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Monday, 21 August 2017

Inner Circle 2

Jude Igho

The accountant. He does the books, provides us with numerical information that technically guides the business.

(I mean we know when good or mediocre profits are made, at worse when we run a loss), he is serious by nature, a good person but does not believe he has to be all smiles to prove it.

The staff literally fear him especially those in his department because he is a perfectionist, he hates failure and does not take it easy on himself whenever he fails no matter how mundane.

This description of him might mislead you to thinking he is a faithful man to his wife Seun Lawson - Jude is a promiscuous, sexually misguided and unapologetic cheat.

He is the worst of all six, you will know how as you read.

Annie Igho

Jude's sister, the marketer, she to me issa major key in the development of the company, she brings home the money(I call her my money bag.)

She is arguably the engine room, she was the first of all to recognize the potentials of the company, she's been there since its humble days.

She knows her onions and is a force to reckon with in the marketing field, she  has in the past initiated strategies that skyrocketed sales- she is a blessing to the business but also has her dirty linen in the street.

Her high profile has that tinge of sexual misconduct which will make you not take her all in adoration.

She and her long time bitchy friend Karen has satisfied disgust, I have seen the most faulty low with them but then, She consistently influence growth in the company which make it a win for me.

Kareemat Mustapha (Karen)

The P.R.O, Kareemat is my ex, and she is a very juicy one. Despite the clampdown of my relationship; we still remained friends.

She is a wonderful person, a compatible half of annie, she creates needed awareness of our products, she display our works every and any where she prescribe as necessary.

This has helped business in a way I never envisaged it would, we have an audacious social media presence, an enviable advertisment channel, a dope ass website and other awareness ingredients.

She also heads the customer care department which pose our company to be a very ready one in the eyes of the public.

She is one hot, tall, fair lady which landed her as the brand ambassador of the company, she is everywhere; as attention and publicity is all that she likes.

Also, she is a blogger and has harnessed the furniture and fitting niche that attracts sales.

We have quite a good number of customers abroad and it is totally to her credit.

She's take our products to where we have not been to but then as the saying goes "the bigger the person, the louder the fall."

She is just as guilty as us all, the most shameless of all, she fucks for the craziest reasons (some of which have helped business.) I will detail later, I still want to keep you on the cliff.

Bayo Ojo

The company's logistician, brilliant, pragmatic, diligent and very hardworking, he procure materials, in charge of warehousing  (he does all the field's dirty works).

He'd contributed well to the success we have registered, he created another stream of income for the company, we don't only sell the products, we get paid for conveying it to the buyer with convenience and promptness as the watch word.

Logistics brought growth and moved sales geometrically after its induction.

Bayo is a corny person but, it is to the company's advantage, he always seek for back doors to any protocol, this made him get things done perfectly and very cheap.

He knows the field and understands the mentality that drives it, he cuts our cost and this augur to bigger turnover at the end of the day.

The exact way he goes about work is the way he goes about love, he is almost sure he there is a back door to any woman's pants - funny enough, the women solidifies his superstition.

The news of Bayo getting down with a different woman is as usual as sunset at dusk.

It surprises no one anymore, he has every creature of God with breast and plump ass in his department under the order of his penis.

Trust me when I tell you, I am a direct victim, you will know how in paragraphs to come.  

Lilian Okri

The company's IT personnel, she takes care of anything that has to do with computing, from graphic designs to website maintenance and just all that IT have  to offer to give our business more edge.

She is a the banal type but she is a guru, extremely good and fanatically in love with what she does.

It is hard to see a female in this field, so to be great at it is no minor feat. She is egoistic and commanded some form of autonomy for herself without breaking company's protocol.

She does things in her own time but congruent to the company's pace, she is bossy than I am which sometimes tend to intimidate me.

Women in power will make anyone envious, she dims her light for no one and never take any competition mildly, the company has enjoyed a lot from the produce of her hard work and dedication.

Above all, she was my wife. We divorced two years back and our marriage lasted three years.

It was an agreement we discern as best for us, we were not bitter about the divorce as it was mutual and mature.

We had way too much to loose and we were selfish enough to pick our careers over staying married.

Although we have a nerve-wrecking antecedent as the chief reason for the divorce.

You will be wrong to think that conservative types do not cheat; her escapades was notorious (I don't want to sound scorn) - she married Jude afterward and I can not tell if what they have is really worth having.

We do not have a rapport except it is about our daughter or about work, her ego help keep the odd system alive. She is a hand-full!!

Dennis Okonkwo

Dennis has no precise job in the organization but he owns an office and enjoy every benefit bestowed on other top officials because of his savant person.

He used to be in the police force, he is the most idle of all but his presence does us some few good, he calls himself the human resources personnel and also the head of security.

As a junior worker; he is the last person you want to offend as he posses a reasonable amount to authority to fire and hire people.

He recruits and retrenches anyone he chooses, he is closer to the worker and is more like our representative to the workers.

He uses his psychology portfolio and security experience to make some judgments and we customarily let it be except in cases when prospective victims are too much of an asset to the company.

His office may be unnecessary but somehow his dictatorship have helped boost the tone of discipline.

It has curbed theft and has provided an enviable sense of security. It made Dennis a company's necessity.

The tale just began.

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