..

 We continued kissing for what felt like an eternity, but im sure was just some few minutes.. He slowly withdrew his lips and kissed my forehead.
Will you go out to dinner with me? He whispered.

I looked into his eyes and felt desire swirl through me.. I feel so torn. I don't know what's happening.. It's like everything is changing without my knowledge.. I can't believe i never noticed the beautiful brown flecks swirling with his iris.. They look so stunning.. I looked at his lips and felt like biting them..

I tried my best not to burst into laughter.. Oh my God, she looks so adorably confused and indecisive.. Im sure she can't decide yet if im being serious or just toying with her.. I decided to tip the scales in my favour because my whole plan hinges on her accepting this date tonight..

"How about we just stay in at my place and i cook your favourite food? I asked. She looked at me in shock.. "How do you know my favourite food?" I smiled inwardly. Samantha is a course I've studied for the 2 years we've been working together.. I know every thing about her, her emotions, expressions, nuances, moods and everything.. I convinced myself it's because i know the way to hurt her better.. The more you know someone, the harder the pain when you hurt them..

Of course, i didn't tell her all this.. I just said offhandedly..."You've mentioned it once before at an office party.." She shrugged it off and i saw the moment she capitulated.."ok, i will come for dinner tonight".. I felt like shouting but i just maintained my cool..and i smiled beguiling.."thanks for accepting dear, i wish we can get over this rivalry and make something better out of our relationship.."

She just looked at me strangely and i know she suspects something, but hey, The trap has been sprung.

Go, bitch.

Saturday, 14 January 2017



My problems began the moment our hotel's merged. My life came to a crashing halt and started revolving around my hatred for Him.! I'm the personal assistant to the CEO of a big chain of hotels. Everything was going fine until the CEO decided to merge with another chain of hotels. The weirdest thing is that the new hotels (Now a big chain) has two CEO's.. And the CEO's each have their personal assistants.

All would have been well, but for the madness of Smith the other PA. Smith is the bane of my existence. He's the PA to the other CEO and as such, we are usually in close quarters.. His office is directly opposite mine, and anytime I look up from my files, I see his smirking face with that annoying smile.

I hate him so much! It would have been better if he is fat and potbellied.. But No, he's one of the most handsome men I'd ever seen in my life. He has deep dimples in each cheeks and he's got the most gorgeously symmetrical eyes ever..They are absolutely perfect and the only reason im not loving them is because I hate him severely. I don't know what I did to him.. He started acting wicked to me from the first day we met. Today, he has really gone all and out today to anger me..

"Smith!!!!!! I screamed. I barged into his office in anger. He just approved of some products for the hotels id not approved!! I told him to wait till I completed the research but i just found out he's approved the importation!!!! "You bastard.. You fucki...." my voice trailed off as I took in the scene before me. He's brows are furrowed in deep concentration and gasps were escaping his lips.. He looks so intensely sexual.. He's getting a blow job from the receptionist.. I could see her mouth bobbing up and down on his cock and i felt disgust and attraction.. I had grudging respect for her swallowing his dick whole... From head to root..

" Now, if you are done staring, kindly explain why you barged in my office" he gasped out. I moaned in embarrassment to be caught staring and I left his office in anger.
I can't believed he double crossed me and signed the imports to a delivery company I'd not approved of. What a bastard. And he's having sexual affairs in his office!! I'd always about him fucking all the girls downstairs, but i didn't believe.. I guess i got my answer now... My thighs clenched at the thought of getting head from someone and i shuddered to think of the last time i got properly laid. Even with our busy lives, smith has got a way to get women.. I can't even do the same.

I began to hear loud moans from his office and i guess the deed is being done.. I felt intense jealousy at the girl.. I want to be fucked too! I started thinking about how to undermine smith while he's distracted. I rarely win against him because he's always so focused at work.. I know what to do! I casually went to the elevators and went into his CEO's office.. It's currently unmanned by the bitchy receptionist. The one smith is fucking.
 I knocked and he said i should come in. He was surprised to see me.. I asked for some documents I've been itching to get my hands on but he was hesitant.

" smith said both of you had made the final changes" he said.
"No sir, we need to add some things.. Infact he asked me to get it." I blatantly lied.
 He asked for my flash drive and he sent the files.. I went back and sat back down in my office and made all the changes of the power point presentation. I had the music of joyous fucking as a catalyst.
We have a meeting with stakeholders by 4:00pm and it's already 3:50pm.. I smiled in glee at how he'd be so angry at all the changes I made..and the best part is that he won't find out till the presentation starts.
Payback, bitch.


