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Sunday, 14 January 2018


Femi woke very early, he couldn't brush his teeth because it was an emergency call he responded to.

Yomi his friend, who he has just quarrelled with, greeted him but  Mr Femi did not respond. Later, Mr Yomi went around telling everyone "Femi is a snub and is too proud of himself"

Femi who is a doctor, did not respond, because he was tired, failed to save the two patients brought to his hospital, had not eaten since morning and has a smelly mouth. Though he walked pass Yomi two inches away but he could not hear, because his body system was paralyzed. "4:30am to 4:30pm".


Maryam always lie to her friends that she is from a rich home, they all believed her because she wore a flashy pink bag. So even when she tells people that she is broke with no money to go home, no one believes her, then she walks a long way home.


Most times, we act foolishly. We jump into conclusions without finding out the true cause of the event. We judge people due to a simple act of kindness or wickedness. We feel they are either Angels or devils.

"We praise that politician for a road he just graved, we condemn a hungry man for stealing a biscuit from a shop, meanwhile, we had just failed to offer him money or job to take care of himself". That is for the first story

Now for the second; We must be careful of our act, we must be careful of the way we talk in the environment. We should not tell everyone everything about us.

How can you do this:

1) Telling the truth always: Honesty takes you a long way than you can ever imagine. Fulfilling your promises, paying your debt are those things that will make you a worthy person

2) Have an inner circle: Even Jesus had some in the midst of his disciples. This is divided into three

a) Do not tell everyone about your plans
b) Tell your inner circle your problems
c) Show everyone one how you succeeded.

If you must judge seek the TRUTH FIRST

I hope you must have learned how to live a new and better life. A way to think and a better way to act.

An intellect of Abraham Abk Kenneth

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