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Thursday, 28 September 2017

My Fuck Fest 1


I stood naked in front of the mirror. I screamed in frustration. Everything is not working out for me! I have sold all my property online and all I got for it is a measly #50,000 naira.

Oh my God. What am i going to do now? I'm currently rationing my water supply and the landlord wants his balance.

A wave of fear hit me. This is the end of it. This is a place i never imagined I'd be in my life. I'm at the brink of poverty. Scratch that. I'm in poverty.

I have my loans to pay off from a mother fucking bastard whom i married on a whim. Our divorce was finalized last week and i just realized how stupid I've been.

My life is a mess. Infact, i don't have a life. And my dignity is non existent. My husband left me for a man.

A tall, masculine handsome man, whom was formerly my best friend. My husband left me for my male best friend.

Shit. What a cluster fuck.


I held her hands and watched the last of life seep out of her. She chose to die at home.

She's been battling breast cancer and finally, the suffering has ended. I saw the life seep out of her eyes.

My best friend is dead. I made all the burial arrangements and got her cremated. It was her wish.

She was my greatest inspiration. My friend. My best friend. She died at the age of 50.

The lawyer came in to read the will. Only I and he was present.

Turns out i will need to contact her last family member, if i want to keep staying on our island. Fuck it. I love my Fucking life this way.

I have to contact the daughter.


 I can't sleep tonight. I had to pay another 35thousand to the debtor. While begging. My eyes stung with tears.

I can't believe my life right now. As if my case wasn't worse enough, the electricity went out.

Omg. Omg. I took a torch and warmed the leftover from breakfast. I've been eating stale food and I had to sell my car to pay for last month's rent.

The food was awful. I felt tears drip down my face. My best friend lives with her boyfriend in a tiny apartment and they fuck like minks. Jesus. There's no help from anywhere.

My dad is dead and my mom is a Caucasian woman who left us when i was a kid and went back to her country-london. I've been trying to trace her all my life, but no avail. And right now, i need her help.

She had a whirlwind love affair with my dad which ended in disaster. Apparently, she couldn't cope in a third world country. My father became a waste after she left and never remarried. I became the parent.

I checked all my directories for a job alert. I got canned at work because i refused to fuck my philandering boss and he couldn't stand me anymore.

I picked up my phone when i heard a ping. My phone is the last valuable property i own. It's my last resort. An iPhone.

And the only reason i haven't sold it and gotten a non browser phone is because i need the internet for my job hunt. It's my back up.

I saw the balance on my texts and blinked thrice. #1.2 million naira. From my mom.

Then i got series of emails instructing me to come to a private Island at London. Wow. I know she's wealthy, but not that wealthy.

Part of the money was for my plane ticket. I obviously didn't have a choice. I want to meet my mom. And it's so funny how she came through for me at the darkest point in my life.

We corresponded through emails throughout. It was like a dream come through for me. I've always being the half caste who had no mother.

My heart raced in anticipation. I've been searching for my mom all this years and I've had no success. And right now, I'd get to meet her. Finally.

I wonder if she loves the same things as i do. How she looks like, what she loves. I know she's a best seller Author, and she's very wealthy.

And the question that's been bothering me all this years. Why didn't she come back for me. Why now? Why did she leave ne?

I love her stories second best. My best author is Wolfe. Nothing is best to wolf. I got to the Island that dusky evening.

I almost never leave the Island. This is my life. I left my modeling career and became a recluse erotic author. It's the best decision i ever made in my life.

The only reason why i leave sometimes is to get pussy. I love pussy. I love touching it. Loving it. Eating it.

And i only fuck a woman once. Once, i tried to go without fucking for 2 months. It backfired. I began dreaming of pussy. Smelling it. Drooling for it.

And now, my best friend's daughter is coming to my Island - oops, not yet mine, but almost.

I didn't bother looking for her images. I'd see her soon enough. I just want her to sign over the deeds to me and leave.

My phone pinged a notification.
She's here.

I cleared at the airport and was picked up by a chauffeur who held a placard with my name.

I was in a daze through out. I alighted at the pier and gazed around. What next? I was expecting a middle aged woman to approach me.

The driver zoomed off before i could ask any questions. I sent a quick mail to my mother. "Look up" she replied.

