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Friday, 27 July 2018

Random fuck 5

I squeezed the hell out of her breasts and she moaned.. I need to work this fast.. I laid on the bed and I pulled her on top of me. She's got sweet curls on her pussy and they tickled my face as I she sat on my face.. He gushed like a fountain and almost drowned me in wetness..

She grind on my mouth while my tongue flicked her in fast rhythm.. I turned her in reverse cowgirl and her cunt was right in my face; A perfect 69. I bent her back and she didn't even need any consolation.. She swallowed my cock whole. Like to the roots in one stroke.

We were Moaning and groaning, enjoying eating each other out when a knock sounded on the door. We sprang apart in shock! That should be rena. I quickly rushed her to the bathroom and closed the door.. Confusion assailed me.. "Room service sir," I heard. My battering heart calmed.

I pulled open the door and hustled the waiter off. We don't need their service. I've got all the service I need. I closed the door and went to the bathroom.. Petite bombshell was peeping.. I pulled her out and said.."We can't continue in this room.. My wife can come in at any moment.." "There's a laundry room at the end of this corridor, let's continue over there.." I kissed her wetly and we quickly wore our clothes then went out.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Random fuck 4

I knelt between her legs and the bed dipped with my weight. I spanked her ass and she groaned. She tilted her ass up and I grabbed a thigh with each of my hand and pulled them apart. I could see the cunt and I spanked right on it.

She whimpered and I saw a bead of cunt juice roll down her vulva.. Hit her clit and rolled down her thighs. I resisted the urge to lick it and I fisted my cock.. Then I popped the head of my cock right in. We groaned in unison.

I fucked her like crazy. It's been so long..
At night, exhaustion would have made us crashed. That's how day's turned into weeks of not fucking my wife. But trust me, I'm making up for my mistakes now. Her pussy was warm and soo wet and I almost busted my nut. But I didn't. I pulled out and she moaned for more. I turned her over and i could see the lust making her sweat despite the cold.

I kissed her chest and licked the nipples. Then I asked her to open up.. "Lick your sweet juices up, rena.. Taste your delicious cunt from my dick.." She bent to the task.. And swallowed my cock.
I imagined it was the petite woman.. I began to plot ways to get her.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Random 3

Fuck.." I groaned.. Those pillows housed my cock like it was home. She palmed her boobs and began to move them in a forward - backward motion on my dick.

Fuck me, it was hot as fuck. Her breasts made a soft and warm abode for me. The friction was insane and quiet different from fucking a cunt.

She started talking nasty and she encouraged me to fuck my cock against her boobs.

I spurted my cum all over her chest.. That was just the beginning.


Phew. That was an intense and interesting weekend. I loved every bit of it.

Random fuck 2

He spread open her cunt and I could see straight into her pink pussy framed by dark and almost shaved hair. I felt my cock leak.

His tongue lapped right up into her and suckle down the wetness dripping in from there.

I glanced up at Tade. She's biting ome breast while squeezing the other. I couldn't bear it anymore.

I walked up to them and Knelt. Then i took the other breast from tade and latched onto it tight. Fuck. Me. So. Soft.


I felt two mouths on my breasts, one suckling hard, one soft. I wanted to go mad with desire.

They both left my breasts for a bit to kiss, and then they returned to tongue fucking my tits. Simply divine.

Ré's tongue up my kitty is seriously making me go mad. Add that to the sensations rushing through my breasts, and I'm in fuck heaven.

He gently slipped a finger into me and I groaned in delight. All the their attention made me go mad. Tade's finger slicked through me and dug deep.

I couldn't bear it anymore.. I came in rippling waves.. While the sounds of a football game blasted in the back ground

Random fuck

She gave out a muffled groan again and I shuddered. Her pussy is very wet and i slithered my thumb to her clit. I placed it between my forefinger and thumb and gave it a slight pinch. She bucked harder on my cock.

I continued this, while giving her a few short strokes, and then slamming her back on my dick. She was pinned and trust me, she loved it.

She suddenly stood and i groaned at the pop sound. She turned and faced me, telling me that she wants to kiss me. I didn't object.

She captured my lips and slammed her cunt on my very sensitive dick. It was my time to give a deep groan and she chuckled.

Oh my fuck. His cock is the longest I'd ever had and I've fucked 8 guys in my life. His cock slammed deep into some uncharted parts of my pussy and I was a mass of sexual hunger.

