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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The two Night stand 1🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Taxi driving is my source of livelihood, ever since everything failed and pushed me down on my back, my survival instinct kicked in and I considered and eventually chose Taxi driving to alleviate poverty in my family.

I am the first of just two children, my father use to work as a clerk in a media house in Ibadan, he had no qualifications other than the "on the spot" trainings plus long year of experience.

He was a content man and made ends meet with the meager money he got from his work, I have heard for about a million times of his humble days as he love to call it.

From being a vendor till he attained better positions, all these made no sense to me as his job did not cure the strongly present poverty in our household.

After my university education, life dawned on me, the bid to be somebody got more strenuous and I could feel the aura of an expectant family, I tried looking for jobs in my field of study but like every other regular youth; the structure of the country dimmed my light.

My certificate could only earn me menial jobs such as janitor, warehouse supervisor etc - jobs that are not even in my field.

I am obsessed with fashion, I nursed the dream of becoming a renowned and prolific model but the absence of money slowed my race in the very competitive field, it required to an extent of financial stability which I do not have.

My family would prefer I take a janitor job with a steady pay than pursue an uncertain modeling career.

In the middle of all these, I decided to start from where I can, I was introduced to the taxi business by my friend, he made me see sense in the business and how lucrative it is at the long run.

I pleaded with my father to intervene monetarily in purchasing a car, he obliged after elaborated protocols, he had some money saved and collected some pension dues in advance from his company; it was all he had.

It was his way of transferring the family burden to me, this added to the loan I borrowed from my good friend helped me purchased a 2009 Toyota corolla, I got it registered and  placed it on the internet platform.

After two years of my gigantic move, financial sanity came into my family, I had to work silly to make ends meet, I paid up all debt and handled home needs in my fittest capacity, I worked day and night as a taxi driver, even more than my counterparts.

They wondered who my type of person was, I hardly sleep, I could not afford it, the lucrativeness of the business, demanding family and the magnanimity of my dreams propelled me, I waxed stronger.

Hard times calls for hard measures, I am grateful I took my shot, I was not in the place of my dreams but I am surviving amid the hostility.

It was normal hustle on a very good and busy Friday evening at the Muritala Mohamed Airport, I just arrived from an early all morning trip, decided to rest in the shed, I made myself unavailable on the internet platform, bought and ate a palatable and high-measured meal, I was draining dry my sachet water when a lady pointed at me as a sign that she wants my service.

I shook my index finger in disagreement, it also explained that I was not disposable, I wonder why she chose me amid the din of drivers campaigning to be her chauffeur, she stood still with no words and in front of me, I orally said I was not available and she said she will wait till I am.

I balked and declared to her that it will cost more, "no wahala" she said, I tardily helped her packed her bulky bags and we we set out for the Journey to the Banana Island, an opulent part of Lagos, known for it beautiful, jaw-dropping buildings and adequate amenities.

It is a neighborhood for the rich and mighty, getting a client from this part of town is described by everyone as a good day as they tip religiously.

We began our journey, there was silence, the way I want it, she had a smug on her face that explains boredom, she yawned annoyingly but I kept the straight face, the money is my one and only focus.

She broke the silence asking where she could get food, "I am hungry," she said, I turned deaf ears, she asked again but then - with a smile, I melted immediately at the side of her richly white and wonderfully arranged teeth.

I described a place good enough for the rich but scary to the poor, I made a turn when I spotted a branch, kept the engine running and declared she could go in.

She stood in awe, "you are not a gentleman!" she yelled, i was confused; I asked why - she said she likes company whenever she eat out.

She convinced me to join her in the meal. I may be a driver but it didn't take certain things away from me, I was looking good enough for meal in sleek restaurant, with my muscular body and arrogant gait, I still manage to look urbane, suave, dogged but also with a sense of class, I could give a smile if I want to or a smug most likely.

I keep trendy hairstyles and never fail on color combination in my outfit selection - with this said, I was good fit around any beautiful lady of any class, when I say any class, I mean it to its proper meaning, my looks never depict my financial category.

I and my client sat to enjoy the elaborate meal, she ate like she had been released from an orphanage, using wisdom or woman wiles; she was able to make us have a descent conversation respectively, as expected; I did not flinch or seek empathy of any such, I kept it basic and very harmless.

We laughed so much; no one can figure us out to be just mere clients, she is a nice person and she cannot help it, the type you cannot get to meet easily but when you do; they register a long lasting good impression in your mind.

We ate for about an hour as she ordered deserts too, sumptuous cupcakes, we ate some in and took some for the road, she got herself a capable bottle of rum too which she drank in the car as we continued the journey.

