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Thursday, 20 April 2017


I hardly talk 'bout how i feel, but this time i guess i am.
I've refused to buck the trend, and now it's defined me.
It's a silent struggle with so much noise.

Showing emotions is not my thing... hence the accusations that i've turned those of others to toys.
I know your head could be bubbling with questions like "am i his play thing?, love today and quarrel tomorrow... what we have... is it a mere fling? "
I know i said some words... Perhaps they came out wrong.

Maybe someone switched the music and changed my song.
Perhaps i unconsciously said my heart, I'll never know... my mind's all a mess, in a constant state of uncertainty.
Hence, if you decide to put me on your blacklist, i truly deserve it... i thought i could man up but maybe i couldn't just deal with the heat.

If you decide to attach interpretations of all sorts to my gestures, i deserve it... i hoped to be your moonlight in your darkest hour, but perhaps i herald the darkness of the night itself.
You let me see the skeletons in your closet and your shelf.

But have i let you see mine?
Sometimes i seem impregnable, heavily laden with metals from a steel mine.
Yet through everything, in my head you are still mine.
You deserve the truth,
Coz you and I know that soon enough this thing we share is gonna bite the dust and chew on roots.

You're far far away, but distance wouldn't taint the veracity of what i claim.
I'm just always hazy, an archer with a poor aim.
In truth, that you'd leave me or love me... it's all same.
My head has already been turned years ago, it was back then i lost my sane.

But trust that your loss is also your gain.
Coz you really don't want this life.
Your heart may yearn, but your mind should severe my grip.

If i am to lead you out of the wilderness, Would i do so absent of sight?
A blind man leading a blind woman... to where? Neverland i suppose.
Forget the words, forget my poetry or prose.
You deserve all... I deserve a few,
something or nothing.
You perfect in every sense... it's me that's acting all faulty.

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