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Friday, 13 January 2017

Stripper 3


I sat down on the bed and thought about her. Damn, she redefines spectacular. There's one thing though; i don't know why, but she reminds me of my sister florence. I felt a wave of sadness crash into me. Flo. My baby, my little girl.. I'd employed the best P.I's i could, but non could find her.. It's as is if she ceased to exist. My brother and I tirelessly toiled to see her again, but to no avail. She disappeared into thin air after my parents burial. I wondered how she's doing.. I remembered the last time i saw her.. That was 8 years ago.. Beautiful, pure, innocent.. She looked at me with so much love, and I just wanted to hold her badly. My wife was a bitch though.. I didn't want her to scent my love for Flo.. The moment she does, she'd make her life unbearable. I married her out of sheer stupidity. I thought i was in love.. She was so beautiful, sweet and Delicious.. I never knew she married me for my money. Up till now, i dont know how she figured i am rich then. I didn't live like a rich kid.

I never told flo this, but we don't share a father.. My mom had me for another man she met at canada when Flo's father left her for some few years. She never knew he had a brand new family in Nigeria..

My father was an old oil magnate who willed all his properties to I and kendrick- even though he wasn't Kendricks father, he treated ken as his son. He died when i was 13 years. When we got back to Nigeria, i saw flo and fell in love with her. She was a cute little kid who was angry at everybody.. I made sure to protect her and become her bestfriend.. She was already feeling abandoned and alienated when her mother died, i didn't want to break her heart by telling her we are not even related at all. Kendrick is her real brother and I'm not.

My heart squeezed in pain when I remembered the devastation on her face when she saw that i had a wife.. I had to steel myself against her pain.. When we didn't find her, my wife was happy and infact, this began the domino that toppled our wedding to the ground. It was then i began to see her for who she really is. Deadly, jealous and greedy. If i look at a woman, she'd tear off the woman, she goes through my contact and calls all my female clients, insulting them about chasing her husband around.. I took all this without complaining until I caught her in bed with another man. That was the happiest day of my life. I quietly brought out my phone and snapped them. When i got satisfied, i cleared my throat and they jumped apart, looking at me in shock.

She jumped from the bed like nothing happened and she wore her clothes. I quietly left the room and called my lawyer to begin the divorce process. She threatened to sue me for all i was worth and screamed all around the house. I just use to smile. On the day we faced the judge, she denied ever cheating and infact started accusing me of treating her badly, so therefore, she's entitled to half of my fortune. Her tears convinced even me, but my photo evidence was better. My lawyer gave the judge all the printed photo's of her infidelity and the judge ruled her to leave without a penny. I felt free and avenged that day..

When she left my life, i had more time to look for flo, but I've still not met her. I vowed to find her even with my last dime..


I got home feeling so strung up.. That was the first lap dance I'd ever given in my life that got me wet... I subtly ran my hands up my body and imagined him touching me.. I can't believe Kelvin didn't recognize me.. Well, its been 8 years now and infact, the last he really saw me was 12years ago. When he came home for the burial, it was like i didn't exist.

I went to bed and tried to sleep. I've got a class by 8am the next day and a shift at the coffee shop by 3pm.. I've got a long day ahead of me.

I'm off at the club today, but the manager asked me to come over for a sick person.. I'm so angry.. I'd planned to rest today but he begged me really hard to come and promised to give me full payment that night. I dressed up and left my house. I took a cab straight to the club and alighted. I stepped in and went directly to Tolus office. I wanted to know whats up. I was shocked to meet kelvin there.

I looked into creamies eyes and i saw shock in them. Im sure it's reflected in my eyes too. Oh my God, its flo! She was wearing no makeup and she looks so innocent and pretty. Just like the last time I saw her.. It's like no time had passed. She looked at me in shock. "Flo!!" I screamed. I got up from my momentary daze and engulfed her in my embrace.
'Is this really you my baby?''
She looked at me warily and pulled out of my embrace. "Let's leave here" she hissed.
We walked out of the club and onto the streets. "I've been looking everywhere for you, where have you been?" I said. "Why do you care?" She folded her hands in front of her and i saw tears lining her eyes,, she tried to blink them away..

I felt a wave of tenderness crash into me and i pulled her towards me and kissed her.. She tried to pull away from me but i maintained my hold and gently coaxed her lips to mold into mine.. She softly relaxed and started kissing me back.. I broke away and slowly led her to my car.. She's so precious to me.

"How did you know? She asked. "I begged to manager to see you again, but i was told you ain't on duty tonight.. So i asked him for you specially. I never knew it was you flo.. I tried to pull her for a hug, but she resisted vehemently and then blew apart!

"What's all these nonsense kev? After all these years?! And all what about your wife? And all the things you told her about me?! That was why I ran away!". She began to cry and explained everything to me. She told me all what victoria did and i was aghast... No wonder she ran away.. That bitter woman had destroyed our relationship.. I pulled her closer to me and explained all about what happened. I told her it was a big misunderstanding and asked for her forgiveness. She hugged me back and told me everything was alright.


This is unbelievable.. Victoria was lying! She twisted all my fondest childhood memories into a nightmare.. I hate her bitterly.. She made me keep a grudge against the most precious man to me. I had kept myself for him all these years though.. I guess somewhere in my mind, I'd hoped We'd meet again. He began to kiss me and i slowly melted into his embrace. I felt so happy and contented being in his arms. I've suffered so much; being away from him for so long.. I feel secured and complete. His arms are where im meant to be.

He gently broke away from my embrace and rubbed my back. "Baby. Lets get you home" he said. I smiled and he drove us to his house.


We got to his home at Ikoyi and i was struck by the beauty and elegance.. He lived in a penthouse with a private elevator.. I stepped into his apartment and my breath was literally blown away.. He has the most magnificent stereo setup.. I ran to the living room and ran my hands on the whiteness of the theathers.. The set was ethereal.. I'd always been fascinated by gadgets and this one wowed me. I felt him come behind my back and touch me.. I stood up and hugged him once again.

He led me to his room and knelt at my feet..and started kissing up my legs sending shockwaves through me.. He kissed up to my stomach and gently laid me on the bed. He ran his hands on my breast.. and slowly kissed my lips.. I felt soo good.. I was fascinated by the variety of sensations that his touch evoked... Fear, excitement, joy and restlessness...

His tongue came out to lick my ears and i moaned hard.. I'd never this way before.. Even with the wildness i exhibited in my childhood, i never got close to a man.. He made me feel wild things.. When he entered me, i felt slight discomfort but then he transported me to galaxies...

Sex with him was d best..


He proposed to me that night. I hesitated because of we were related …. He cleared that up and i jumped up in happiness.. Not that that will have any effect oo.. We got married the next day with Ken and anita as our witnesses.. It was beautiful and simple.

I quit stripping and finished school.. I became my Kelvin's accountant. We placed a restraining order on victoria, and she never came near us again. I had triplets.. And we are living happily.