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Tuesday, 1 August 2017


I saw your flaws and stuck by you.
You saw mine and treated me like filth.. babe is that what you do?.
You come up with lies like "i don't know what came over me"...for reals?, Indian Voodoo?

I let you see the skeletons in my closet.
I let you see the tides in my heart as they almost sink me daily.

You never came through with that life jacket, instead you left me for Eric... Who's gonna defend me now huh? Bailly?

Bailed on me instead of Bailing me out.
Next you'd say all men are scum, you've forgotten who made you cum.

You've forgotten when we quarrelled and you called me dumb.

I never raised a finger, 'Coz i knew the only things falling on you should be the Gucci, Prada, or the Banana.

I never compared you to another, I never said "you don't gimme wild thoughts, you ain't no rihanna".

You made me work work work work work... I never said the burden was too much to bear.

Yet even an E for effort i never got.
When it came down to it, you left me out there to rot.

Was I a fool for you? ... I guess so.
Would you have been a fool for me?... I guess not.

Now that winter is here i guess "your grace" wouldn't be letting me mine her dragon glass.

Sometimes I wish I fell only for the shape of you.
We all know you're a jaw breaker...Ed, Edd and Eddy.

So I blame myself for looking beyond that whilst falling for you.

After all 1+1 can also be Twoolz.
Now am here at "Lighthouse" drowning in the booze.

Screaming "Dj Zhozar!!" play me "Brain Freeze".
'Coz my mind's hung on you even if I spite you.

Thoughts of our grim adventures ... Billy and Mandy.
Bonnie and Clyde like twas 1930, Till you did me like Neymar bouto do Barca... Let my P fall to the earth due to S.G.

In all this i guess what i can't wrap my head around is "Why you gon' do like that?"
Even Bello couldn't fathom this because o le Di Ja sha.

Why you gon' leave me with all these
After sharing quirks and insecurities.

After drawing up plans with big dreams of touring cities.
Last last you opened my eye sha, you made
me see things.

Last last, it's to turn heart ripper o, walk around with trousers with no zippers.
Damn she cut me too deep, too bad... am like half the size of Dexter right now.

I guess she took me to Spain and then let the S drop.
She drove kryptonite through Superman's chest and she didn't stop.

I guess he ain't that super afterall, i guess he feels pain.

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