He dug deep and hit his cock head right on a spot beneath my womb and I convulsed. He did it again. And again. He quit fucking the length of my cunt and gave a laser focus on destroying that spot.

He kept on doing it and I gushed and gushed more pussy juice until the friction of our fucking was lost.

Although I was riding him, he fucked me to hell and back. I screamed as he screwed me harder and the pain mixed with the pleasure and I came and came.

Phew. That was the absolutely best fuck of my life.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Him 5

I’d never been so consumed by another person in my life. Every boyfriend or casual sexual relationship I’d ever been in or with had always left me wanting for something deeper, more primal.  

He filled his hands with my breasts and when the fabric of my blouse impeded his questing touch, he growled and simply ripped it from my body. 

Him 4

At my whispered plea, he simply smiled darkly and pulled me roughly to him.

 “Who said anything about dying, sweetling?” he murmured, crushing me against the granite of his chest.

 “Humans,” he chuckled with amusement even as I stiffened against him. “Such alarmists.” 

Him 3

“Forget? And why would I want to do that? It’s taken a century to find you. I’m not about to walk away.”

“W-what? Are you crazy?” I asked, my mouth trembling. Had he said…a century?
His he all right? 

Him 2

That's the only thing attractive about him. The rest of his face was quite ordinary. But those eyes. They slice me up. 

With my heart beating fast,  “What are you doing?” I asked, my voice a high-pitched squeak as I flattened against the opposite wall. 

Him 1

The cold air wisped over my hypersensitive skin and although I
didn’t hear the door open, I suddenly became aware that I wasn’t alone.

The hair on the back of my neck prickled and I slowly turned, praying that I was simply being melodramatic.

Saturday, 14 July 2018



On a day today
I feel so sad
I don't know why
And I don't castaway.
Are you awake?
Are you sure you’d call again?
I feel sad.
Happiness does not live here
Saturated with sadness
I'm gone.

Friday, 13 July 2018


In the back of a wraith, we’re zooming off to a place where roses always bloom.
We’re off on a vacation hoping to get there by eight, the stars are bright on this very night and it’s all devoid of gloom.
It’s a night time cruise, the mood is aided by the music and the speakers are blaring out blues.
We’re lip locked at the back like teenagers returning from prom.
Your lips are all strawberry and vanilla, I’m tempted to ask who you got your lips from.
My hands run through your hair and I’m thinking about how I want to live all of my life with you in a villa.
Forever with you in a château somewhere around the parc des princes just because I want to ball with you.
The chauffeur is stepping on the gas and the acceleration seems to be reflecting our mood.
Heartbeat is on the high even bobby shmurda couldn’t envisage this shmood.
We’re at that very moment when everything seems to align for our good.
I swear to god that I didn’t plan to smear your lipstick.
It’s just that you’ve got the left side of my chest struck with a heart-shaped spear that’s why in my breast’s pocket there’s a diamond ring and on your left hand fourth finger is where I want it stuck.
My life with you has been a ride way better than the Rolls Royce that we’re cozied in.
My lips are sealed even if it’s really hard to keep it to myself, I’m waiting till 8 to do a big reveal.
All of your friends are waiting at the other end, your mum and pops too.
The place popping with white and pink, assorted flowers and scented candles just to aww up your view.
I want you blushing just the same way the blood in my veins are heating up and my heart is fiercely pumping.
Even your name is of eight letters, my mind takes a leap whenever all of it is pronounced as a noun.
I’m thankful to all of those men who treated you like a clown because without them I wouldn’t have gotten you.
You would have been hidden from my view, so in view of that I’d be extending an invite to all of them.
This is not to throw shade but I wouldn’t really care if they took it that way.
They lost a gem and I gained one more precious than the most precious of all precious stones.
I swear that I am in love with you, from my head to my heart to the rest of my organs and bones.
Let the world watch me defend you better than Phil’ jones.
The clock ticks closer to 8 and the tires screeching closer to our destination.
I’m nervous, wondering if you’d gladly jump in this ship with me.
It’s obvious though that I am probably the man caught up in one of those doubting Thomas moments.
I’m not oblivious of the fact that you love me, I’d wait till 8 and even if yous say no, there would be no woman in the world who would be worth the wait.

