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Saturday, 28 April 2018

My laments 2

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I have fought a great fight, all i need now is a glorious victory.
Haven't I? or do i not merit it?
Pain is relative... i feel like Cassius Clay used my head as a punching bag for an insane training session.
I feel it everyday... yet I've refused all drastic measures.
You don't want to know how i feel when i can't take dinosaur leaps forward.
Success seems like fiction fiction and everything is Jurassic.
Onwards together yet i feel left behind.

I'm out here in the open o! before they start saying i like to hide.
Give me what's mine, i demand to be satisfied... like a horny woman whose lover sexual drive is fried... i would not be neglected anymore else i bring the house down.
Mayday!  Mayday!! 
I'm here to swap this thorny crown with that of perfumed roses.
Ain't leaving here without a fight hence i roll up my sleeve.
Life is short... Life is brief.
Image result for painting of a girlI've spent my youth in pain, God forbid that
I'm past my prime... only a few people would say the same.
They size me up, their eyes spelling the word disdain.
It's insane... would kicking the bucket have been better than mishandling the cups?... my tears roll down my cheek as i cry over spilled milk.
Forever cut from a different cloth, a king in clothing not made from silk.
Hopefully form is temporary and class is permanent.
Or maybe I've had turkey as i washed it down with this cup of suffering.
At least my lord Jesus didn't shy away from it.
I let my faith cling to his words on the cross... "It is finished".
That he gave up the ghost means my suffering is diminished... and that's word!

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