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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Spread for Me 1


His fingers and teeth licked up and tasted caramel skin that felt like silk, was scented with sandalwood perfume, tasted of pure ambrosia, and quivered ever so slightly at his intimate touch.

He palmed a bare breast and massaged with a hint of pressure, a tinge of urgency.

This is because his cock was thick and throbbing and he was dying to be buried deep inside her warm, wet cunt.

He had the burning desire to make her explode and blow apart all her defences. He settled between her widened thighs, propped up on one elbow to keep from crushing her- he's thrice her size.

His abs grazed the outer lips of her kitty, her slick folds gliding against his hard muscles as she writhed beneath him, her cream coating his skin.

She rubbed all that juice on his abdomen and the friction was driving him mad. Her grinding was rubbing her clit on him and she was moaning loudly.

It drove him wild. He stared into her brown eyes and another bolt of lust speared through him.

She was suppose to come repair his faulty air conditioner - now, she's going to blow apart on his cock- he's going to make sure of that.


The tip of his tongue curled around her brown nipple, flecked with goosebumps and tight as fuck.

She had full, luscious breasts that filled his hand as her spine arched and the mound pressed into his palm.

His warm hands were warm and sparked a hint of possession at the way he handled her breasts.

His mouth closed over the a tittie and he suckled deep, then bit hard. Her sharp groan was softened when he licked it up softly.

Her lips were parted in agonized desire as he repeatedly licked, nipped and suckled her nipples, while laving the surrounding areola.

The incessant cycle of pain and pleasure was driving her crazy and she rubbed her cunt harder on his abs, mentally begging for something to fill her up.

This was not part of her job description, but the moment he pulled open the door and she saw his wet, bare chest with perfect nipples, she fell.

She tried not to look lower, but her eyes followed the movement of a water drop as it rolled from his neck, to his nipples, down past his menacing looking abs before disappearing into the fold of his low slung towel.

Her eyes met his and she knew she was gone.


His tongue fluttered over her nipple, tauntingly, before he drew it into his mouth.

She let out a throaty moan that made him even harder. He was naked as well, and could have easily slid inside her.

The temptation was an overwhelming one. But he was only getting started. Her fingers twined around strands of his hair while her other hand gripped his flexed biceps, her workman's nail digging in.

Her provocative whimpers filled the quiet room, all elicited by his mouth on her breast.

She squirmed against him, attempting to wiggle a little lower so that he’d enter her. “Not yet,” he murmured. “You know I want you.” “Yes.” He chuckled at her eagerness, his breath blowing against her skin.

He kissed her once more, because she was irresistible. Then his mouth skimmed over her jaw and along the graceful column of her throat, the cords pulling tight as he nipped with his teeth, then soothed with his tongue.

He continued downward over her collarbone to the other breast he had yet to pleasure, though both her nipples were puckered.

He flicked his tongue over the small bud and she let out another blissful sigh.

He then eased into position with his head between her legs. Her sensational, mile-long legs.

Those legs were his downfall. The moment he opened his door, expecting a workman, but this gorgeous creature was standing there in denim shirt and shorts, her legs looking luscious.

The pads of two fingers stroked her folds, then homed in on her clit. Her fingers twisted deeper in his hair. “Stop the play,” she said. “I want your mouth eating me out. I want you to feed on my cunt.”

He loved that she was so uninhibited. He had every intention of giving her exactly what she wanted.

His hand slid away and he leaned forward, inhaling her decadent scent, his groin tightening even further.

His tongue laved her moist flesh and she hissed out a breath. He licked her several times, then the tip of his tongue circled her clit, flicked over it, circled again with more pressure. “Oh, God,” she muttered.

His thumb rimmed her opening as he alternated between the fluttering of his tongue and the suctioning of his mouth on the pearl of nerves.

“Yes,” she said on a broken breath. “Oh, God, yes.” She continued to squirm as though restless, the need to feel him inside her mounting..

His thumb penetrated a half-inch or so and her hips rose, silently demanding more. She was damn tight—he could already feel it. The way her pussy wrapped around the finger in her.

His cock pulsated with his own dark need and anticipation. He began to thumb fuck her harder. She thrashed all over his arms.

He withdrew his thumb and worked two fingers into her pussy. She gasped. And he cock screwed into her cunt.

Adrenaline shot through him. “Fuck,” he all but growled. “You are so damn wet for me.”

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