She ditched the back seat and sat right beside me, we enjoyed some beautiful Lagos view, the famous Lagos mainland Connecticut bridge.

The bright lights and lagoon reflections, it was a moment, soft music played from the radio that made the whole activity look like a setup.

After reasonable intake of alcohol; she fell asleep again, I got a very close look at her, she is a goddess, she laid cozily on the rested chair, held to her cupcake and had soft innocent sleep look, the sight was irresistible, I struggled with focusing on driving.

She had the nap for nearly an hour and I did a whole lot of staring in the time span with so much wishes. I snapped out of my fantasy when I saw the time, the night was fast spent and its almost midnight, I began to worry about getting home.

I got angry at the same time for my folks failure to call me to ask after my well-being, so long I brought home the Naira; they care less about whatever it is that I went through.

We arrived at the Banana Island, a world faraway from mine, so much lights; one could see crawling insects clearly, I woke her to help with descriptions, after some minutes drive; we got to her house!

I dropped my jaw at the sight of the magnanimous house, it stinks of engineering genius, painted all white, the beauty of the painting enjoyed the flaunting from the sophisticated lights, horticulture had its pulchritude basking around the house, "is this really where you live?" I asked, she smile with her dizzy look and nodded.

"it is to die for" I exclaimed, again she smiled and pleaded I help her with her bulky loads.

Looking at time, I disagreed and asked her to call her maids, "we don't keep full time maids, they come around only when we want them to," she said after a long dramatic pose.

I obliged and helped her with loads which gave me the chance to see the interior of the house.

Therein, I saw things I didn't even know exist, so much alluring paintings on the wall, beautiful set of chairs, a jacuzzi set against a nice backdrop on the terrace.

These are few among the numerous beautiful things I saw, the rich for sure live in the best, a beautiful furry rug laid on the very wide living room, windows with beautiful curtains were on the wall.

A huge portrait of a man she called her father, I saw the biggest chandelier ever, by the staircase; there was a shrine of sacred family pictures, I could not help but to behold them all.

She trudged up the stairs as I followed till we got to her room, a majestic room, painted yellow with a tinge of white, she enjoyed a great view from the window, I could see the lights as it illuminates street of Lagos (the beautiful Lagos).

My client appears to be a reader, she had books of all genre arranged personally in shelves around her room; I was busy with the visual tour when she asked for her bill.

I did not let the little franchise earlier come in the way of business, I replied saying "thirty thousand Naira," - she asked for my account number and did an instant transfer with a tip of twenty thousand Naira, I was walking home with fifty thousand Naira, I thanked her continuously.

She was seeing me off to the door when my cloth hooked on a sharp door design and tore, I got injured and was bleeding.

She insisted I can't go in that shape and offered to do a first aid treatment at least. With fifty thousand Naira in the account, a night fast spent and a careless family to go home to, I couldn't say NO.

She cleaned me up and as I predicted; she raised conversations, her hand on my skin created a faulty state of ecstasy within me, it was soft and in a way relieved me of stress I never knew I had.

she sewed me up, it was an injury somewhere around my hip, and i had to pull down my trouser. Her face was level with my crotch and her eyes widened at the sheer size of my bulge.

I felt no pain probably because of my gaze at her face and responsiveness to her touch.

My all white clothes was too stained and she suggested I change it, she took me to her brother's room and asked me to pick a cloth of my choice.

it was legion of clothes in the closet and I felt like having them all, I asked after her brother, she said he was at his house and the legion of clothes I was admiring was just part of his stuffs.

After long stare of awe, I picked a long sleeve green cardigan. I asked to be on my way but she refuted given reasons; "the gates are locked, there are excess security protocols and you could be detained till morning".

Hearing this; I agreed to passing the night at the castle, it almost felt like an answered prayer.

After a delicious pasta, courtesy the rich nice lady, we chilled in the house's cinema, she got us some juice and made sure I felt comfortable, I felt like a king, we conversed endlessly, it is midnight and one can predict what kind of topics that are most like to be discussed.

From relationships to life values, few secrets were leaked too, mostly from her lips, she was a good talker but obviously with a mindful listener like myself, she laughs a lot and does as much thinking as she talks.

I commended her beauty and confessed my lustful stare all day, "that is not good for business!" she said as she laughed.

she complemented my good looks too and condemned my smugs, she called it childish and needless, "it make you look like you are married to a woman you hate," she added.

we laughed hard at the relatively expensive joke, she demanded to know a bit about me, I summarized my life to her but she was not satisfied; then I took the pain of explaining the very wide gap between her world and mine, "you should have chose your dad properly," she said with pun intended.

