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Saturday, 26 August 2017

I Fucked your boyfriend

I rushed from the house in a fleet of rage. I felt extremely helpless. My heart is shattered into a million pieces.

"Shana, I'm tired of everything this nigga does. He's extremely annoying, always on my case" I muttered.

"baby girl, I've told you a million times. Dare is a good for nothing guy. He's nothing to write home about." she trailed off.

I felt the normal feeling of of inadequacy fill me up again.

She continued in her husky voice.. "He's nothing like my tunde. Perfect man. He's loving, caring, every thing is awesome."..

I felt the dirty grip of jealousy wind around my throat. I looked again at shana. She's beautiful, sexy and perfect. And she has the perfect man.

I was so angry at Dare. He always pushes me to the wall. And despite it all, i love him vwry much.

But then, shana is always against him, telling me how much he's useless and how perfect her own boyfriend is.

This made me grow extremely impatient with Dare. I began to misbehave, and egged on by shana, I always felt good doing it.

"Baby, i know we've had a lot of issues, but I'm willing to work it out with you." He went on his knees.

"Will you marry me?" Dare asked. My heart beat twice as fast and i was extremely joyful! My mind screamed YES! but shana came to my mind.

I have to run this through her first. I didn't realize how stupid i was.

I faked anger and left his house in a rush. I could see the parting shame, bewilderment and pain on his face as he screamed for me to come back.

I idiotically left him on his knees. Crying and looking pitiful.

I got home and told shana. She praised me for being a good girl and rejecting him. "He does not deserve you," she said indignantly.

"That idiot that we are managing.. He now has the guts to propose marriage. God forbid." she screamed.

I felt a lot better. Thank God i didn't say yes.

In reality, I've been deceived. Dare is a good man, in fact, one of the best. I've been a seriously stupid woman, who trusted the wrong person.

Shana was jealous of what we had and her perfect boyfriend was a violent man. She wanted to destroy what i had and she absolutely succeeded.

I ran through my memories. What exactly did Dare do?. NOTHING. but she always made it seem gross and bad.

Any little spat we had was exaggerated by shana. That bitch!! She made him warped in my view and like a fool, I let her destroy the best thing i ever had.

He is handsome, Intelligent, good natured, and extremely successful man. I lacked nothing.

I made the worst mistake of my life. I wish i could turn back the hands of time.

Shana sashayed into our apartment some few days later. I tried to confront her but she simply silenced me.

"You didn't value what you had. My dear, i simply helped you. Yes, i fucked your boyfriend, who is now my fiancé. If you don't mind, I'm leaving." she smiled.

I watched her go with all her luggage; my jaws wide open.

I got an invitation to their wedding a few weeks later.

The end.

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