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Monday, 2 April 2018

HIS SISTER, MY ADEOLA part 1 (Diary Series)

I texted Segun with haste 'Yo! Seqe send me your sister number abeg na', I couldn't believe I was Thumbing on my phone with that sort of pace. Segun's sister was the object of my eternal fascination and admiration, and my guy 'seqe' wouldn't even have us in the same country talkless of we being within an inch of each other. That nigga a fool I thought to myself, shaply send me this thing ojere.

'BROS NO! ' He texted back in all caps, I laughed so hard because i could feel him fuming at the other end, the internet...isn't it a thing of beauty? We went back and forth, he cursed me out... I whined him and begged him... He cursed me some more.... I increased my begging, we went back and forth till finally he texted 'You be pest, oya show my house for sallah come present your case by yourself'.

Damn! Twas as if santa sent his gift way earlier than scheduled, but i didn't care though, I was gonna go get my woman... Daddy I've seen the house we're going to carry palmwine to. I shuffled through my gallery for my screenshots of her, 'atleast lemme see fine something before I sleep na'. I salivated and admired God's creation for a bit, both in equal measure, Sallah was a week away but in my eyes it was tomorrow... My eyelids fluttered as I drifted into a happy sleep.

Faaaaaaaaasssssssstttttttt Foooooorrrrrrrwwwwwaaaarrrrrrdddddd.

Riiiinnnngggg! My alarm screamed at me as I jumped out of my bed like a criminal being hunted down would. I unlocked my phone and took a peek at the date, D-day I said to myself as I broke a smile. I quickly jumped into my bathroom and had a nice long shower, scrubbing all the needed corners in a bid to obey the boyscout's be prepared rule. In truth I really had sortof prepped myself like I was going for a friggin' interview, but then i uttered to myself 'Oyinbo say to be prepared is to be haveth your cutlass sharpened for battle, TAINK YOU' I really was laughing now, while slipping into some sweet native attire and wore my favourite fragrance #letSomebodyTellAlhajiI'mComing.

I took an uber straight to Segun's house, I couldn't be jumping bus in this climate, 'kent' spoil my swag for no one biko. Uber driver was slamming some Maleek Berry First Days Of Winter shiii... The mood was most definitely right! I got to Segun's house within an hour, alighted from the car, fist bumped the driver, paid and strolled in.

Rinnnnnnng! Rinnnnnng!! Riiiiiinnnnggg!!! 'David how far na, you don reach' Segun's voice filtered through the earpiece of my phone. 'Guy I dey entrance of your house na, you no wan wise ni' I replied with a sprinkle of panic, I always hated waiting.

My Nigga!!, Your father!!... Segun had just reared his ugly head and we were going through the customary greetings and hailings, After all said and done I was given a seat in a choice location meat and non-alcoholic drinks flowed... Alhaji frowned upon alcohol who was I to smile upon it?

Time flew like eagles soaring... Yet i hadn't seen Adeola, Segun was occupying me well enough, gist yapa full ground... The OG Zoza was here, Adekiigbe sef answered present to the attendance... But then... I didn't come here for all of this niggas. Gists continued till like 8pm, at that moment I knew seqe had slyed me, I bent towards his ears and whispered 'Bros i don dey go, you win this battle sha'. He laughed hysterically, he offered to escort me but I was vexed I decided to take an uber home so I can properly wallow in my sorrows.

Uber pulled up and called me, I told him to gimme a second, I hailed my men and bounced out. 

Hey!  'Xcuse me!  I looked back,  Behold Adeola in her infinite beauty. Trust me her beauty soft pass the filmtrick of snapchat filters.

Remember when T'challa said 'I never freeeze' yet he froze. Yup!  That nigga was me... But then actor no dey lose or die for feem, here i was... And here she was... We were both here......


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    1. Must you rear you uglt head here again.. Bwuahahaah

  2. because you saw segun.. we wont hear word again