We laughed on, our lousy talks went decibels, with the knowledge that we are disturbing no one; we did not stop till we fell as sleep.

With the morning cold finding its way in, she came to my side to share her duvet with me, I felt the thick foamy sheets on my already freezing body, she harassed my cool when she deftly place her head and half her upper body on my chest down to her abdominal area.

she was looking like a goddess on me and I on the other hand feeling like a god, her rich skin felt my hard hairy self, she moved herself in a manner that created the heat that she needed, this might be her way of curing cold but it was arousal for me, sleep ran off as my "jack" was in its hunting mode.

The position gathered momentum as it was complicit, it also had different sentiments, I was scared and curious respectively, thoughts were in my head that created both feeling.

I thought of how unpredictable the upper class can be, any move is decisively sensitive, she could flip the coins in a matter of seconds and cry out rape in an environment where she is most likely to have the ears of everyone, I don't want to be the new era biblical Joseph.

I thought also of the feat it will be if i have this woman receiving the whole of me, I fantasized of how much of a guest I will be inside of her and how much of a host she will be to me; the later held water than the initial.

With all these happening, she moved her legs carelessly and her knee hit my :"jack" - it looked like a mistake until she left her knees right on my "Jack", this further tilted the boat of my thoughts to the wildest of erotic tempest, my blood was running through and I could feel it.

The yet to happen event began to look imminent, she made no sound but sent all the messages.

After a while of nothing, she adjusted the position of her face to where I could see it on the side. "this is a sign or a trap," I thought to myself, there was only one way to know, I mustered up nerves and kissed after I stared intensely.

It was almost morning and I could compromise the moment, she responded gladly to my courageous move, "you took too long" she complained as she let out a relieved moan.

It was more than a sex foreplay, using our tongues; we fed each other with affection, she meant every of the message her body language passed, I ran my hands over her plump succulent ass, litany of reminiscent pictures began to display in my fantasy.

I remembered her peaceful sleep face in the car, it further stimulated my attention to details, she wanted me, not just the sex, it began to make sense, she wanted me from the moment she picked me out the bogus number of drivers at the airport.

she was a loud moaner which made it more adventurous, I touched places with several tools from my able body, my tongue, finger, lips were all working at full functionality.

I kneaded on her hard nipple and basked in the pleasure of feeling her well orchestrated breast, fondled on them like they were long missed relatives.

She took the kneeling position, pulled my clothes in a speed i can't measure, got hold of my dick and romanced it, I was helpless, a faulty state of ecstasy!

The lady meant business and I cannot fight that, I settled to enjoying it; it could be my only shot at the hot body, I made it count.

The "pop" sound was in a loop as she spits and drool over my "jack" - she is a freak. We had a memorable one, probably because we were having the same thoughts, I ate her up in my amateur way but it cum satisfaction for her.

I Got down to business after the elaborated passion exchange and finally got into her.

Damn! I will leave you to imagine from there. I was able to stroke surprisingly for about 19mins when I splattered the cum all over the couch-like cinema chair, she did some kissing ritual as a form of appreciation for my good work (I THINK.)

 - We caught our breath, cleaned up, got sleepy and quietly went to bed.

I woke mid day, staring at the rich cinema ceiling; I ran down on the best event that happened hours back, really? Did I got down with a total stranger.

I don't even know her name, if it was a mistake; it is definitely that type that I will love to happen again and in a loop, she was the!

I stood up to look for my dear client, met her in the kitchen making what she called pasta, a rich girl can cook? - she stood in a see-through nightie as she did her thing, I lean on the door wishing what I was seeing was mine, she is gold and I was beginning to feel a type of way, but then, I knew I was asking for too much.

I gave myself about 8mins of view before greeting her, "you care to eat?" she asked, I nodded and we sat to eat.

I stared at her for most part of the meal and continued my wild wishes from where I stopped, the meal was not just delicious, it was interesting.

After the treat, I had my bath, she redressed my wound and I went on another shopping from her brother's wardrobe, got me a vibrant blue shirt (call me whatever).

It was time to go but I was hesitant, I wanted to spend the rest of my life in the very "soft' environment and with the beautiful woman.

She looked at me with an essential smile, almost like she was sure I wanted to say something, I asked for her name, she smiled, she was about tell me when the door opened and a dude walked in, I froze and almost shit in my pants, "hey bro" she said! I exhaled, it was relieve to hear it was her brother.

The lanky and casually dressed dude gave me a stare that sent too much messages to me, he asked who I was and my dear client replied addressing me as her friend, for what its worth; I was happy to hear that.

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