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Saturday, 3 June 2017



My heart shattered into pieces. I knew deep down in my heart that my mom is the wrongest person to seek comfort from when I needed it. She worsened my mood and life with those harsh words she uttered. She fucking disowned me! On the day my boyfriend decided to disappoint me. Tears blurred my vision and I felt incredibly pained. Upon all the plans I and sope has made.

I wiped my tears and tried to get myself throughout the wedding.. It was a beautiful affair and my dad looked so handsome and young; while my new mom looked stunning. I felt tears come again because I can't imagine a day when mine will come. Most people think I cried because of the weddings perfection.. I was content to make them assume that.

After the bride threw the bouquet-which I didn't catch, upon all the practice we'd had to make sure I was the one who caught it, I felt worse. Mariah rushed to my side and commented on my dreary mien. I just tried to fake a smile and pretend I was okay.. I didn't want to burden her with my issues..

A huge man wrapped his hands around Mariah from the back and I felt an intense lick of lust race through my blood. She turned and her smile became huge.."Courte!!! You made it back!" She hugged him tighter and she glowed.. "tiwa, this is my younger brother courte.. He travelled on a trip and I assumed he wouldn't make it.. "she faced him.."This is tiwa, lanrewaju beautiful daughter.. the one I always told you about.."

His face broke out into a huge smile and it was like the sun broke out of dark clouds for me. His smile is spectacular and I just stood there like a love struck fool. I couldn't gather my scattered thoughts and when he shook my hands, I literally felt electricity zip up my hands.
Mariah slowly stepped away and winked at me.. it was then I knew I'd been set up..

I loved this set up though. He's a powerful and sexy looking man. He's made me forget my woes already.. we started conversing smoothly and I could tell he's well versed in the act of wooing a woman.

He gently wrapped me in the curve of his arms to provide a bit of privacy in the crowded room.. we talked about a lot of things! The reception party swirled around us, but we were so oblivious to it. The attraction between us was popping and for the first time in my life, a man's voice gradually got me wet and I began to rub my legs together.

This has never happened before! He began to seduce me with his voice and dropped serious hints.. my already weak defense shattered.. he suggested we moved to a more quiet place and I agreed to that. I knew what was coming and I readily followed him.

We exited the noisy reception and he gently led me through a corridor to a private suite.. he knew his way around and I asked him how come he does.. he told me he owned the hotel. I knew he exuded wealth, but I didn't expect him to be that wealthy.

He pulled my hands through a door and he slammed it close. Then he was all over me. He pulled me against his chest and destroyed me with kisses. I melted into a puddle and I felt craze fill me. I need to forget!

I knelt down and fiddled with his belt.. he groaned and I could see the thick ridge of his cock grow thicker.. he pulled off the belt and I ripped his zipper open.. for fucks sake, he went commando! His cock slapped me on the cheek and I groaned, my cunt getting wetter.

As I moved to swallow​ his cock, he suddenly gripped my hands and hauled me up.. I slammed on his chest in a oof.. "On my terms baby.." He bent me over the bed and shoved my gone up.. he didn't even bother to off the dress.. "Fuck, I can see your pussy glistening.." he rubbed his cock against my thong covered cunt..

Then I felt him give little thrusts.. I could feel the band of the thong enter my pussy along with his cock and I screamed loud.. He suddenly pulled it and I felt his cock slam deep into me.. my cunt tried to resist his intense fullness and I tried to crawl away.. but he held me down tight..

"Take my cock baby.. you're going nowhere baby..fuck.. your cunt is tight." I screamed louder again.. he fucked me deep and screwed the hell out of my cunt.."fuck.. drill me harder.." I screamed. My pussy squished loudly as he pulled out his cock and rammed it back in deeper.

The orgasm was like a slap in the face. I was shocked to the marrow. It carried me away and I think I fainted. I could feel him thrusting faster and he stiffened.. his orgasm came and triggered another cum deep in me. This Is the shortest yet hottest fuck of my life.

"What is happening here?!" I looked up in shock. My mum was standing at the door, looking angry as fuck. Courte pulled out and quickly wrapped the duvet around me. My heart melted at his protective gesture.

"What the bloody fuck are you doing here?!" Courte thundered.


I saw the man pull tiwa and a horrible feeling engulfed me. I felt like I knew him, though I couldn't see his face. I walked faster and tried to catch up with them, but I lost them. I turned in circles on the corridor but can't figure out where they went to..

I was about giving up when I heard a scream.. nlmy heart beat faster and I wanted to die. I refused to accept the fact she was getting fucked! I chose to believe she's getting hurt.. the scream became louder and I traced the source.

I pulled open the door and to my intense relief, it was not locked. I looked straight at the bed and I was aghast. I now wish the door was locked. I could see a cock plowing into my daughter's cunt and something close to jealousy choked me.

They screamed louder and he screwed her harder. I stood there like a fool and I couldn't do anything about it. I didn't know the greatest shock of my life is yet to hit me. The man turned and I almost had a heart attack.

It was my man! My garage fantasy! My fall back man.. the only reason I maintained my confidence.. worse, he stared at me like he couldn't even place my face. The anger on his face was awful.. He definitely didn't appreciate the interruption.

He pulled tiwa closer into the crook of his arms and wrapped her protectively.."who the fuck is this woman, baby.." God. I felt my heart shatter more. That's the voice of my dreams.. the one that pulls me deeply into the abyss of lust and makes me cum through the phone.

"I don't know her.." Tiwa said. I whipped my head towards her in shock. "Yes?! " She said defiantly. "Who are you?!"

I wanted to die!

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