I looked up and saw a man : a tall man blocking my path. He’s wearing a pair of loose, Grey trousers and a neat-looking white shirt, so I can see his muscled forearms.

His face is partially shaded by a dark sunglass and he's golden all over. even through the shades, i could feel his piercing stare.

Instinctively, I know he’s here for me. My cheeks heat up, as if I’ve been sunburned; my stomach aches; and, swear to god, my pussy actually clenches, like it’s saying “fuck me now.” Then he takes a slow stride toward me, lifts his head a little, pulls of the shades and I see his face.

Holy fucking fuck. This man is brutally handsome. He is clean shaven, his smooth jawline begging for my fingers.

His jaw is hard, his cheekbones stark and high. His mouth, which twists when he sees me, is full and pink and sensuous.
He's a total hot man.

And yet, there’s something harsh about it. Almost mean. I picture it closing around my nipple, sucking me before he sinks his teeth into my tender flesh.

His eyes flick up to mine and my heart beings to hammer. They’re silver—intense and long-lashed—but that’s not what makes me stop mid-stride.

No. It’s the way they sweep me up and down, like they can look into my soul. And who is he anyway?? Where's my mother?!.

Surprises. Fucking hell, I’m rocked by her surprises. For starters: the little woman makes my dick hard instantly.

Her pouty lips made my cock surge to life and it got worse when she said "who are you? Where's my mom" in her sultry come fuck me voice.

"She died earlier this week". I saw the devastation and suprise then anger hit her.
"What?! So it was you i was corresponding with all week?! You posed as my mum?! Who are you?!" she screamed.

I could see her agitation. Her chest heaved and i can’t keep my eyes from returning to her breasts.

They stretch her armless pink top. I run my gaze down to her curvy hips and wonder what she’d do if I grabbed her ass right now.

I can’t believe my reaction to her. The way my dick salutes her. The way my balls draw up like she’s tickling them with her tongue.

It’s not because she’s classically beautiful. She’s got an unusual look: long, straight, briwn hair; tiny lips; fair skin.

Her brown eyes are big and wide. If I had to paint her as an animal, I’d make her a cat. Striking. Feline. Beautiful. Weird.

I roll my gaze down her lithe body, lingering on her hips, encased in jeans. I wonder what her cunt would taste like.

I imagine thrusting two fingers into her slick, pink flesh; working my pinkie into her tight asshole.

I’d love to see those legs fall wide open for me. I want to hear her moan and pant, feel her writhe under me.

"Answer me!" She thundered and snapped  me out of my daze. I want her. And I'd get her.

He explained the situation to me briefly. I felt overwhelming sadness at not being able to meet my mom.

Turns out I'm the heir to all her properties and Claeyy wanted to acquire the Island from me. We decided to take a tour. I can't make any decisions yet.

He was my mom's best friend and personal assistant. He was there when she died. He was with her all through. I felt a pang of envy fill me. I never got to know my own mom.

I agreed and he led me to the speed boat. Wow. Quite impressive looking - and mine apparently. I began to wonder at the relationship between my mom and him.

I helped me atop the boat and also dropped all my luggage in it. He’s leaning back over the motors, pulling on the top of one of them so it rises slightly out of the water, when I notice the bulge in his pants.

A few minutes later, his big hand is pushing the boat away from the dock. He’s stepping over to the steering podium, and I’m shamelessly watching the way his shirt melds against the hard lines of his back.

I hunch my shoulders against the wind and watch him as he steers the boat, first idling through the cove, then pushing a joystick up a few inches and increasing our speed until the boat’s nose rises out of the water, then the rest of it.

The boat bounces as it flies across the sea. I wondered at my life. Less than a week before, i wouldn't have dreamt of this. Now I'm basically a billionaire. The heir to a literature Empire.

We began to talk about the world of books and it all seems unreal. Suddenly, i realized we weren't so far apart anymore.

He is close enough to touch. He suddenly asked. "would you like to steer?" I agreed aand he stepped behind me.

His arms came around my body and gently guided my steering. Fuck. My cunt clenched. His cock is so close to my ass.

I gazed around in wonder. The island was spread out in beautiful horizon and the setting sun made it look perfect. Hues of blues, pink and oranges framed the tree's.

And then he rocks against my ass. I feel the hardness of his cock. I hang onto the wheel as my knees tremble.

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