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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Drain Me


I pulled off my cleaning scrubs. The sweat ran down between my thighs and was soaked up.

I panted in exhaustion. My begging had to get me this spot in cleaning the stadium. I hated the job, but it's the only way i can get close my target and end this once an for all.

We had to clean up the stadium before the world cup took place, and you'd think the stadium had never been cleaned before.

I'm exhausted and tired. And i had to deal with motherfucking fangirls who are vying for and are literally killing to meet the players who are around before the match.

I left the bleachers- damn, i cleaned that area like mad- and lugged all my cleaning supplies into my locker in the locker room.

I rushed to the shower room and found it messed up. A thought suddenly crossed my mind. I could use that of the players.



I slapped the ass of one of the fan girls who managed to sneak in behind all the security. I had been at the gym earlier and other things caught up with my time, so i haven't had so much time.

Coupled with the upcoming match- which required me to be well rested and in tip top shape, I was craving some cunt.

I'm a very hard man and I take or give no quarters- especially when it comes to women. This will happen to you if you are a multi billionaire football Athlete and jaded and cynical as fuck.

All women are for the money, and I'm yet to meet the bitch, yes, bitch.. Who'd change my mind about that.

I went into the shower to change up. As much as I loved my co players, I'm not swinging my cock in their presence.

I entered a suite where the marker indicated unoccupied and I stepped in.


God. How the rich are entitled kept on ringing in my head. You wouldn't believe the amount of buttons on this shower suit. You won't believe this shower is in a rowdy stadium.

I was tempted to waste time and really enjoy the luxury which i hardly ever come by, but i know if I'm caught, the consequences will be severe.

The hot water beat down on my tired back muscles and i couldn't resist using the soap to wash down one more time. In my apartment, the hot water switches to cold anytime. Infact, the temperature is not controllable.

I washed my face and opened my eyes, and stared dead into the eyes of one of the most beautifully built men ever.

My eyes widened "how did you get in here?!"
He smiled cockily and drawled.. "You invited me in"
"Oh my gosh". I was almost dying of embarrassment and suddenly remembered i was naked.



She pulled on a tattered towel and I smiled. The first thing i noticed was the ratted edges of her hair- hardly conditioned.

Then the innocent way she took her shower. It was captivating. It was like the shower was a birthday gift.

Then my glance flew to her nails- chipped edges and when she tightened the towel, then dropped her hands, i could see her palms- rough and callused.

All this led me to a conclusion, she's not a fan girl, model, actress or one of the spoilt heiresses who flock around me- meaning this is purely coincidence.

I'm trained to spot gold diggers a mile away and she's looking at me like she doesn't even recognize me.

"I'm so sorry, I have to leave now." she began edging away from me, while looking at me in fear.

I allowed her escape, while playing her body in my mind. She looks like she needs more flesh on her bones. Pert breasts, but i prefer bigger. Nothing spectacular facially. Nothing like the women i use. I want her.



I tried to stop the wave of shame that memory brings. I can't believe that a celebrity like that saw me naked. It's been 2 weeks now since that day and I can't stop playing it in my head.

I got the address to the house im to clean for the day and I was allowed in with a passcode I'd been given through the agency earlier.

It was a penthouse that had a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline. The sunrise is absolutely stunning.. silhouette of the city skyline was perfect. I would kill to see this everyday.

 I cut my gaze from my momentary daze and rushed to bring in the rest of my cleaning supplies.

The whole place looks.. untouched. Beautiful, white and cold as fuck. Only a light layer of dust coated the appliances.

I heard a cough behind me and whirled around. I felt fear spear into me.


I still searched for anything gorgeous about her, but nothing. She has this innocence i want to crush. I want to hold her and fuck the innocence from her brains.

I want to destroy it. I want all of it. I want to suck deep into her life force - and maybe, just maybe, I'd feel a bit more human.

She regained her composure quickly this time- I guess because she's clothed. I could see her spine straighten. Some confidence, good.

"I didn't know you owned this place sir"
"I do. And i wanted you here.. And here you are."
"Apparently. If you don't mind, I want to work" she said huffily.

Oh.. A bitchy little spit fire hmmm. I love some heat. I'd give her heat. I didn't miss the way her eyes ran over me anyway.

I could see how attracted she is to me. No matter her attitude, i can see through it all. I'm going in for the kill.



I felt him press against my back and I tried to whirl around indignantly. He held me firmly in that position though. I wasn't able to turn..

I felt fire begin to burn deep in the pits of my nether regions. I want this. I can't deny this.

"I'd give you anything you want. I just want you. I want to have you" he rasped breathily on the shell of my ear and the heat from his breath zinged through me. Going accordingly.