I calmly walked into the meeting like I was not late. I gently murmured apologies and went to my seat.. Beside Sam. I spied Delicious glee in her eyes and I felt dread crawl up my spine. What has she done?! She usually sports that look on her face when she's ready to destroy me and it's usually effective. I could feel the endorphins from fucking Tina leave my blood fast.

I remembered how she barged into my office in anger and how shocked she looked at seeing me get a deep throat. I saw intense longing in her face that split second and I wished it was her lips wrapped around my dick. I fucked Tina all the while imagining Sam's pussy hugging me tight. I sighed at the hard on I'm getting.. My cock wilted when I stared at the projected screen. This isn't what was prepared! A mistake has been made. I stood up to protest but then I heard "This is a very great approach to tackling the problem.. I approve of this model.." Others also agreed and it was approved. I wanted to die. I looked beside me and Sam smiled at me viciously.

 So this is her plan. The bitch, she undermined all my ideas and replaced it with hers.. Fucking bitch!!! I looked at her with so much hate running through my blood.. She just smiled back, looking so beautiful and cold. Icy. I promised to shatter her totally. When I'm done with her, there'd be nothing left of her. She just tripped up one of the most important moves in my career!

Fucking bitch.


I felt the tension oozing out of him and if looks could kill, I'd be 20 feet buried right now.. I feel immense satisfaction enter me at my achievement. He totally ditched my idea but now, I won. The meeting ended and I went round to shake the hands of the SH. I got pats/words of commendation and I could feel Smith's eyes boring into my back. I smiled in happiness. This is a better feeling than orgasm..

I left the board room and went straight to the underground garage. I have to get home quickly enough to watch my favourite soap opera and i have to battle the traffic on the island. Suddenly, i felt myself roughly grabbed from behind.. He turned me and it was Smith. I opened my mouth in shock. "Are you mad?! Are you Sick?! What gave..." I trailed off as he slammed his lips on mine... I was totally blindsided..

His lips devoured mine.. He practically shoved his tongue down my throat and I felt attraction arch between us and kissed him back like he's my last meal.. He started kissing down my neck and mauling my breasts..He bit my ears and I moaned hard and fast.. I leaned in harder into him and he grabbed my ass.. He ran a hand up my thighs and spread my legs apart by kicking them apart.. As his fingers touched the tip of my pants, we heard the noise of people coming down the garage and we sprung apart..

Friday, 13 January 2017

Stripper 3


I sat down on the bed and thought about her. Damn, she redefines spectacular. There's one thing though; i don't know why, but she reminds me of my sister florence. I felt a wave of sadness crash into me. Flo. My baby, my little girl.. I'd employed the best P.I's i could, but non could find her.. It's as is if she ceased to exist. My brother and I tirelessly toiled to see her again, but to no avail. She disappeared into thin air after my parents burial. I wondered how she's doing.. I remembered the last time i saw her.. That was 8 years ago.. Beautiful, pure, innocent.. She looked at me with so much love, and I just wanted to hold her badly. My wife was a bitch though.. I didn't want her to scent my love for Flo.. The moment she does, she'd make her life unbearable. I married her out of sheer stupidity. I thought i was in love.. She was so beautiful, sweet and Delicious.. I never knew she married me for my money. Up till now, i dont know how she figured i am rich then. I didn't live like a rich kid.

I never told flo this, but we don't share a father.. My mom had me for another man she met at canada when Flo's father left her for some few years. She never knew he had a brand new family in Nigeria..

My father was an old oil magnate who willed all his properties to I and kendrick- even though he wasn't Kendricks father, he treated ken as his son. He died when i was 13 years. When we got back to Nigeria, i saw flo and fell in love with her. She was a cute little kid who was angry at everybody.. I made sure to protect her and become her bestfriend.. She was already feeling abandoned and alienated when her mother died, i didn't want to break her heart by telling her we are not even related at all. Kendrick is her real brother and I'm not.

My heart squeezed in pain when I remembered the devastation on her face when she saw that i had a wife.. I had to steel myself against her pain.. When we didn't find her, my wife was happy and infact, this began the domino that toppled our wedding to the ground. It was then i began to see her for who she really is. Deadly, jealous and greedy. If i look at a woman, she'd tear off the woman, she goes through my contact and calls all my female clients, insulting them about chasing her husband around.. I took all this without complaining until I caught her in bed with another man. That was the happiest day of my life. I quietly brought out my phone and snapped them. When i got satisfied, i cleared my throat and they jumped apart, looking at me in shock.

