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Friday, 18 August 2017


Is it black, is it white?
Am peering into thin air, my eyes so dim... i've been stuck on this moment for a while.
There's a river in my heart, deeper than the Nile.
Trying to understand the concept of life and its intrigues.
The forbidden fruit?...or plucking from the parabled fig tree.
The metaphysical interactions or interruptions. 

3rd world war on the horizon, Northern Korea 'bouto smash with trump's ego.
Or is it pure stupidity? on your marks, set and off you go.
4th of July sparks brought by nuclear to explosions.
But then I think 'bout my country Nigeria.
Are there even white as snow hearts?
The hearts of the politicians are black... their hearts weighing more than Noah's ark.
But same goes for the heart of the people,
even if they always blame it on the leaders.
Truth is, they are always looking to climb on the next man like a ladder.
Hands so dirty, if they used soap it wouldn't form lather.
Years on years, and segregation never left.
Black or white?, why not black and white?
When coexistence becomes a taboo, neither side comes to the table.
Minds of the up and coming are poisoned by moonlight stories and fables.
Some paint it that the melanin deficient are the gods... while those with the pigments are the slaves.
Others tell tales of the indomitable blacks and the weak whites... but they forget, that when it came to it, twas both that Jesus saved.
Sometimes i try to understand the hate.
Sometimes i put myself in the shoes of others and see if they'd give me a clean slate.
If i was hungry and i was in their shoes, would i give me some food or just return the clean plate.
But then what can i say?
This world?? am not even in it to stay.
We must all see it all even if death comes at birth, coz that in itself summarizes the cruelty of the world.
But hey! am only human... so don't take me for my word.
I adjust my face cap and squint my eyes a little more.
Perhaps it would dawn on me, the intrinsic meanings of the simplest of colours.
Opposites... yet complementing.
See through the spectrum... see through the hues... take the trash out... bring the best in.
At the end of the day, all of this contemplation is to bring out the best in me.
One day i'd understand it all ... starting from the creation, whether it's that of Genesis or the big bang.
Up till Chinese mythology... the Yin and the Yang.
Are these black or white?

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