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Sunday, 29 October 2017


"It's a hard knock life for us".

An excerpt from a Jay-Z chorus.

Hard knocks on a daily, that's why 16 year old Tessy would hang herself because of bad grades.

Truth is... it's all vain, and like a power point slide... these things do fade.

Most times they don't matter, but every time we do.

14 year old Tessy is depressed. .

Mama wants her top of her class... but she's only two percent away.

Papa is red with rage, "aren't you and Kemi of the same age?... Why then does she put you to slay".

Next term Tessy plunges further down the ladder... Her concentration shaken by the fear of mama's deafening scream and papa's whip.
Tessy breaks down and weeps.

Her orientation on success has been skewed.

She languishes at the doldrums of zero confidence.

She veers off the road to success, on the vehicle of mama's ineptitude and papa's stupidity... what a mess!

Tessy has a golden voice and Adele would be impressed.

Crooning "never thought i'd find someone like you" in her room.

Mama barges in like " have you read your books?, Is it singing that will make you carry first? "... Mama gives no fucks 'bout the talent of her daughter, it's all swept under with a broom.

The nukes in Tessy's mind have gone boom!!!

She's caged by a lack of expression.

Failed by her inactions... chastised for her actions.

Life tastes like vinegar.

Tessy was meant to be a star... Just that the brewing process got fucked up.

At 16 Tessy is gone... swinging side to side... beneath the silence you can hear her dreams and aspiration crashing amidst the rhythmic sound of a pendulum clock.

Oh! Good bye Tessy.

The sad truth is you will not be missed.

No one gives a fuck these days even with the advent of contraceptives.

Highest is a candle light procession, fake tears here... "Yekpa!" and "ahh!" over there.

Yet there are still a ton of people who can't challenge the status quo... they wouldn't even dare.

Lanre is 19 and loves to write.

Pops says he must be a Dokita, you know that kind thing when popsy is always right.

Mercy is 21 and loves operating under the hoods of automobiles.

Momsy shouts "are you normal!!", "o ni koba mi o"...words that drive away mercy's smiles.

So dearest Tessy where ever you might be chilling in the afterlife.

Know that you'll get company soon.
The cankerworm has eaten deep... forks, plates and spoons.

What is dead shall never die!!

In truth what is dead is gone... and even those that killed it don't give a fuck!! 😒


  1. Classic Dave Mac...

    Very interesting writeup... If only society would be dynamic for once and let dreams come true. Sigh!

    Wondering how much more you got in there fam...

    1. Bless Up Bro... Thanks For The Words!

      We Keep Growing Insha Allah... Amen!