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Saturday, 24 June 2017


Dear future bae, i know you might never get this.
This is not a letter tho, more like a statement of intent... or a narrative 'bout how we gonna live a life full of smiles and bliss.

Can't wait to look deep into your eyes and kiss your forehead while telling you how much i'd miss you before i head to work.
Can't wait to hold ur hands while on a picnic or when we going for a walk.
Can't wait to wake up beside you daily and just stare in admiration of how beautiful you look in your sleep.
Can't wait to flaunt you to my family, friends and peeps.
I know we gonna have a connection deep as cray.
I imagine us completing each other's sentences and laughing hilariously at the end.
I'm laughing in my head coz i know we gonna pull some crazy ass pranks on people, you know we naughty like that.
And our differences would instead of separating us, bring us closer like a magnet.
Never to be separated by anyone, after all you're the only fish i want in my net.
And when am away... well, bless technology for Facetime, audio calls and texts.
'The way i'd love you ehn', hehe.. based on our telepathy you should know the rest.
'Our quarells gan no go last', we'd just look at each other fiercely, next thing we know... we're breaking a smile.
Just like that, because our love's gonna turn us to two 6 year old kids playing on a merry-go-round.
Screaming "Jangilova Epo motor" Caring less bout what the world thinks of us.
And when you held up by traffic jam on your way from work, you bet i'd be scared as hell... my heart beating so fast you'd think twas racing a horse.
And when you finally walk through that door, imma act unconcerned till you walk up to me and whisper in my ears 'i know you missed me'... I'd break a smile, kiss your lips, tell you how worried i was and ask how your day went.
Every second away from work, church and the kids... it's with you that i'd rather have it spent.
Even if am with the guys watching the game, imma be texting you like a teenager who just got replied by his high school crush.
Dear future bae, don't mind all these girls hovering around me at the moment... they think because they're thick, they can occupy your space..."dem no know say na you go be the only matter for my life".
Can't wait to walk you down the aisle, can't wait for you to be my wife.
Yours truly,
Your love in the future.

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