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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Wet 6

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'I knew it! I knew you were faking being hypnotized Ngozi. Cut the crap off!' Ngozi knew this was the moment to either confess or continue with her dangerous charade. The dirty way he spoke to her was so suprising though. Bashir has always been a gentleman. She decided to continue the charade. This is revealing another side to Bashir.

As though in a trance, she bent down, her slender legs holding mot of her weight as she held her ankles. Her ripe ass is bent over in a very lewd manner and bashir can clearly see the outline of her pussy slit. The one he just finished making love to. His cock jumped in his pant. Her juicy cunt sat right in the middle of that delectable ass her felt like grabbing onto.

Come to think of it.. There's nothing stopping him from grabbing her bountiful ass, he thought. Her creamy globes called to him and he gently caress it. She experienced a sharp pang of excitement - arousal. This is going to be interesting, she thought, wondering how far Bashir would go in his effort to expose her as a fraud.

She can feel her pussy juicing up. She has never been so spread open in her life. Her whole privacy is wide open to his gaze. She felt a moment of shyness which threatened to break her will, but she didn't fall. She held her ankles steadfast.

'Stop holding your ankles Ngozi. Use your hands to spread your cunt wider. I want to look into it and see your dripping slit,' he ordered excitedly as he bent for a closer look into her her cunt. Slipping her hands to her pussy, she obeyed without saying a word.

She revealed her cunt- two fingers on either side of her labia and pulling them apart slowly until bashir could see straight into her essesnce.
'This isn't a real test, I still don't believe you are hypnotized' he sighed.  'Then I'll put you to the ultimate test.' Anger ripped through Ngozi. After making her take such a depreved position which she will never ever try normally, he's still not convinced. She is determined to best him. He can't beat her at her own game she thought. Bring it on baby, she whispered in her mind.

'You've a beautiful body,' Bashir suddenly praised, his voice deeper, husky now. 'I love your cunt,' he added crudely - to shock her, she realized. 'I really do love your sweet cunt.' Their sex life had always been good, but nothing out of the ordinary, she was well aware. 

Several times he had asked her to masturbate while he watched, but she'd never found the courage to realize his fantasy. But now, in her feigned hypnotic state, her inhibitions were falling away like autumn leaves, leaving her naked, exposed - free of guilt and embarrassment. His inhibitions were disappearing too. Just like she's seeing another part to her husband to be which was never revealed earlier.

Whatever he asked of her, she would comply. After all, she concluded, she wasn't to be held responsible for her actions. In her wanton abandonment, she would be completely innocent. Afterall, i'm hypnotized.. she thought.

'Go to the fridge and get a nice juicy cucumber,' he ordered her. Another pang of arousal jolted her womb as she realized that she was discovering his darker side, his secret fantasies. God, a cucumber! she thought, knowing exactly what he would demand she do with it.

Faking hypnotism is turning out to be fun. And of course, showing her loving, innocent and gentle bashir in a new light entirely!

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