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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Two night stand 2

Her brother's presence stretched my stay, he sat and ate too, he complained of the difficulties he had getting a cab to the airport.

His sister hurriedly suggested me as his helper, he demanded to know why I will want to and she said I was a driver!

I felt taken aback, total put down! Her brother was confused and curious, yet he asked no question, he simply moved on with his meal and left the atmosphere suspicious.

I didn't even know how to feel but if it will keep me around the lady, I was down with it.

We set out together to the airport, though Sam (her brother) is not sure what I and his sister is about, he was cool, kept a good vibe in the car, he was louder than I thought, I was able to gather that he is gay too.

he took a lot of pictures and featured me in some, I was surprised that he did not even notice his shirt, we somehow got along, I decided the trip will be a fee-free one, it was more like a day out!

I finally got to know my dear client's name when her brother mentioned "Dumebi" - Taking her brother to the airport meant I will take her (Dumebi) back to the Banana Island, it gave me chills, things were playing out in a very subtle manner.

I did not want to times too much meaning to it nor manipulate anything, I was simply hoping the flow is favorable because it is all I am following.

We dropped her brother, he is a good person, both of them gave me a different perspective about the rich, they are people they choose to be, just like we have the good poor people; we have the rich with good hearts.

He gave me a hundred thousand naira, it was joy unspeakable! We bade goodbye on a whole different level, it felt like family for few minutes before he whispered that I be careful around his sister, that he did with a sarcastic pat on my shoulder.

I and Dumebi began our journey, everything looked familiar, she is a road sleeper, she kept her pretty sleep face on in a bright yellow cardigan, her hair packed to the side, the seat belt rested in between her boobs and gave the twins a sexy parting, she usually have her fingers on her lips while she sleep, for weird reasons; it turns me on!

I was so not focused with the driving to have noticed all of that. The regular Lagos traffic was also helping my unconsciousness.

Few minutes past four and we are still on the road, unlike the previous day; I was really praying and hoping an alibi to sleeping over happens, another night to ourselves will make me the happiest guy in the world.

I drove very slowly, it was evident that I was not ready to go home. I was in love with a stranger, don't blame me, love they say is mad, plus, the pussy was great.

It began to rain, it was heavy, the cloud was pregnant, it rained black and blue, the thoughts of getting this lady home began to creep in my heart, I had to drive more carefully till we got to the estate.

it was bright lights littered everywhere as usual, it was nothing compared to my side of Lagos where mere lightning is enough reason to be deprived of power supply.

I woke her, told her about our arrival, she asked if I am hungry, I didn't think it
but I said yes, "good" she said, she pleaded that we go get pizza as she was too tired to cook.

I obliged as expected, ignite my car and made a turn out to get the requested meal. It was long queue, we waited for quite a long time for the preparation of the elaborate foreign meal, it arrived finally, we set out immediately but to the shock of my life; my car was tolled for wrong packing by the estate wardens, it was raining.

I saw no fucking lines for parking indications, I switched from 0-100 in the speed of light! I was mad at myself and almost at Dumebi, she placed calls to know about the car's whereabouts, a bass voice on the phone declared in some crazy ass terminologies of my offense and how I cannot get my car that night!

He advised I come at 10am the following day to explain myself. I was pensive, aggravated frustration and regrets began to creep in, until the soothing words of Dumebi came through; "it is going to be fine, it is normal around here, we will get your car back tomorrow, maybe you will have to sleep over," I stared at her as she spoke the words.

I melted at the good sense of consideration, I remembered I prayed to God for an alibi; although getting my car towed was aggressive, It was an instant state of euphoria to know I was passing the night in the Bananna Island again!

I gave in to her words and we faced our latest reality of having to walk back to her house, it was about two miles, we ate on the wet road, cold was hitting us aggressively, we were talking about the most random things, she was laughing hard.

she finds me really funny probably because I share the reality of my own part of the world which she never thought existed.

The pizza was delicious, she drank water like a camel, so much I began to reevaluate if I pulled out the previous night; I remember how I littered the cinema couch with cum, it calmed me down to a reasonable extent.

