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Friday, 23 November 2018

I want you (Love Version)

I want you.
My King.
I want to feel your love.
Your arms telling me its fine.
Protecting me.
I want to spoil you.
I want to give you the world.
I want to know I’m your Queen.
I want us to be the rulers of our kingdom.
I’m the Ying to your yang.
I love you immensely.
I want to ease your pains.
I want your problems to seep away.
I want to be your missing rib.
I want to help you.
I want to support you.
I want to be here for you.
I want to own you.
I want you to feed me your soul.
I want to know im yours
I don’t ever want you to go.
Please don’t ever leave me.
I’m scarred from promises failed.
I know you wont let me down.
I think of you everyday.
My thoughts are like a mirage.
I stalk you everywhere.
It’s unfortunate you’re not mine.
Together, we could be power.
We can conquer the world.
But you don’t even know I exist.

I want you (Lust Version)

I want to kiss you.
I want to wrap my hands around you.
I want to feel your skin against mine.
I want to fuck you.
I want to fuck you so hard.
I want to lick your sweat.
I want to inhale your scent.
I want to wrap my hands around you.
I want your hands hugging me.
I want to feel your teeth bite me.
I want to feel your incisor go deep into my skin.
I want you to fuck me like a beast.
I want you to unleash on me.
I want to feel you plow into me.
I want you to come in me.
I want that utmost satisfaction.
I want to cum from your tongue.
I want us to swap cum.
I want ypu to master me.
I want to dump you after.
I want to fuck your brother too.
And your best friend if he’s available.
With your whole squad.


I feel so dumb right now. 
I mean, no one has ever made me cry thrice in a day ever. 
I feel like a complete mess. 
A mess. 
A beautiful mess. 
I know I’d make sense of it as time passes though. 
Do i feel dumb? Yes. Stupid? Hi No. 
These things happen. I feel so powerless too. 
I wish i could sweep away all his problems with a snap of my fingers. 
Unfortunately, I can’t. Like, why am I a waterwork today? 
 Everything went to shambles. 
I tried to make things better. 
I felt being frozen was nothing. 
All I wanted was to see his smile. 
The one I always wanted to see in reality. 
I had lofty dreams of us making up and it being fine, and suddenly, it all crashes.
I think I just want space.
I think I need to think.
I’m happy and sad in rows.

Thursday, 22 November 2018


She is not much to write home about. I mean, she has the kind of face a guy like me will see and pay no attention to. No, she’s not ugly, but when you’re into the model types, most girls are average. I took note of her the when she followed me to my apartment.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

KONGI II (He Was More)

SlumhomeHow did we meet? 

Well, one of those days with lack of road options, I had to journey through Kongi’s street, dead late in the night, my phones were down, I had a flat battery from watching movies to keep myself company in the classic Lagos traffic, It had rained thus the other optional route was a no-go area, I prayed the rosary trying to pass Kongi’s street, notorious for its presence of vices,  a week before then was a story of a man who was killed and dismembered on the street. It was a bad idea but the only one I had, no street lights, soft ambiance of different local Fuji music playing through stereos in houses, I had not journeyed far when I saw a woman run out of the house with just wrappers on refusing to oblige her supposed husband sex - she called attention the attention of the unbothered neighbors to come to her aid, she complained of her husband’s brutal mannerism of sex, saying his penis is getting too big and he’s seeming tireless when it comes to sex. An interesting gist I would have loved to listen to if It was during the day but the time was against my interest, thus I walked fast away from the scene especially when I saw the supposed husband coming through the door with his manhood trying to tear through his underwear.

Moving forward from the awkwardness, it began to ooze Indian hemp, the signature hood smell, a one bench liquor store by the corner where cheap alcohol was sold, filled with men who clearly did not want to go home, the seller, a plum and fair rascal woman flirting with each one of them according to the amount of money they have spent so far in the night, soft Fuji music playing and every one enjoying their lives, I prayed hard that none of them holler at me because that will be the beginning of my doom, more than 16 drunk men in the hood at night, my vagina ran dry at the thought of it. 

I got to the point where I feared the most, the area boys corner where vehicles are parked and men are sleeping in them, I heard snores mixed the croaks from frogs, jumangi set up if you ask me, I squeezed myself through the parked yellow buses and was almost out when I heard the loud yell! 
“Duro mbe!! “ it said 
“Ye! Mo ku o!” Was my reply as I began to shiver

KONGI (He Was More)

and so the Adventure begins! Excited about the adventures coming this year!

I met my man when he was barely a “man,” that time when hope was all we had, dangerous venture as the society painted it, “use your head” was my mother’s theme song, I was convinced that there’s but a brand of love our society understands and appreciates, the brand of love that is with very little sacrifices, nobody wants a love journey with too many compromises which leave the essence of love to wallow in despair. 
I am optimistic in nature, almost too optimistic, my greatest asset as a result of this, is my instincts, hardly ever wrong although it takes me down a path no one except myself can journey through, my optimism made me decide to study forensics in school, made me a proud caregiver for the dead and ultimately helped me own my own Funeral service company. It is till this day a party I thread alone, only that monies made is easy to spend for my folks and foes. My instincts when followed helps me understand what really is meant for me and how to filter the distractions from the ‘outside’ that may come with it. All my accomplishments happened against the wish of those who swear to love me and want the best for me but here we are; courtesy my indefatigable instincts. 

My weird, outrageous but conscious instinct presented Kongi to me, it made a lot of effort for me to not say ‘No’ even in the face of doubts, mixed feelings, and fear - Kongi, a boy from the hood, the boys our mothers warned us to not associate with growing up, those type that we prayed against; a boy whose street I seldom pass except out of lack of options, I briskly walk on it, at a pace nearly as fast as a run. How we managed to meet is a mystery to my mother, she could not handle that we managed to talk, got close; so much that we built a relationship out of it; my mother believed that we were on a train headed for a wreck.