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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Not A Fling anymore 2


His hands roved my body and i wiggled in discomfort. Wdf?! Tade and Peter are sitting very close to us!

Oh my God, i hope they don't notice. While i was panicking, i didn't realize what he did. I felt a loosening sensation as my boobs became free.

He'd pulled off the snap of my bra! What is
Ré doing?! I pinched him and he bent his head and whispered into my ears "Calm down baby.. You're going to enjoy this.." and he bit my ears, sending a thrill through me..

My eyes flicked to the other couple and they seemed to be deeply engrossed by the game. My heart calmed a bit.

Ever since we started dating, it's been one excitement or the other.. He kept me on my toes and I always almost didn't know what tp expect from him.

His large hands cupped my breasts and gently flicked my nipples. I shuddered in hesitant desire.. What is he doing?! We've got company.

I glanced at his face and he acted like nothing is going on. Infact, he stared at the field in concentration. Only I kmew what he's truly concentrated on.

He bent his head and started nipping on my neck.. My sensitive neck. That was my weakness.. And yes my eaaarrrsss.. I lost track of rational thought..

I felt cold air hit my chest and I didn't understand what was happening.. Before i could protest, he latched onto my breasts and sucked it deliciously..

My eyes went back to close in bliss until i felt a soft and very soft feather light kiss at the back of my neck.

My eyes opened and i realized i was sandwiched between Ré and Tade. She licked my neck up like a popsicle and peppered several bites over them, while Ré wrecked havoc to my breasts. I couldn't resist.


I stared hard at the three of them.. They looked incredibly beautiful. It was like the move was practiced before.

It wasn't hard to get Tade into the plan- she loves a hot female too. And I.. I still don't know if I'm ready to join them, only that this hard on they are causing is destabilizing me.

Ré pulled off her skirts and gently rubbed her.. She arched straight into Tade's arms and she squeezed Lanies breasts harder.

Ré spread open her cunt and I could see straight into her pink pussy framed by dark and almost shaved hair. I felt my cock leak.

His tongue lapped right up into her and suckle down the wetness dripping in from there.

I glanced up at Tade. She's biting ome breast while squeezing the other. I couldn't bear it anymore.

I walked up to them and Knelt. Then i took the other breast from tade and latched onto it tight. Fuck. Me. So. Soft.


I felt two mouths on my breasts, one suckling hard, one soft. I wanted to go mad with desire.

They both left my breasts for a bit to kiss, and then they returned to tongue fucking my tits. Simply divine.

Ré's tongue up my kitty is seriously making me go mad. Add that to the sensations rushing through my breasts, and I'm in fuck heaven.

He gently slipped a finger into me and I groaned in delight. All the their attention made me go mad. Tade's finger slicked through me and dug deep.

I couldn't bear it anymore.. I came in rippling waves.. While the sounds of a football game blasted in the back ground.

It was the perfect birthday gift ever.

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