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Monday, 21 August 2017

Inner Circle 3

With the distinctly diverse and defined personalities I have stated, it is easy to tell how we are, we are one crazy and interesting story.

There is love amongst us but with boundaries and clearly spelt definitions.

We do not bring emotional issues into business, this alone added finesse to our craft, collectively and individually; we work with zest and intelligence.

We have had our on and offs, some "old friends, new beginning" moments, heavy arguments but it all amount to progress for business.

Sometimes we just have to ourselves a peaceful and conducive work environment.

It is hard work for me on daily basis to strike a balance between been a boss and at the same time a friend to everyone, it takes a lot of verbal and nonverbal strenuous efforts.

On good days (usually profit celebrations), we just smile around the table, I cannot confirm the ingenuity of the smiles but it feels good.

We toast, enjoy the moment and at night; we make up for the day in different ways. Mine is usually thinking of work!


I, Lilian and Jude

Lilian and Jude has been lovebirds from time, the power couple, boring ones if you ask me, they had the quiet type of life in common and their thirst for life is one of their most powerful chemistry.

They may not be the mushy and addictive type of lovers but I could see what their union have brought about.

They are both intelligentsias, not like I wasn't - but they were extremely conserved.

A good or bad day for them is the same for we the spectators. Lilian is too emotionally stable, anything that wants to come between she and her career was expendable.

You just cannot be in the way, any intimacy that tries to stand in the way is an enemy and is treated as such.

Jude used to be so too, I guess when he reached the status expected from him; he got tired of the fanatism for success.

He became a chartered and distinct accountant and obviously decided to take life more easy which Lilian was not ready for. One thing led to another and there was a break which brought me on board.

That Lilian was the way she was did not erase the fact that she has a tremedous sexual desire, although it is with selective people or should I say selective dicks.

She cannot stay alone for long, with Jude's body language affirming that they weren't thawing as soon as she wants and also her egoistic nature; I and her developed a rapport.

We will talk at length, go on dates, did all those unconscious foreplays, she is classic but not expensive, she demands less as she always want to take care of herself.

Hard but worth it was my journey with her, she is hella romantic, but only indoors, she will give all to you but only behind the curtains, she's an indoor sex freak.

To climax; she will satisfy you, but it can only happen in the most discreet environment.

We had great sexual rendevouz, I was sure I was the only one but being the only one was hell of a task.

Lily was insatiable, I think sex was like her stress bellerin. We will fuck till I almost pass out.

It was joy on some days and pure terrorism on some days. Maybe because of my ability to tolerate or understand her, our love or chemistry grew, so much, that I popped the question and surprisingly; she obliged.

As a couple, things changed a bit, I found myself wanting more of things Lily doesn't even regard as necessity eg checking on me over the phone to know I am - she is way too busy for that she will say.

Communication factor became a threat because Lily by nature cannot hold too heated or too sensitive talks which I usually demand to have.

With time, even our strongest area (the sex) declined, we became roomates, a system that worked for her, she was so unbothered and would get by the day like I do not even exist.

Whenever she wanted sex, she would wake me up and outrightly demand for it and a boss commanding his employee, when she gets it - she goes back to her work on the computer and come to bed when I am dead asleep.

I began to understand what Jude's shoes was like, my reality was the nightmare he envisioned that made him opt out.

Matters got more complicit, I had to deal with Lily as my wife at home and as my employee at work.

It was a nightmare, no one was interested in our affair so long work was fine until one day I got my alibi to get out of the abuse of a marriage. She is so emotionally cold. You could never get a mental response from her. She'd keep staring indifferently!

I cancelled sex with Lily, it began to feel like a damn job! I refused to be a tool - I was to her like dildo, to use and dump till needs arises, it was a circadan bullshit!

Lily complained for a while, then her complaints stopped abruptly after two months and may be it was God that wanted me to know why.

On the fateful day, I was at the workshop trying to craft a design out, my phone chimed and it was my supposed wife declaring as usual that she will be comig home late.

It was no news so I didn't sweat it, I went about my design, it was just me in the spacious equipment filled workshop.

Suddenly, I heard the door pushed open and two heavy pants echoing, "Is somebody watching porn?" I thought.

I rose to check what was up, my jaw dropped when I saw my dear wife with her ex, my friend and employee Mr Jude Igho.

I was too shocked to move and tried not to be relaxed, probably Jude forced himself on her and tried to resuscitate old flings, but when I saw clearly with help of the light they turned on the way my wife was firecely holding Jude; it looked too familiar.

It is the same way she holds me, they were kissing deeply and the shock paralyzed me, my jaw closed gradually and I began to sweat, my dick on the other hand was a perv; it simply was enjoying the whole show.

Three hearts were pounding hard (two from anticipated pleasure and one from shock) also, loud moans polluted the air.

Jude helped her pull off her white jacket as she also helped untie him, he fondled on her breast the way she like it or even better and she gave that loud priceless moan.

He suckled on them so roughly; I felt like killing him but could not just move. That's my Fucking wife! Handle with care, I thought.

He placed her on a table next to a saw. There was trudge on the corridors and he rushed to lock the door and switch the light off.

I became pensive, I was left with inadequate light rays here and there to see what was going on.

She made a sharp choking moan and I predicted he penatrated and I began to hear her moan softly and that right there made me know he was already stroking.

My supposed wife runs the best conversation when you are inside of her, she sounds totally like a draconian queen and dictates to you where and how she wants it, I could hear her say "yeah, right there, nope, not there - yes right there," it was without a pattern but very understandable.

I could see Jude though it was blur but swings showed clearly what he was about.

On my table, all these went on and on, I was devastated, she was getting it from someone else and I mattered no more, so cliche!

Jude is just as a toy as I was to her, she irritated me for a while until I figured it is her loss, I was not going to fire Jude for a personal matter; he is too much of an asset to my company.

If I let him go, I fear he is going to fuel my competitions - this was more valuable to me than a horny woman.

These were my sentiments until the noise got intense; Lily and my table was moaning, Jude is a pornstar, he made no noise whatsover, he has acquired a mastery in this area of life.

The noise got motionless and Jude was firing hard, the poor light I had made it look like he was dancing, there was a pause and Jude let out a loud cry, he arrived obviously and I heard Lily demand for the lights complaining she was injured.

The saw tore her skin, I saw them after the deed and how they were still giving themselves some post pleasure (kissing precisely).

They left afterward as they discussed getting the wound treated. I came out of my hiding place, nursed my pain and spent the rest of the evening repairing and cleaning my table.

I remember getting home that night and fucked Lily with rage within me, seeing the cut from the saw stimulated me as much as it gets me pissed. I did so for weeks till I served her with divorce papers..

I got my revenge though. Remember I mentioned Annie is Jude's sister? You will know how soon.


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