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Sunday, 13 August 2017


If our eyes could be open to see the vision.
Of how we split people into fractions and divisions.

If we could feel the raw pain each time we break a heart.

Slaps to our faces every time we cause pain,
every time we pierce their emotions like flying darts.

When we retort angrily 'who the F*ck is that?'
When we let the blood rush dictate our sexual intentions, ripped panties and bruised vaginas.

He shows you his strengths and weakness and you cut him by the hair, you've become Delilah.

In other words if you give, you'd never lack.
If you give pain, you'd have it in return in sacks.

When you mount stacks at the expense of the hungry.
Your lifestyle is expensive, but then... death should come to you cheap.

Maybe it occurs while you're riding around in that whip.
Maybe to teach you that the money sometimes could be vain, and vanity itself issa b*tch.

If the antidote for the effects of inflicting pain was beyond our reach.

Unaffordable to both the poor and the rich.
How many of us are still gonna be witches.
How many would turn around and grant wishes.

How many would slander and put a good name on a bend.

How many would cause chaos, knowing they would also come to an end.

Pain, there is nothing i can gain from you.
All you do is make me make someone else feel blue.

All you do is make me break hearts, pieces that cannot be stuck back by glue.
So i denounce you today.

No more Sam Smith-ing, i don't want you to stay.
I'd rather have my neighbor look in my eyes while i see the joy in his.

I'd rather extend love and watch his sorrow flee.
Effects are the knock-on events of an action.
Imagine that the action is always positive?

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