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Wednesday, 9 August 2017


My husband slammed into me with all his strength and grunted in satisfaction before rolling off and sighing peacefully. The next moment, he was snoring.

I glanced at him with an angry look. What the fuck? When did all that nonsense start? We weren't always this way for God's sake!

Memories of hot sultry nights slid through my consciousness and my dry pussy began to seep wetness.

I sat up and stared at his sleeping form, while my fingers slowly slipped into my cunt.

His body is cut and defined and will make any woman get aroused. I didn't slack up on him and though, he's nearing middle age, his body can rival any young man's.

My eyes roved his body lustily and I began to imagine and remember how he used to seriously fuck me, up till 2 years ago infact.

My husband will crowd me in a semi public place and give my a pounding that'll make me unable to walk for days. He was that good.

Recently, he's been complaining of stress and tiredness and I did my research - it's not another woman. It's just that his sex drive is dwindling.

At first i panicked. Am I losing my sexiness? My curves? Beauty? I'm a fitness therapist and my body is gorgeous.

I do kegel exercises and my pussy can strangle any cock- that's how tight it is, and how firm the muscle is.

And although I'm not as young as 20 years ago, I'm a beautiful woman. To cut the long story short, My husband who used to be a sex god is nothing like it anymore. So suddenly.

By this time, 3 fingers were buried deep into my cunt and I grabbed a boob and pressed hard.

I flicked my clit and rubbed spontaneously. Fuck it. The orgasm is just out of reach.

Darn it, my fingers are hitting my spot, but not giving it the amount of force i require to lurch into Cumming.

I need a cock to pound it for me. I opened my eyes and stared at his dick hungrily. I need that cock. I'm going crazy with want.

I bent over, fingers in pussy and a hand flicking a nipple, while i started licking his dick.

He grunted, turned in his sleep and voila, my cock is gone! Fuck! I almost screamed in rage.

My arousal is frustrating me and I can't concentrate on anything. I yanked my fingers out and stopped everything all together.

My pussy was weeping though. Weeping. Very. Hard.


I got home and started cooking dinner. As I cut the cucumber, my cunt started getting moist. I imagine shoving that large stuff and screwing myself with it.

Fuck me. The idea started growing in my head and I couldn't get it off. I walked to the kitchen door and locked it.

Then i bent over and tried inserting it in. I was so wet, a bit of it popped in. Fuck me, it's stretching me wide.

As I drove it in- about 5 inches - my phone on the counter top rang, shocking me and making me jerk in fear.

I scrambled to get it, while the make shift cock filled up my cunt.

"Hello, dear, how're you?" My pussy clenched tight around the cucumber and more wetness gushed out..

"Yes lanre, how's it going," I replied breathlessly.

"My wife and I are almost at your place for dinner. I'm sorry this is coming so late, but wale -my husband - Invited us over ans I've not been able to get you all day.

I and he need to discuss some business deals..."

At this point, I zoned out. I pressed the phone to my ear while my other hand gently screwed the cucumber into my cunt.

I am masturbating to the sound of his voice. I fucked me hard with that thing and by the time he was done speaking, there was a pool of pussy juice on the tiled floor and my thighs were a mess.

His voice is gorgeous, and so his he. He's an old flame of mine. Way before i met my husband.

I heard the bell and quickly cleaned up. I went to get it and welcomed them. Shortly after, wale got back too.

After cleaning up the dishes with his wife, I went to the toilet - i passed the study, and could hear the men speak in low voices- I was just flushing when i came out and bumped into him.

He pulled my arm and dragged me back into the toilet, while locking the door up.

"what's all this," I whispered heatedly.
"Fuck me, you look so hot baby. See your full and gorgeous tits. And your hot body. Fuck." he said lewdly.

"What the fuck you bastard! Our partners are a few feet away, let go of me."

"I fucking disflowered your virgin cunt. Or have you forgotten?"

"What I've not forgotten is that you are my bloody cousin." I pushed him and tried to leave.

He pulled me back and slammed his lips on mine. He kissed me with intense finesse and I didn't know when my hands coiled around his neck.

His hands hefted my ass and pushed me right on his covered cock, while my back was on the wall.

We broke the kiss and an unspoken agreement passed through us. We haven't got much time.

He pulled his thick cock out of his pants and roughly ripped off my panties. My wetness astonished even I.

He screwed that fucking cock into my hole and I almost screamed. Fuck me. Fuck. Wale was once like this.

He fucked me so fucking hard and gave me all the pressure i needed to cum all over his dick and trust me, I hosed it down.

He screwed me into oblivion, kissing me, squeezing every part of my body and whispered dirty shit into my ear.

"You love my cock in your nasty pussy aye? Take it slut. Give me those thrusts. Let me know you're my Fucking bitch." I shivered and tore apart again.

His thrusts became harder and he jerked, while emptying his balls inside of me. We groaned snd and pulled apart.

His cock came out with a plop while our mixed juices dripped down my thighs. We quickly cleaned up and left the bathroom.

We tiptoed to the study and pulled open the door.

My husband was screwing Lanre's wife like a jackhammer - the way he's not been fucking me - Or should I say, the way my cousin just fucked me.

I made a sound and they stopped, looking at the both of us in shock.

Yeah, We are all screwed. Or is it "We all Screwed".

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