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Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Zoning in and Zoning out.
Gliding through the sky and piercing clouds.
Drifting... In and Out.
Deaf... to all of the screams and shouts.
It's crazy how the motions are slow.
Vision so skewed... do i see the 7 dwarfs and she who is white as snow.
There's a spin and it feels like I'm on a Merry go... yet it's still all slow.
F#ck! when did i start using glo?
...Someone said hi? ... F#ck it, he said I'm high.

Hearing in twos... laughing out loud, calling other n#ggas fools.
It's a washed up feeling and even beneath my laughter you can hear me tell the truth.
You can hear the pain or joy... you can get beneath the matter... you can go straight to the roots.
It might be the alcohol but the hidden contents of my heart are coming to the fore.
With a gait as wobbly as 'Jackie' in that 'Drunken master' movie flick.
I see all of earth's beauty... and all of its strong allure.
But then i see its bullshit... the hypocrisy and blood rush... more than a hardened d#ck.
I seriously don't like what i hate.
What's with politicians hoarding that cheese cake.
If God provided the 'dough' since existence, shouldn't we be allowed to taste the bread? or atleast be given an equal opportunity to bake it.
I wonder why alot of these 'youngins' fake it.
But then i remember when these old n#ggas said "thw future is yours so take it"...Same muhf#ckers snuck through the back and took it.
They say A, B, C in front of the press and do X, Y, Z behind the curtains when the pressure is less.
Same n#ggas say "as soon as you through with school forward your CV"
Same n#ggas pull a Ronaldinho without the accuracy... we already know issa 'no look pass'.
I always wondered what greatness felt like, till i realised it was to be seized not asked for.
What is the truth? Two different perspectives analyzed from one corner?
Or a biblical derivative of the man in white...who seats up high in one corner?
All this introspection... can they correct my psychology in retrospect.
These days it's hard to find a person who is worth my respect.
Sometimes i tell myself "beware!!! ...These ladies would blind you with their sexy short red skirts.
But then the life of most young men is to 'skrrr skrrr' around Lekki.
They just want to hit tha club...find a light skin/ebony beauty... before spending the night hitting it.
Mans not hot... yet all mans does is emit heat.
So much pressure to make it.. yet bereft of the knowledge in recognizing opportunity and knowing how to embrace it.
Oh!  how have the mighty fallen... my head is crestfallen as i sip my lean.
So much panic once they are taken from the breast they suckle and put on wean.
This life though... it could be so mean.
Alot of people living off their knees.
More of the lot at the doors of offices begging please.
Hand to mouth... how did things f#cking go south.
Half of the country are on instagram... slay queens with their lips on pout.
The other half are probably political touts.
I take a long f#cking sip and i realize I'm also a product of this failed system.
I'm confused by the government and their often ambiguous terms.
I'm just a 5 ft plus 'youngin' trying to just serve.
Serve my country to it's fullest honour.
All it keeps doing is having my tongue sour.
What's theirs isn't ours, we both share the suffering hence what's yours is mine.
The Sun is hot as f#ck, but in naija the money tree only shades a few.
That's why recently ethanol is my shining light, probably it doesn't drown my sorrows... atleast it keeps me from feeling blue.


  1. Dope!!!! F#cking poor system we're living in