She jumped from the bed like nothing happened and she wore her clothes. I quietly left the room and called my lawyer to begin the divorce process. She threatened to sue me for all i was worth and screamed all around the house. I just use to smile. On the day we faced the judge, she denied ever cheating and infact started accusing me of treating her badly, so therefore, she's entitled to half of my fortune. Her tears convinced even me, but my photo evidence was better. My lawyer gave the judge all the printed photo's of her infidelity and the judge ruled her to leave without a penny. I felt free and avenged that day..

When she left my life, i had more time to look for flo, but I've still not met her. I vowed to find her even with my last dime..


I got home feeling so strung up.. That was the first lap dance I'd ever given in my life that got me wet... I subtly ran my hands up my body and imagined him touching me.. I can't believe Kelvin didn't recognize me.. Well, its been 8 years now and infact, the last he really saw me was 12years ago. When he came home for the burial, it was like i didn't exist.

I went to bed and tried to sleep. I've got a class by 8am the next day and a shift at the coffee shop by 3pm.. I've got a long day ahead of me.

I'm off at the club today, but the manager asked me to come over for a sick person.. I'm so angry.. I'd planned to rest today but he begged me really hard to come and promised to give me full payment that night. I dressed up and left my house. I took a cab straight to the club and alighted. I stepped in and went directly to Tolus office. I wanted to know whats up. I was shocked to meet kelvin there.

I looked into creamies eyes and i saw shock in them. Im sure it's reflected in my eyes too. Oh my God, its flo! She was wearing no makeup and she looks so innocent and pretty. Just like the last time I saw her.. It's like no time had passed. She looked at me in shock. "Flo!!" I screamed. I got up from my momentary daze and engulfed her in my embrace.
'Is this really you my baby?''
She looked at me warily and pulled out of my embrace. "Let's leave here" she hissed.
We walked out of the club and onto the streets. "I've been looking everywhere for you, where have you been?" I said. "Why do you care?" She folded her hands in front of her and i saw tears lining her eyes,, she tried to blink them away..

I felt a wave of tenderness crash into me and i pulled her towards me and kissed her.. She tried to pull away from me but i maintained my hold and gently coaxed her lips to mold into mine.. She softly relaxed and started kissing me back.. I broke away and slowly led her to my car.. She's so precious to me.

"How did you know? She asked. "I begged to manager to see you again, but i was told you ain't on duty tonight.. So i asked him for you specially. I never knew it was you flo.. I tried to pull her for a hug, but she resisted vehemently and then blew apart!

"What's all these nonsense kev? After all these years?! And all what about your wife? And all the things you told her about me?! That was why I ran away!". She began to cry and explained everything to me. She told me all what victoria did and i was aghast... No wonder she ran away.. That bitter woman had destroyed our relationship.. I pulled her closer to me and explained all about what happened. I told her it was a big misunderstanding and asked for her forgiveness. She hugged me back and told me everything was alright.


This is unbelievable.. Victoria was lying! She twisted all my fondest childhood memories into a nightmare.. I hate her bitterly.. She made me keep a grudge against the most precious man to me. I had kept myself for him all these years though.. I guess somewhere in my mind, I'd hoped We'd meet again. He began to kiss me and i slowly melted into his embrace. I felt so happy and contented being in his arms. I've suffered so much; being away from him for so long.. I feel secured and complete. His arms are where im meant to be.

He gently broke away from my embrace and rubbed my back. "Baby. Lets get you home" he said. I smiled and he drove us to his house.


We got to his home at Ikoyi and i was struck by the beauty and elegance.. He lived in a penthouse with a private elevator.. I stepped into his apartment and my breath was literally blown away.. He has the most magnificent stereo setup.. I ran to the living room and ran my hands on the whiteness of the theathers.. The set was ethereal.. I'd always been fascinated by gadgets and this one wowed me. I felt him come behind my back and touch me.. I stood up and hugged him once again.

He led me to his room and knelt at my feet..and started kissing up my legs sending shockwaves through me.. He kissed up to my stomach and gently laid me on the bed. He ran his hands on my breast.. and slowly kissed my lips.. I felt soo good.. I was fascinated by the variety of sensations that his touch evoked... Fear, excitement, joy and restlessness...

His tongue came out to lick my ears and i moaned hard.. I'd never this way before.. Even with the wildness i exhibited in my childhood, i never got close to a man.. He made me feel wild things.. When he entered me, i felt slight discomfort but then he transported me to galaxies...

Sex with him was d best..


He proposed to me that night. I hesitated because of we were related …. He cleared that up and i jumped up in happiness.. Not that that will have any effect oo.. We got married the next day with Ken and anita as our witnesses.. It was beautiful and simple.