No more time to waste. I melt.


I'm almost sure she's a virgin. She got me so fucking hard and i fucking hate that she has that power over me.

I spread her over the huge couch and she fucking melted.

I’ve never seen a girl like this. Maybe in porn, but never in reality. Every time I touch her with my tongue, she slams her hips into my face.

Her hands are in my hair. When I circle the tip of my tongue around her clit, she pulls so hard it hurts.I like it.

I lick around the base of my two fingers, shoved deep inside this girl. And fuck, she’s tight around me, stretched.

If she wasn’t so turned on, it might hurt. As it is, she’s sopping wet. The next time I lick her little clit, she jerks her legs into the air.

Her cheeks are cherry red, her pussy tight. I go gentle on her clit, flatten the tip of my tongue and drag it slowly down her slit, toward her cunt.

She’s moaning. Lost. Perfect. One more flick over her clit, and…She screams, boxing my head with her knees, yanking on my hair like an animal in heat. I'm surprised at this display of passion.

I swallow back a smug chuckle. I know I’m good, but damn. She’s rolling over on her side, drawing her knees up to her chest.

She lifts her face up, and I’m shocked to see her laugh. “That felt incredible! Oh my God—incredible!”

"My turn" she giggles. She turned from virgin to whore in a minute. I didn't believe it.



I knew he underestimated me. He's in for the shock of his life.

I shove my hair out of my face and take him in my mouth. He’s hard and warm, so thick and big, and I swallow his 9 inches to the root.

And underneath—the balls. I love them. This warm, soft and then tender organs. I like cupping my hand around them. I worked my throat on his cock like a cunt. I tightened and released and he screamed.

I suddenly pulled off his dick and i swallow rhose big balls. I suck and suck, and his hands clutch the bedding.

Then i began eating out his taint. I love the taste of taint. Delicious. I munch on that patch between his balls and ass and he grunted while he came all over, spraying his stomach with jism.

I climbed up on him and licked up the semen, smacking my lips.


I always pride myself on being a man that can last long, but she made me bust my nut in less than a minute.

Damn, i think she squeezed the last drop of innocence from me. I seriously underestimated her. My cock grew back to fucking hard at how dirty she is.



"You will give yourself to me. Body and soul.” His thumb strokes my cheek, so calloused it almost scrapes. I smile.

“You will be here every day. Ready to give me what I want. Ready to please me.” His breath catches.

“I’ll please you, too.” His hand reaches between my legs, pushing my thighs apart so he can cup his palm over my pussy.

I wonder if he can feel the heat there. His gaze, directed downward, flickers up to mine.

He glides a finger between my lips, making me gasp. I grind against the couch. We've rolled to the ground.

He pushes a finger inside me, then another. I whimper. Close my eyes.  I clench around his fingers, wanting more.

I sink down on him, pushing his fingers deeper into me. I want more! I suddenly screamed my need.

He looked at me in shock and it was like it broke his control.

He pulled his fingers out, then parts my lips with two deft fingers and shoves three fingers into me. I’m so wet, it doesn’t hurt. I simply ache.

With one hand, he holds both of mine over my head. He looks into my eyes. I grinned manically and I can still see his shell shocked reaction.

He pulled his fingers out with a plop and  then plunges in—hard! So very hardI—” he thrusts— “am no one—” he thrusts— “that you know. I never will be. I will hurt you—” he thrusts— “for my pleasure—” he thrusts— “I will make you pay—” thrust— “Every day you fuck me, I will make you pay.”

I'm sure he was saying that to gain control. Control he's already lost. I worked my cunt tight around him- almost strangling then released. Sweat dripped down his face.

He thrusts brutally hard, so hard the tilr burns my ass. So hard I can feel him buried deeper than anyone before. I moan.

I have him right where i want him. His soul.


My head aches at the drivel I'm going to meet at home. A woman who has me totally my the balls. I can't resist her. I can't think when ever her cunt is in the image. I can't cope. I'm her addict. And she knows it.

She drains me totally. Financially, mentally, socially. Fuck, what a nasty bitch. I know for real that she has other lovers - multiple in fact, but there's nothing i can do.

Our children has been doomed to the boarding life because of their uncaring and selfish mother.

I was totally blind sided. I married litta. Against all odds. I thought she was innocent. I didn't know i was the innocent one. I didn't realize.

I married a nyphomaniac. A nymph whom satisfies me every way. I can't even think of looking at other women. She got me wrapped around her tiny fingers.

And the worst thing is, i can do nothing about it. I'm her fucking slave. I fucking love her. She's my life.


According to plan. The man, the money, the sex, the life.

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