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Monday, 21 August 2017

Inner Circle 1 (A tale of sexual debauchery)

The level of comfort cum boredom is why I am writing this, it may be for laughs or your lessons, I do not care, just enjoy the scripted reality.

I am Tokunbo Akanni Oladiran, the CEO Dips furniture, an inherited company which has experienced immense development under my watch.

My father, the late Akanni Oladiran started it many years back as a mere carpentry shop, he was an hardworking man who took pride in the dignity of labour.

He started from the hard days when only passion keeps business alive. My father genuinely love his job, never joked with it and could take ill if he misses work..

He was known all over in the neighborhood as Baba Tokunbo, even the blind could describe his workshop.

Although my father died a man somewhere close to the middle class, he had an enviable goodwill, the goodwill that was my own drive in finding my self in the odd world of relevance.

My father apparently was not about the money, he took joy in his job that one from afar could mistake it for a charity organization, he made class desk and chairs for the students as a very low price and repaired spoilt ones for free; this was his own way of given back to the community and investing in the future.

My father loved education, it just made it day seeing me in my uniforms as a child, I can recall him escorting me right to my seat in the class whilst other parents stopped at most at the school gate.

He will afterward check round my class for any damaged furniture and repair respectively.

My mother died when I was three, I do not have any distinct memory of her, I was acquainted with her through the good stories of my father about her, he married no one after my mother but got married to my education.

Most of his monies went into my education, as the son of a carpenter that I am; I attended the best schools, my education was not cheap, my father thrived to see me wear matriculation and graduation gowns.

I on the other hand never disappointed, I gave him the best results, he deserved it, I was the only thing on the mind of that great man.

We have a shrine of pictures in my house of the joyous times of education feats where my father in all of them lifted me like a trophy.

He died after a brief illness when I was in Germany for my masters degree program. The lowest low of my life, it was a dark time but also was the time I identified myself, the reason for my being.

After the funeral and mourn moments of my short lived father, I was faced with the reality of taking care of myself for the very first time, no hardworking carpenter to support me to the last dime, the harshest time of my life, long and suffering filled times.

All I had was my certificates, expired student visa, a room with due rents and a carpentry shop. I cried for nights till my eyes protested of their inability to shed any further tears.

The learned engineering mind of mine plus life time of highly drilled carpentry tutelage from my father wielded the creation of Dips Furniture, I decided to continue in that which my father was known for but on a more standard level.

I initiated ideas and invested time, people and brains to the Goodwill Baba Tokunbo Carpentry shop and it over time grew into the famous furniture first choice in the country if not the continent; just to brag.

I turned the time and labour investments of my father in the past to a lucrative entity although I unlike my father did a LOT less charitable works. You cannot blame me.

I mentioned I invested people into my company, these people are my inner circle, they are my friends, six of them (three ladies and three men).

I invited them on board since the nascent formation of my company, some came in fully on while some were doubting Thomas's.

Things got leveled after we registered consistent business success for five years in a row; considering the money that got in their pockets and the betterment their lives underwent.

It became a fact the company is becoming a juggernaut in the furniture and fittings world, they dropped the other things and joined the fast growing company of mine which I busted my ass for!

Ever since then, we have been working together especially since the company went public, we have become an erg, we rub minds together, agree sometimes, disagree many times, yell at each other, argue but arrive at good, effective and efficient conclusions.

We initiate things with individuals working in various capacities; we improve the productivity on daily basis.

This have been pattern that have made us the millionaires that we are although I am richer.. LOL

One can say our work life is balanced and fascinating but our love life as co-workers and friends is the dirtiest I have seen and experienced.

It is filled with filthy, shameless, frivolous, scandalous and shady features - sometimes very unapologetic.

Everyone even me has a fair share of immoral sexual memoir from the past or even in the moment and all somehow is no secret to me, it also won't be to you in few mins. Permit me to introduce you to my very talked about inner most circle.

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