We got to her house a 45mins walk, she went straight into the bathroom to have her bath, I made myself comfortable, switched the TV on after 5mins of fooling myself.

she came out few min later to keep my company, she rented a movie from the box office, got us some Oreos, Doritos chips and a drink to match, so we enjoyed the movie, she is really the hospitable type, she knows what you need.

she leaned in, rested on my chest very deftly in her cream short nightie, she chewed her chips and I dealt with the Oreos, the cold was still present, I cuddled her to create heat; then she stood to get a very big duvet to save us some stress.

the duvet laying on me felt like an recurrence of an event, she leaned in more cozily, I could feel her breathe on my chest, funny enough, it was hitting my nipple, I got weirdly aroused.

I adjusted her semi-petite body to a sensitive position, she submissively adjusted and it dawned that I was going in again!!

We began to kiss, goosebumps was all over her, every of my touch was doing something to her, something she cannot explain but expressed in her very loud but soft moan.

she moved in a rhythm, she scrubbed her pussy though with pants on my "jack" - I felt the wetness, it was damped, my oreos-toxic spits and her Doridos juicy spit conjugated and it created a taste I don't understand.

I held her bulbs firmly, I never want to let go, sucked on them on intervals and damn!

That got her shaking, at her pace; I ran every activity. She shifted her pants to the side and helped herself by inserting "me" into "her" - It was good feeling, I was smiling like baby with just gum and no tooth.

She moved slowly on my cock as it filled her, she took some risk of stretching her limits, going deeper than usual; and my monster cock kept up respectively, she did it again: she held her boobs as she moved!

I just loved that! She would stare at me sometimes like she is reading my mind. she bounce but I figured it was just a "thank you" feeling from her! She rode slowly for 14mins; I was not bored at any junction, Jack was not even ready to "spit" and juice from her coven ran in torrents so much that she had an orgasm.

it's a levitated masculine feeling when you make a woman do that, She kissed me aggressively, moaned in between as she shook her thighs, man! she squeezed my jack until he yelled for mercy.

She increased the pace like she saw a trophy, this time she squatted on the chair, her hands were firmly around my neck, sometimes on my head.

she bounced like she was waiting to explode, I couldn't help but roar intensely, it was draconian, her meaty ass landed on me hard and it made a sexy noise, I held her boobs so they don't just fly off due to the aggression.

I felt the loads coming and I joined in too in the moment, "baby!" she screamed, "aawwwwwwww" I responded and finally came, all those cum ran frantic race into her vagina and she was unbothered.

she panted heavily, she downed her drink like a thirsty athlete, she was sweating profusely but I was alright and was looking forward to more.

Her brother's call came in almost immediately on facetime, she picked after composing herself a little, he told her he had landed and talked more on other things, till he asked whether I was still around, she said yes and adjusted the cam to my face, he smiled and said hi to me, he disconnected the call afterward.

DEE had her bath again and sat to rewind the movie from where we stopped before going on the sexual journey.

there was more sexual spree that night, every round motivated me to do more, I think we had about six rounds before morning and one epic one at exactly 5:30 after her morning prayers, we slept in her room and we literally turned it upside down.

After the wasteful use of ourselves in the morning, we talked connectively in the morning, I asked few personal questions, she saw where the conversation was heading to, she immediately seized the moment to set the record straight.

She established that as much as she would like to explore me; she was engaged and her boo is abroad, it is a family intertwined thing and it cannot be compromised, she has to to do it or things will get ugly.

I was depressed when I heard this, she was not sorry and had no empathy while she said this.

I gave in after much consideration, we even had a good parting sex. We set out to get my car and we bade goodbyes.

That was three years ago, she is married now, and the two night stands kept bringing us back every once in a while and we rewrite history!

More rendezvous have occurred and I am comfortable with the development! Her friendship has opened doors for me in the world of fashion.

Her brother became my agent, it will shock you to know how much edge these homosexuals have, I became a family friend but a little distant.

Whenever it was time for I and Dumebi, it is a "fuck the world" vibe! She cannot get enough, she comes to fill the void in her marriage and even say she might have to leave her husband some day for me.

A mother of one is saying that with no ounce of guilt! Our next sexual meeting is next month and it is going to be in Dubai, all expenses handled by Dumebi! This is my interesting dilemma.

And I even suspect that child is mine.


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