I quit stripping and finished school.. I became my Kelvin's accountant. We placed a restraining order on victoria, and she never came near us again. I had triplets.. And we are living happily.


I promise to take you as you are, your grey areas i'd expunge, take them to the east while we reside in the west.

Because Falling in love with you is the event in my life that's so far the best.
You never ask for much, all you required was all of you in exchange for me.

You told me Twas the truth that got you high on love, so i promise to give you all of it instead of weed.

Beautiful from your soul within and it spills outwards.
For your heart i'd fight, i'd gut whosoever is in my path with several sharp swords.

Not a man for saying plenty, but how i feel i had to pen down.
In the empire of my heart, of whom you're the empress... sceptre in your left hand, and the purest of diamonds bring glitz to your crown.

With you i feel safe, strong rooms of the central bank.
With you am no slave... to my emotions or to love... you provide cover like an armoured tank.
My superwoman, you don't need an 'S' on your chest.
A rare gem, even captain red beard couldn't have you in his famed treasure chest.

You lifted me up and healed the cuts in my heart, you patched up my bursted spleen.
You lit the way in the darkness when the others snuffed out dawn and made dusk.

All i think about these days is making a home, exchanging goofy faces while i help our daughter wear her socks.
From several yards out cupid took aim and shot a nigga that was stupid.

Straight into the left side of my torso, opening my eyes into the beauty of your person.
I fell for you on a slope so steep, no regrets, this most definitely is a love so deep.

Hence these are the professions of a man whom cupid struck when he let his arrow fly.
These are the confessions i make as my heart empties itself from where the arrow pierced...

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Stripper 2


Once upon a time, i was born into a rich family. Happy, contented, satisfied. Everything blew apart when we found out my father had another family somewhere.. Of which they were also contented and happy. He led this double life comfortably for 10 years. What made it worse is that my mom and the other woman were college bestfriends. Weird right? He married them both and separated them.. The other woman and her son were based in Canada, while I and my mother are based here. The two of then made plans, behind his knowledge to meet and that's where shit hit the fan. The other woman had 2 Sons while my mum had just me.

The heartbreak of it killed my mom. I believed they were so indifferent to her death and it hurt me so much.. The woman tried her best to show me love, but i just believed she's the cause of my mother's death and so i hated her and my father bitterly. Her son's teased me mercilessly.. They were the only respite i got in that house from sadness. Kelvin is the younger brother and closer to my age.. We had nice memories together; him plaiting my hair, calming my rage and playing games together..Everything fell apart when he went off to college. I became a wild child.. Partying hard and taking hard drugs by 17 years.. Before he left, he promised to always write letters to me and be my salvation.. But, gradually, everything dwindled and came to a stop. Kendrick, his elder brother had left home long ago.

My step mom and father tried everything to put me back in track, but they didn't succeed. I had fallen in love with Kelvin already at such a young age and i was mercilessly hurt by his abandonment.. He had made me emotionally vulnerable to him and there was nothing i could do to combat it. When i hit 20 years, my parents died in a car crash and the world fell apart for me. It was after their death that I realized how much I loved them and care for them. I realized that people make mistakes and choices in life and they have to live with their decisions; whether good or bad. I'd been a selfish person.. Always feeling so entitled and bitchy. I never completed high school, i dropped out at ss2... I went ahead to write exams and started picking up the pieces of my life...

Kelvin and Kendrick came home for their parents burial- with their wives. I was hurt and devastated about kelvin's marriage. He got married? I wondered. I never knew about it.. Since he left me behind. I guess I'd always imagined he's my knight in shining armour and coming to save me. That reality got shattered. His wife was a vicious bitch to me.. She conered me after the service and said a lot of bitchy things to me. She told me how kelvin told her that I'd always followed him around like a pest when i was a kid, how i never let him rest and that's why he cut off all ties with me because I'm a curse like my mother...

She said a lot of things about my childhood memories revolving aroung kelvin.. She destroyed the only sanctuary I had. And to top it off, he was so distant towards me and acted like I didn't exist. A day after the burial, the Lawyer came in to read the Will and he told us how my father has amassed a great debt that needed to be payed off. As if that wasn't bad enough, the house had been mortgaged and will be used to pay off other debts. I had nothing. No home, no family, no education.

On the spot, kelvin and kendrick cleared all the debts by signing some documents and talking some other things i didn't understand. The lawyer left and everybody's eyes swung towards me. In their eyes, i was a burden that nobody wanted to take on. I steeled myself against the pity in Kendrick and Anita's eyes. Kelvin looked at me with pure indifference while his wife smiled wickedly. They asked me to excuse them and I left the room.
I sneaked back to the door and eavesdropped.. They were fighting over who'd take custody of me. I heard kelvin saying im going to pack to their house but his wife was denying vehemently. She said I'm a bad child, a slut that cant be trusted. I was just younger than her with a few years and I wondered at her bitterness.

