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Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Sometimes i need someone to cry to.
Someone to vent to.
She'd put my head on her chest and say "Don't mind them baby boo"
"I understand that their harsh words weigh you down, but you're a king even if you're without a crown".

Sometimes i'm caught up in my own little world, sometimes i'm even imprisoned.
Sometimes i need a superhero to rescue me, a 'wonder woman' without swords and ropes.
She'd offer me a hand... pull me out of ditches, raise my soul and hopes.
I've never claimed to be holy.
Sometimes i err and i need you to be my absolution... not for you to cause a storm in my ocean.
Sometimes i'm a pain in the ass...and if you ever left me, I'd never feel right for the rest of my life.
Sometimes I'm powerless, forget all this muscles and fronting... it's just my ego and it's all for nothing.
I know you've never seen this side of me, a grown man on his knees... begging you... saying "baby please".
I'd never do this if you weren't my soulmate, a man would never show his weak side if you haven't won his trust.
Sometimes i admit to myself how lucky i am to have you.
So don't leave me now when i need you the most.
Raise me up like you were consecrating the host.
Be there for me, be my energy... fuel me.
Sometimes i might not see the bigger picture... clarify me.
Be my last line of defence when my chips are down.
When my eye gazes across the room at another gown.
Pinch me... bring me back to reality.
Love me harder... so i can love you one superlative higher.
I promise to never let my words be covered by a mist.
I promise to be... all of what i want you to be for me.
I promise to always call 'us' a 'we'.
Let our 1+1 give birth to a family tree.
If you don't let go and I also never do the same... We'll forever be tightly knit in each other's arms.
That... my lady is the end game.

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