Monday, 9 July 2018

My Flawa II

Relaxed in Aminu's room, I downed two shots of scotch to loosen up, to have my guts at its best, the room was too neat, everything was placed and in order, the air conditioner was cooling frantically, Aminu had ordered a well-grilled chicken with barbecue sauce, the aroma was the first to come in, my love for chicken at that time was strong, a special bond I had with it, Aminu's barbecue had the northern recipe, it was nothing I had tasted before, it came with fried yam, I ate it with joy. The gesture was that which my mother would describe as fattening the goat to make it sellable, I was doing all I was warned about and on the premise of the family perceived enemy! I cared less, I wanted to live my life, I would convince myself that I am of age, instead of seeing myself as a 17years old, I prefer to say I am 17+.

I got comfortable after my meal, Aminu sat across on a room sofa while I was on the edge of the bed, he smiled continually like it was his job, we began to talk, his words started its magic again, all it will take to resist him is to be a dunce, if you are intelligent in its slightest; you cannot help but love Aminu's person. He so talked that I carried my own self to the sofa to sit on his lap, I was assured that no one could dare to come into his room. I began to kiss him on his demand and the journey began. My sixth sense organ was engulfed in lust that the about to happen fornication seem noble, I convinced myself that it was going to be worth it, my nipples were alert like knights, every move he made was construed as sexual by me, his saliva was sweet mixed with my savoury and peppery saliva created a recipe I cannot put a name on, I played with his hair, he had a lot of them as the kissing went on, I felt rivulets journey down by below, he unzipped my dress, the care he handled my dress with - whilst pulling it off turned me on even more, he had respect for my expensive rag. He carried me to the bed, hitting my back on the foam; I saw flashes of my mom, It became blurry and faded quickly when Aminu's mouth closed on my nipple, "arrrrrgh" I exhaled.

My Flawa

The day we parted ways.

Wow! I remember it clearly, the day I loosed it, the day I broke the unwritten law, the day I became a woman by the order of sexuality, I grew not to regret it, it took a lot not to be spiteful about, I just laugh it off, surprisingly it had become a story worth sharing even if it is for the laughs. If the wise look thoroughly, however, there are some lessons in it, as subtle as they may seem; they are quite palpable depending on how you choose to read it.

Drunk 1.

A drunk story.

In her very short life, She’s been drunk a lot of times, but the most memorable ones are just thrice. The first day she ever tasted alcohol, she promised never to anymore. Bitter! She moaned.
Back to the story😂

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Now you feel like a distant memory fading into oblivion.
As the days drag, your name has become far from my lips  hence on my timeline you hardly get a mention.
I remember when my mind was never at ease because you had all of my attention.
I remember when my mind had refused to let go, it had held on tightly for years till it finally lost its grips.
Who would have thought I'd get over you? Just yesterday I was mad over you.
Now you're faded...your name crops up in a conversation and immediately I feel Jaded.
Back in the good ol' days you sure know I wouldn't have hesitated.
Finally I can love again, get my hands dirty in another tussle for love.
Fall again like dew to earth, feel the freedom as I flap my wings...the cool breeze kissing me from beak to feathers.
So I guess this then is goodbye.
I guess this is where your ink dries off my page.
It was fun while it lasted.
It really was.

Monday, 2 July 2018


I'm going to cum," I said quietly although my breathing was getting faster with the exquisite touch of her mouth and tongue on my cock.



 I stood up and reached out and, holding her small hands in my hands, I pulled her to her feet. Her brow frowned under her blonde her and I could tell she was puzzled at what was going to happen next. I quickly sat down in the chair she had vacated and she turned to face me.


Still touching and kissing her tits, I eased myself down so I was kneeling, and carefully moved between her legs, gently forcing her legs apart as I moved closer so she didn't notice in her excitement. I couldn't resist touching her long sexy legs and I softly slid my hands up the outside of her legs, and then the inside. Her body quivered when I touched her legs and she unconsciously shifted forward in the chair, her body seemingly eager to get closer to me.

I slipped my hands up, under her mini skirt and stroked higher on the inside of her soft thighs. My own heart was beating faster now that I was getting closer to my prize. She was wearing matching white lace panties and I dragged my finger across her pussy over the thin fabric. I felt her voluntarily spread her legs wider and she moved against my hand now that she was so turned on from my attention to her tits.