I ran to my room, packed my bags with the little cash i had saved which was about #120,000 and ran away from the house. I crashed at my besties place and she got me the waitressing job. When I got admission, i relocated to a new apartment and had to start stripping to pay for all my fees and upkeep. I'm studying accounting and I can't wait to finish. I want to get a respectable job and quit stripping. Being a stripper pays though.. An added advantage is that im working at a respectable gentlemen s' establishment. It's a good one and I live a pretty comfortable life.

I moved closer to him and i was shocked as the attraction that arced between us. Has it been that long? He didn't even recognize me. I smiled and moved closer.. Im going to use this as an added advantage.. I slid up to him and told him the rules with a low voice.. "No touching the stripper" he smiled and I felt tingles crawl up my spine.. He looks handsome but stressed. I can see faint bags under his eyes in the dim light.. I siddled over to hima nd started dancing..


Her hips began to move to the beat, her hands moving up and down her sides. She pulled on the hem of the little dress, revealing then hiding her G-string as she slowly danced. I felt my dick rising to attention..
 I lifted my hands to put them on her hips, but she froze and wagged a finger playfully at me. “have you forgotten the rules?” she asked, her voice sultry and deep. “I—” My words were trapped as she ran one hand between her breasts, lowering the neckline just enough to give me a peek at the top half of her breasts. I cleared my throat and started thinking of distracting things..

Her body moved to the rythm of the song and I imagined having sex with her..
Her legs, toned to perfection, wrapped around my waist, her lips on mine, and her arms around my neck. The rhythm we would create together would shatter worlds, and once would not be enough for either of us. My eyes half closed as she lifted the hem of her white dress, slowly revealing inch after inch of her body for my eyes only. I wanted her to do this for me at my house, in my bedroom, before we made love.

 I’d never thought about a woman I was dating in terms of making love to her, but the magic this woman wove around my senses held me in thrall. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as her bouncy breasts came into view. She tossed the little dress away and stood before me in just her g string.. She simulated the art of fucking to perfection. I imagined her running her hands up my crotch and grabbing me.. She inundated my sense like a fucking high.. All my problems drifted away and i was floating on cloud fuck.

She started grinding on my crotch and I almost came.. I clutched the arm rests and willed myself to calm down.. I had never experienced something so divine before.. She cocooned me in her aura and like a sheep, i followed..

She music ended and she slid off me, and left the room. I was shocked. How can she just leave? Didn't she feel our connection?! I stood up and made a move towards her but the bouncer came between us and the last thing I saw when she looked back was the most erotic smile in the world.. I came in my pants.. I gripped the wall and came..

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Fevered kisses, hindered hands, banging headaches.
My head has ben split by the pain of neglect, it's seismic,
4.2 magnitude earthquakes.

Loved hands restricted from wandering.
Sliding bodies, now laden with friction.
Rejected advances, rejected love... the heart wants what it cannot have,
 the heart is starved of attention.

The heart fell like humpty dumpty, the heart broke into a million pieces
and not just int halves.
Pain, heartbreak, no love... up, up, and away u spread your
 wings like a dove.

I fell from my highs, trying to hold on to you while you
flew off.
Instead i hit the ground, while the dust elevated.
Plans were concocted to get you, all were shamefully

I wander through life, bitter.
Imagining how Jesus had felt when denied by peter.
Hence, you've made me empty, shallow.
So even if you decide to turn your back on me, i'd still wait on you...
 you are my halo.



I ran past that alley.. Thats where most thugs hang out to smoke. Im not interested in them. I heard cat calls and whistles when i passed like the wind.

"Why yu dey run?" Somebody ask
'She dey fear nii.. Come we wont hurt you" they laughed raucously..
I sprinted harder until i got to the front of my workplace... I took a moment to regain my balance and catch my breath.. " phew.. Bastards" i thought.. That alley is renowned for raping and killing. I got off my day job late and had to pass a short cut- so i won't be late for the night work.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


1st time our eyes met, i was stopped dead in my tracks.

It was like peeking into the eyes of medusa, held spell bound for i could only be thrust into reality by the lure that lay beneath your gaze.

It was like being stuck in a matrix, or better still lost in a maze.

Second time i met you, it was pre-organized, i had sought you out, because the feeling was killing... i could almost stab someone as with the actions of a tout.

