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Friday, 7 April 2017

Adventures of the Lesson Teacher Ends

I looked down at her. What nonsense in this. I decided to act like pris- I cocked my right eyebrows and stared at her in disdain. She licked her lips and they shimmered, looking all plump and bite able.

"Well, well, well, so you're fucking madam now eh?" She said. Fuck it. Her voice is beautiful. All soft and sonorous and if they were visible, I'd say it's transparent. My flaccid cock took note of it.

I've never heard her speak before. Her voice lingered in the air. "So? What do you care?" I said harshly.."Well, Mr Fade must not know.." The threat hung between us.
I burst into laughter.. Is this one mad? "I'm sure Pris" Her eyes widened at my use of her madam's first name.."Must not know that you're fucking her husband too.." She stared in shock. "What? You think you're the only one that can see? The difference between you and I is that I don't snitch. So state your business and get the fuck".

I was so mad and angry at her. What's wrong with the people living in this house? They are so fucking creepy! She began to get nervous.."I'm so sorry, I just.. It's just that I saw you fucking her and I got so turned on.."she looked at her feet in shame.."I'm so sorry for trying to threaten you.. I.. I..." I placed my hands on her chin in a uncharacteristic tender gesture and tilted her head upward.. Her lashes framed her eyes and looked so pretty.

Her eyes flicked up and met mine.."You want a fuck right? You need me to pound that wide pussy yeah? The one that old grizzlier has finished yeah? The one that his tiny cock gets daily. You want my thick cock yeah?.." I could see her skin flush with blood at my crude words. She swallowed hard.

I kissed her forehead tenderly.."Some other time baby, your madam has sucked my cock dry.." I left without a backward glance. I need to start gathering my life together. This house has made me into what I'm not. It's corrupting me, mind and soul.

They all rotate around my thoughts and they jumble up my feelings; I hate feeling like a bloody sex puppet. I'd cleared up all my debts and I've got a lot of money stashed already. I'm rounding up with them soon.

I've decided to take control and own my life back. I entered their house today as usual. I felt an aura of confidence fill me. I'm not leaving here today like before.. I'm not leaving with an erection. I'm emptying my balls somewhere today; either a mouth, pussy or asshole.
The lesson started with no hitch whatsoever. I'd gotten extremely indifferent to the huge boobs and I'd lost interest. I didn't stare at them like usual and she noticed. I saw her trying all her best; she almost poured the breasts on the table; but i didn't give a sweet fuck.

At the middle of the class, I felt eniola's hand move up my jeans as usual. I didn't ignore as usual. I grabbed his hands and stopped the movement. Then I stood up and pushed my chair backward.

I walked towards the door and locked it. Titi gasped. I pointed at her "You, shut your fucking mouth over there." I stalked to eniola and he began to move backwards.. He couldn't place me or my moves. I caught them unaware.

His back hit the wall and in that moment; I could see his shock at my attitude fade off. He began to get his confidence back; but then I've studied him, he's just a little slut.
I grabbed the front of his shirt and jerked him towards me. I slammed my mouth on his and kissed him deeply. He melted in my arms. I devoured his soft lips and unbidden; I felt blood rush into my dick. The slam of lust shocked me.. Especially because we had an audience.

I swerved him forward and turned him with his back on my chest. I briefly saw the haze of lust on his eyes and I made sure titi saw it while I bit his neck. She saw me make her brother moan like the ho he is.

Her eyes were as round as saucers in shock; while her chest heaved in shock. She stood; rooted to the spot. I gave my attention back to eniola. I made sure to bite his neck with enough sting to leave a nice and deep hickey.

His hard body was surprisingly easy to manoeuvre and did this all with almost robotic precision, putting on a show for titi.. I know how important it is to someone like eniola to feel as if I were as into him as he was into me. But the truth is that I wasn’t into him at all. At that split second, I realised im not into dicks. Nope… not into guys, preferring warm, wet pussy, but that doesn’t mean I won’t fuck his ass right now.

He was on his knees like the last time and he swallowed me the fuck up. I swallowed down the groan that tried to escape; oh, no I'm not going to give him that power over me.
His throat seemed even deeper. I decided not to dwell on it. I fucked his throat raw. I grabbed his head and repeatedly slammed my dick deep into his throat without giving him a break.

This time, his eyes watered. I felt triumph fill me at that. He looked up into my eyes and it was my turn to look sly. I looked into titi's eyes and I saw lust in them. What a naughty bitch.
Her nipples pebbled against her shirt and she looked confused."Teasing bitch..You wish I were pounding your cunt right? You want me to fuck your pussy the way I'm banging your brother's throat right?!" She softly nodded. Dirty slut.

So he gagged and choked on my cock as I fucked his mouth for a bit, because I knew that’s exactly the way he wanted it, and then i pulled him up and bent his ass over the table. It occurred at the back of my mind that that's how I fucked their mom. Well, it's all good.
I pulled down his shorts and spanked his ass. He squealed like a little girl. I saw the wrinkled star of his asshole and I spat on it. That's all the lube he's going to get. I felt excitement harden my dick more.. This is the first time I'm getting to fuck an asshole.  A male one for that matter.

I fisted my cock and realised that his deep throat has wet my dick up good, well.. That's a nice development for his asshole.
My dick breached the tight pucker and he moaned hard in joy. It didn't resist me much. My dick head popped in and the rest was history.
I pounded him hard, just the way I'd pound a pussy. I heard a mewl and saw titi's hands inside her shorts. I guess she was self servicing. I felt cold calculation fill me. I love using them!

I didn't spare her another glance and concentrated on the heat and friction squeezing life out of my dick. My orgasm shocked me. I spurted deep; I imagined its up to a gallon; deep and hard into him. I pulled out my cock and remembered i didn't even use protection. Fuck.
I left him on the table; hands flying over his cock; eyes closed.. His cum shook him to the core and he screamed.

I packed all my books and my laptop. I'm done with them. I stepped towards titi and gave her an evil grin. Her hands made wet fucking sounds as she fingered herself and she looked at me pleadingly.."Please fuck me too.." She moaned.

"No. You teasing hole, No. Im. Not. Fucking. You. And yes, You deserve zero fucks." She looked shocked to the marrow that I could ever reject her. Is she that irresistible? I wondered. "Well guys, turned out we are done with the syllabus, have a nice life." They stared at me with their eyes wide and mouth hanging open.

I walked out and went into pris office. This time, she was just wearing lingerie.."Tunde baby.."she looked at me with lust. I felt disgust fill me. She passed me my check and slid a huge bundle of cash beside it. "What's this for?"

"It's for you love, anytime, any day. You'd get it along with your check.." I grinned in understanding.. So this is payment for last time service eh. Well, that's the last time she's getting my cock.

"I'm done with you and the inhabitants of this fucked up house. The lesson is over." She rushed towards me and I pushed her off gently. "Bye pris, and get the bloody fuck from me.." I picked up the check and the cash. I deserve it.

I left without looking back.

The end.

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