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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Drunk SeXXX

I swiped the bottle of vodka from the stall. I threw it into the basket.

"what's that for?" He grinned.
"That's for tonight" I whispered seductively.

I could see his pretty eyes cross with anticipation. We paid for our drink and got the fucking hell out of the mall. It's strange wheeling out just a bottle of absolut aye?

We sped home and drove hurriedly. Crashed on the bedroom floor.. I wasn't interested in setting any bloody mood..

We popped the cover of the alcohol which had over 40% alcohol. I was happy. I can't wait to experience what this feels like.

The drink burned my throat and I coughed. He gently rubbed my back.. "Gently dear, gently.."

"How do you drink this bull shit? It's fucking hurting my throat" I sputtered.

"Do you want me to water it down for you dear?"

"No baby, I want a raw drunk sex- no dilution." We grinned in unison. We started imbibing the vodka. And at first nothing happened. Bleh.

When is this fucking drink going to start hitting my system?! I'm not yet fucking drunk! An idea suddenly occurred to me. I glanced at his face..

"Let me give you a massage love.. Who knows when this shitty drink will hit our systems and frankly, I'm bored".

He smiled and pulled off his shirt. His physique held me in thrall for a moment and i felt like licking him up.

He laid on his stomach and went flat on the bed. I sat on him- my legs on each sides of his flanks.

I gulped down the last content of the bottle and it fell on the carpet with a thud.

I gentle pressed my hands on his back and rubbed his sinews between my fingers.

He groaned in appreciation and I dug deep into the cords of his neck which began to relax and melt.

I started feeling dizzy as the effects of the drink began to consume me. My eyes were closing and opening rhythmically.

I lost focus and was just drawing circles on his back.. "Fuck baby, you're getting tipsy right?"

I groaned in reply and he gently turned while i slid to the bed. I was going off and on and the next thing I knew, i was naked and he was the one giving me a massage.

I moaned as his fingers created feelings deep in me. His fingers gently massaged my buttocks and dug deep.

I gently curved my ass upward and his next stroke swept his fingers up my wet cunt.

His legs flanked my body and he gently moved a bit lower. Then I felt the sensations of wetness all over my back.

He was biting and licking each bites. I groaned in appreciation as i was swept into an euphoric high caused by alcohol and arousal.

I zoned out for a moment again and when i regained consciousness, i felt his thick cock head rubbing up against my cunt.

He tried to slip it in, but my pussy resisted.. Despite how wet I was. His fingers went to the lips of my cunt and he gently spread apart my vulva.

His fingers pulled the pussy lips apart and I felt he spat on my cunt. I shivered at the warm feel and then he tried to enter me but my pussy still resisted.

He didn't stop this time. He kept on being insistent until the head of his cock popped in.

That was the last thing i remembered. Next time i came to, he was sawing into my cunt like a jack hammer and I began screaming in pleasure.

His cock stroked nerves i never new existed. He suddenly pulled me up and my eyes crossed for a moment.

He pulled me onto his thighs and slammed me down on his cock. Pain sliced through me at his cock hitting my womb.

I gasped at the pain and he gently kissed my neck.. "Gently baby".. I zoned out again.

I didn't know how he managed to stay conscious.. I was totally knocked out and I'd come in and out of the high to him eating my pussy out while i was screaming like a whore.

Suffice to say, It was a dope way to lose your virginity. I loved it.

P. S: He fucks like a machine. A tender machine. 😉

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