A million words trickled from my brain to my lips, but i could only spit out one.

Err... "whatsup"...i uttered stuttering and sweating in my palms.

In my head i was reciting the psalms.

Zero on confidence, but still high on my will... a few more words stumbled bout, not neglecting the fact that it was your aura that fuelled my zest and zeal.

Damning the stories i wanted to fight for you like a navy seal.

It was said that i would just be another name on your infamous list.

Taking a stroll through the courtyard, i discover my haters are now serpents dissing with their signature hiss.

Nevertheless you kept me on hold, it felt like forever.

A few wrong moves and the promise you made yourself seemed to be both our compass and probably our divider.

Till you saw me with another did your walls crash down.

The thought of us together, i carried around like the ark of the convenant while circling around your jericho.

After that faithful afternoon, all i could think of was your subtle voice and the sound of its echo.

My mind was made up, and i ain't talking in terms of concealers.

You always had always been at theback of mind, i said to myself no more shakl i conceal her.

Then i broke it off with the other, because I knew i had to be with you.

People began to talk again, i let their words fall to the earth like dew.

Finally i had you, finally my heart could love a new.

Everything was perfect till distance snuck in on us, and time took its toll.

Again and Again we toiled, Again and Again we hit the dust without taking a roll.

What Seemed like perfection, could only be described as a daydream.

The one that got away, out of my grasp.

The One I should have held on tightly to, is now probably faraway.

Monday, 9 January 2017


It's the way you play me daily, like that kendrick's Overly Dedicated tape.
That has got me stuck on you, goofy posters in a heart's shape.
Each year i make resolutions, resolving to lock my doors and stay safe.

Yet you do what you always do, you snuck in through the window ajar... like an experienced thief cracking open a wack safe.
You lead and i follow meekly, cue in the relationship between a shepherd and his sheep.
When i think of you, the seconds count like they sipped some lean, these eye bags you gave me are my luggage only... if i ain't  hearing from you, i lose sleep.

Like a football team, they're others, you made me the captain... but when you are out with my teammates it hurts lik a 6inch nail through my skull.
Many for one and one for all.
You Play us like strings on the G-note.
It's Cold out here... "Jack from titanic trying to float".

I'm worth better, but still i want you as my alpha.
Watch me do anything for you, chant poems in a pitched tone like an "alfa".
Use Degea-esque reflexes to bring to reality bruno's song "grenade".
The king's are now slaves, there's a new puppet master in town.
Kitara mode, blood bend me to your will... chin up and knees down.
I hate what you do to me, unconventionally, i love how it feels.

I'll rather crawl to you and kiss your ring, than take to my heels.
I would run a marathon to get to you, and go a cross-country to please you.
Yet you'd shut me out, in a dingy room with my emotions till all i feel is black in its every hue.
All i really need an assurance that i'm the one of the lot.
Because at this stage i can't look back, don't want to end up like the wife of lot.
Yes I've come out plain, empty and with all my stains.
I've got you and you know this.
I just hope to come to your notice.

Trigger 2

We fell asleep in each others arms..
I woke up the next day, feeling Good and satisfied. We had sex 2 more times in the midnight. I feel awesome.. I looked down at Daniels sleeping face and felt a crash of tenderness weave through me. I was scared at he feeling. He looked so handsome and young.. His eyebrows has this arch.. Broad, well defined nose, and full sexy lips. They look like plums, i just want to bite them. I tapped him. "Daniel, im ready to leave' he looked at me sleepily and yawned 'stay baby, just a little more time'..
'I have to go get ready for work dear,,' i stood up and belted my coat.."wait, let me walk you home" he got dressed and then took me home.


My affair with daniel continued... We had sex anywhere.. My house, his place.. In between.. He is totally fun.. I got to know him better.. We talked and spent a lot of time together.. We cooked, washed, read, joke and do a lot of things.. It was fun..

Because of her, I've been bar tending for 2 weeks. I took over and fixed my night bartender as a bouncer in the mean time. She never came back.. This fact made me crave her more.. I kept wondering about why she never came back. Im going tho her apartment this night i thought. I have to discuss with her..

I parked in front of her house and climbed the stairs.. Her front light was on and i could see something heavy going on.. I was shrouded in darkness, so, i had no fear of being seen. She is being fucked by a man, right on her doorstep.. I looked on with interest.. They looked so fucking good together.. I studied the man. He's just as tall as i am and with a muscular stature.. A frisson of attraction ran down my spine at his moans.. They sounded so sexy. Ella was being pounded against the door like a slut.. I felt my cock rising in my jeans.. I want the both of them.. Something just clicked in me.

