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Friday, 20 April 2018

what is love?

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what is love?
yes i ask.
i have no understanding.
of that implicit emotion.
this moment i want you.
the next moment, i do not.
is that love?

what is love?
this feeling tearing me apart.
this feeling making me fuck them all.
just to leave away from your memories.
is that love?

what is love?
fighting my demons without you?
or fighting the demons you created in me.
all my feelings.
burnt to ashes.
is that love?

what is love?
our multiple whatsapp texts?
instagram dm?
or the nudes we exchange?
is that love?

what is love?
seeing your gaze reflected in the pools of my despair?
pain eating deep with no repair?
wrong decisions the order of my day?
willing, slaving away till nothing saves?
is that love?

Image result for beautiful images of lovewhat is love?
the feeling of healing from God.
the happiness and rest all in your being.
the lighter mood you carry.
your accepting yourself without shame.
your loving you without pain.
admitting your happiness doesnt lie with a human.
Image result for beautiful images of lovegoing out there to succeed.
food. shelter. love. protection.
helping the needy.
your family on the dining, smiling.
you sliding through progress, success and wealth.
opportunities you never expected.
real friends, companionship and support.
no betrayals, pain, always gain.
admitting you are wrong.

that is love.


  1. Contents on Climaxx always make you reflect. I'm having deep thoughts.

  2. segun watch out for ur sis o. ok.

  3. i love this poem

  4. you touch me deep. you are the best ever! keep it up

  5. Sleeq, the all rounder. 😘😘😘

    1. Thanks baby love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