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Thursday, 29 March 2018

The Servant 1


I can smell the juices from her wet bikini. I held it up to my nose and inhaled deeply. I squeeze it and a few drop glisten on my fingers, which I quickly lick up. I hear the shower turn off and I quickly drop the underwear while I gathered the rest of the laundry. Mrs Elizabeth Oyewusi steps into her bedroom on the ship and her fragrance sent a jolt through my fat dick.

"Dele, why are you still here? Be a kind dear and serve breakfast for my husband and I. Tell the captain we'd love to explore the reefs that we discussed yesterday." she said in her beautiful voice. "Dont forget to add bacon to my sandwich dummy!" Mr Oyewusi yells rudely from the bathroom.

I hustle out of the room in anger. For the past 1 week, he has been a pain in my butt. I hate these entitled rich man type that are bald and rude!. His wife is beautiful and he treats her like shit too. She's the only reason i'm still on this cruise. I've been tempted a lot of times to simply take a life boat and leave their private yatch, but her smile holds me back. She's met my eyes a few times and I know she wants a piece of me. She's been eyeing my sexy body all week when she thinks i'm not looking.

I prepare breakfast, the delicious aftertaste of Mrs Eliza's sweet cunt on my lips. I serve the food and Mr Oyewusi was a bastard through out the meal. He kept on nagging his wife and the captain, the bald spot on his head shiny. I can see the dismay on her face and the embarrassment of her husbands action shaming her. Hes a pompous man.

The tension has been building and I snap the moment he throws a glass cup of juice at me, the yellow stain spreading on my white uniform, all the while shouting that it was not cold enough. She screams at him and rush to clean me up with a napkin. I am dead furious. I walk back to the kitchenette and she follows me, dabbing at my chest.

"I'm so sorry dele. He's not usually this bad. I don't know why hes acting like this" she said sadly. "Your husband is an asshole who doesn't respect anyone including you. You deserve better." I whisper harshly to her. "Money is not happiness, and I don't know why you keep up with that twat!" We both stood in shock and I knew at that moment that I overstepped.

She gave me a resounding slap and I saw the tears drop from her eyes. "Who are you to judge my choices!" she said and started leaving. I saw red. My control snapped. Who are this people to treat me like trash?! I pull her back with force and heave her onto me.

"let me go this instant!" she yells. I swipe a napkin off the table and shove it into her mouth. Her eyes rounded in shock. She tried spitting it out, but failed. I grip her two hands tightly and pick a coil of rope sitting idly and tied her up. Satisfied with my knot, I walk out of the kitchenette, locked it and quickly went to check on her husband. The bastard was dozing. I felt like killing him there and then.

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