With the man, i can easily fuck ella without thinking twice: his presence is enough to give me a hardon. I will have ella as my wife and fuck her with him. I felt precum dripping from my cock at the thought of the man... So near.. I couldn't see his face, just the outline and he looks so handsome.. I'd think of a way to seduce him later on, but for now, she's my key to having him.


When i came back from work this evening, i saw silver's car parked outside my house. I was wondering, when i got to my front door, i saw him sitting.. He stood up when he saw me
"Ella, good evening, how are you doing?
"Im good, you? This is surprising i hope nothing is wrong?" He was wearing a pair of glasses and he looked so good. That night, i convinced myself his eyes was a trick of light. It looked more stunning in daylight.

I opened the door and ushered him in. We sat on the couch and made small talk.. Then he got his point. He told me all about his mum and her cancer, how he needs to get a wife, how he thinks i would be perfect, a contract marriage and the amount of money he's Willing to pay, i looked at him in shock. I felt so bad for him.. I understand his wish to fulfil his mom's last wish, but i cant do it and i told him so.

" well, I'm not ready for marriage anytime soon. And i know you said We'd divorce after a year, but i don't think i can do it. Im sorry..
"Please consider me ella.. I need to do this and I'm running out of time"
I said "you have to give me sometime to think this over.. I have a lot of things to consider too.
There was a knock on the door. I stood up to get the door.. And it was daniel,,
"Hey baby," he pecked my cheek.
"Come in"

I entered Ella's apartment and did a double take. Or am i being deceived? This is silver! I saw the spark of recognition in his eyes. He was my roommate in college.. We were attracted to each other and actually experimented a little. But then, i realized im firmly into women and we drifted apart..

"Oh, i didn't know you had a visitor, my baby" i said, kissing her cheek and hugging her..
"Meet silver, silver meet daniel, my next house neighbour.." She said with a smile. We both pretended not to know ourselves and we shook hands.

I was stunned. Daniel is Ella's lover? Things just got interesting.. We had a very short affair in Uni.. He was the first guy ever to break my heart by choosing a girl over me. Well I'm done with those old feelings. I'm going to use this to my advantage.

Silver and I exchanged numbers. He asked me to think about it and left. Immediately he left, Daniel said he had to go pick something from his place. They both left.. I took a shower and laid on my bed.. I thought of silver's proposal and his mother.. I felt so torn. He offered to give me a very large sum of money, but that's not the point. I'm hesitant because of daniel. I don't know if we are dating yet, but he means a lot to me. I just can't put him aside I need to discuss it with him first. He's like my closest friend right now.

But i can't deny what i felt when i saw silver today. He looks so good. Images of him and Daniel ran through my mind.. My deepest fantasies is always around 2 men... Touching and loving me. I imagined daniel kissing me, and silver going down on me..

I was jolted awake by Daniels kisses.. I gave him a key when he left earlier.. He made slow love to me and we slept off.

I waited for Daniel inside my car, I watched him come down the stairs.. I knew instinctively that he is going to come.. I opened the door to the passenger seat for him, he slid in and i drove off. We talked about everything and anything.. I just kept on driving aimlessly.. Then i told him about my mom and the proposal asked ella.

He told me how much he loves her already and how's he's getting ready to make her his girlfriend. He rejected my marrying her outright.
"I cant allow that silver, she's mine and im not relinquishing her for you"
I smiled and said "i know, but you know im firmly gay.. It's just for a year.. I want to make my mother happy".. I begged and convinced him to agree.. He asked to think about it. But he's not promising anything.
"You dont need to worry about me fvcking her"
"Actually, i followed you to ask a favour from you. Her greatest fantasy is too make love to 2 men. I've been trying to get a partner i can trust, but to no avail. Since you are gay, i don't have a problem with you fuvcking her just once with me. I really want to do this for her. If you can help me with this, I'd convince her to marry you." Daniel said.

I smiled. This just go better. I thought i was going to use ella to get daniel, but its looking like the other way around. He's giving me exactly what I want on a platter of gold. I pretended to consider it. "Ok, I'd do that, but just once'. He agreed and we made plans.


Today is Saturday and im relaxing with candy crush.. Daniel came inside.. I was so happy to see him.. I missed him all day.. I jumped into arms and he started kissing me.

I slid my finger's under her little skirt..she was bare...i really wanted a taste of her pussy. My mouth watered, and i sank to my knees on the ground, and pulled her skirt off..Her pussy was covered with fine curls, and he couldn’t resist touching her.  

Sliding a finger between her slit, i found her clit, and moaned as her cream soaked my digit. She was soaking wet. Ella opened her thighs, giving him better access...i covered her clit with his lips, and sucked in deep. I kept her upright as her legs collapsed. Spreading her open, i tongued her clit, sending her higher to her climax. Her cream covered his lips, and he lapped up her juices.

  “Oh, wow, I need, oh God,” she said, screaming.    She ground her pussy on my face as her orgasm rushed through her. I am not done with her yet. I wanted her screaming, begging for me to stop...

I closed my eyes as the rush of orgasm flooded me.. His mouth was still on me and i felt myself spiralling to another peak.. As i crashed the wave, i felt lips biting me and someone cocooning me in their arms from behind. I snapped into attention. Daniel stood up and pressed his chest against mine.. I tried to leave, but no avail.
"Its me ella, and we are going to fulfil your deepest fantasies".. I heard silver's voice whispering into my ears and i melted. My arousal tripled.. I moaned between them as daniel carried me to my room and silver followed.

Daniel and i took turns kissing her and i fucked her first..The flood of arousal washed over the head of my cock. I gritted my teeth, at how fucking wet and tight she is. I tore into her pussy, and fucked her deep. Jeez.. I never expected to love this.. I didn't even need Daniel to inspire my erection, this was all her...

I groaned, thrusting inside her to the hilt. Her pussy tightened around me. Ella started thrusting up against me, taking me deep inside her. “It feels so good.” she moaned.
 She reached out, taking hold of Daniels length, and started to work his dick." I can feel you."...she said, arching up. She offered daniel her breast's and he suckled them as I fucked her. Im loving this too much.. She's so different from others, so wet, so  deep, so ''aaarrhg'' i groaned.. Her pussy clenched around me in the most Delicious way.' Wow.. I think she can deliver me from cock..' I thought in my hazed out mind...

Daniel knelt over her face and started fucking her mouth.. She moaned around his cock and moaned... Needless to say, we oiled her hard and good.

I agreed to silver's proposal and continued to fuck both of them.. It is the most glorious part of my life.. We had a small wedding with just I, Silver, Daniel and silver's mom present. It was beautiful. I signed a prenuptial contract and I moved to silver's Mansion..

I continued fucking Daniel and falling deeper in love with him. That was the agreement.. And Silver was not allowed to fuck me without Daniel.. That's how its supposed to be, until the game started to change.

I fell in love with her. What's there not to like? I totally forgot about men and her all my focus. She's a good woman who also became mom's best friend before she died. I guess my mom's death sparked the change. She was always readily available to comfort me. I get home from work and meet good delicacies all the time.. But we had separate bedrooms and we never had sex without daniel..

She would talk to me, ask about my day and play with me. It was like a real marriage; she started making me yearn for more. She was a thorough support throughout my traumatic experience.

I began to really see her and get possessive. After all, she's my wife i began to think.. I own her.. Im married to her.. She's mine.. Daniel's visit to the house became less frequent.. And instead of complaining she'd say she understand that he's busy. I began to think that he didn't care of her anymore? If i had my woman married to another man, i can never let her go. Infact, i won't even accept the proposal in the first place..

His visits dwindled and began to get ella down. She would complain about how he doesn't call,visit and how she never meets him at home whenever she goes to visit him.. I planned my move.

On her birthday, which was about 9 months we got married, i took her out specially to give her a treat..she was so happy and when she got drunk, she started telling me stories of how she's sex starved.. I seduced her that night and finally fucked her like she deserves...

Since then, we lived blissfully in our cocoon of love. I decided to tell her all about Daniel and I, and how she converted me back to a pussy lover.. She was angry at first and then after placating her, she accepted my apology...

We fell deeper in love and did everything together.. We started dating all over.. We went everywhere together and I made her my official Lawyer.. She resigned for her job and took charge of the legal aspect of my business..


I thought daniel and I understood each other.. Until he fvcked up. He broke my heart thoroughly with his indifference.. I loved him deeply and married silver just because he convinced me too. Silver was there for me throughout his nonsense and I proceeded to forget all about him..

Silver proposed to me again- for real this time, and we planned to get married on the day we are supposed to get divorced. We planned for it to be on the beach, beautiful and serene..

It became the worst day of my life. Daniel broke into the wedding like a crazed person and we were totally shocked to see him... Like a nightmare, he shot Silver. It was shocking. I never suspected that would ever happen... He was captured and jailed for attempted murder.

Daniel did not die, but had amnesia from hitting his head when he fell.. It was brutal. I had to start all over again with him... The worst thing that can happen is the person you love having no memory of you..That was my punishment. For what? I don't know..

We picked up the pieces of our lives.. And moved on.