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Thursday, 1 June 2017



The gown fit me perfectly. It skimmed over my curves and I felt incredibly beautiful. "Thank you for agreeing to be my bridesmaid.." Mariah trailed off. I rushed to her side and hugged her from the back. "It's nothing Mariah.. you look so beautiful.." I felt a pang of jealousy bite me. She's perfect and looks younger than her years.

She's 35 years old and her marriage to my dad is going to be her first.  I can't for the life of me understand how someone as beautiful, intelligent and sexy as her having issues with men all her life. The fact remains that I'm happy for her and she deserves every happiness she can get.

 She held my hands and I saw tears well in her eyes.."when Lanre told me he had a grown up daughter, my heart filled with trepidation.. but you are the most perfect sister I can wish for.." my heart clenched at her nice words and I shushed her.."we've got the rest of our lives to reminisce and cry! Today is your wedding and I don't want you to smudge your make up". She smiles at me and I rubbed her back again.

We finished dressing and the make up artist completed her work. Mariah stood up and she looked simply glorious. Her gown is pink and silver. The silky material wrapped her curves and it was lacy. The gown train looked like a stacked flower.. it matched the flower details on the gown.

The photographer took great photos and all in all, it was nice. My phone rang and my heart skipped a beat. Sope was calling.. "I won't be able to make the wedding today dear.. I'm so sorry.. work came up and..." I stopped listening to him and my heart fell.

I'd made sure to lose a bit of weight to fit into my desired bridesmaid gown.. so as to look close to perfect for sope. I made sure to look very beautiful, so he could appreciate me and see me in another dimension.. now everything is wasted! Now, I felt tears well up my eyes.. Mariah noticed.

I told her what dope did and she pacified me.. I felt a bit better, but my spirit is down.. I reluctantly left the room.. I made the mistake of calling my moms phone.


Ì tilted my tie to the left a bit, and it was perfect. I looked in the mirror and saw a very powerful man. A grown ass man who was about to get married. I had a flash back to how I looked in my I'll fitted suit; all gangly and young, when I was about to marry titiloye.

Now., I look like the exact opposite​ of that. I look like I can handle life as anything it threw at me. I was grateful for tiwa though, she's the only one who made all this easy. She appreciated and accepted Mariah without qualms.

My heart squeezed at the thought of my wife to be... She's my Yang!


 For the first time in my life, I'm trying to grow the balls to ask my mystery man out on a date today. I'm slightly drunk as I've been consuming wine steadily.. Lanre and mariah is getting married today.. And I'm all alone. I need someone to help wipe my pain. To make matters worse, my daughter is fully on their side..

I remembered the first day my mystery man called me.. I was so horny from our garage sexcapade, I'd laid on my bed that night, cunt pulsing and gathering juices.. While i shamely contemplated using my tiny vibrator to get my self off..

I spread my legs open, while air rushed up my cunt and tickled me.. I got wetter.. I gently rubbed my vulva with the tip of the vibrator and i flicked it on to lowest power.. The vibrations shook me and i didn't realised I'd jammed it into me..

My phone rang and it was a strange number.. I picked it up and cleared my throat.. "Hello baby.." My heart slammed.. How did he get my number?! This is the voice whispering into my ear while I'm trying to fuck myself..

"Hello.." I winced.. My voice sounded like i was getting fucked! I cleared my throat.."yes, who is this?" "Don't pretend not to know.." his voice muttered deliciously.. "Are you horny? Or fucking yourself?"

"What?!" I sputtered.. "Don't try to deny it love.. Are you fucking yourself? Are you using a dildo or a vibrator?" I took in a sharp breath.. "Rub your pussy for me baby.. Fuck.. I wish i was plunging into your cunt.."

I felt wetness gush out of me like a waterfall.. I squeezed my breasts and shoved the vibrator sink deeper into me.. But it wasn't enough.. "I wish i was fucking you.. I'm sure your vibrator is not hitting your womb the right way.." I heard a sharp intake of breath and realized he's also jerking off too..

"Come for me baby, imagine my cum spurting up deep in you.." I fucked myself harder and I felt myself near it......

I snapped out of my reminiscences when my phone rang and i picked it up.. My heart clenched in pain.. 

"Hello mom.." Tiwa said in a quite voice..

"You slut! Bloody slut! I hate you! Your father and that woman has inducted you into their world of perversions right?! So why do you need me in your life?! I hate you! Very much!" I screamed in anger and pain.. I tried to stop the vitriolic words pouring out, but my control was snapped into shreds..

"You betrayed me! Fuck you! I disown you!" I heard her gasp of pain and I shut my mouth immediately i realized what i said.. I tried to backtrack and sputtered.. But I'd hurt her badly. "Bye mom." And the dial tone clicked in my ears.

I sat down heavily on the bed and I felt guilty.. I need to find her and apologize to her.. And the best place to do so is at the wedding. But still, I couldn't help my anger. I started dressing..

Now, i can't message my man to tell about my life and how much i need him.. I'm getting tired of our phone sex and promises of more.. Well, i guess- it's not today anymore.

Today,  I am dressed to kill! I'd attend their bloody wedding! I'm sure they'd think I'd go somewhere to hide like a loser.. Oh no.. I'm on so much fire! I felt the eternal flame or should i say -blaze of hatred and anger fill me at the thought of that slut!

It wasn't enough that she stole lanre, but she also managed to sway tiwa to her camp. I was heartbroken when I learnt that she's going to be her bridesmaid. What sort of betrayal is that? She chose that slut, over me her mother!

I smoothed the red gown and twirled in front of the mirror.. I look perfect
I got to the venue in a rush and felt a wave of anger fill me.. The parking lot was filled! I didn't pull this amount of crowd on my own wedding.. I wondered why people will choose to come.

In my anger, I got out of the car and entered through the least crowded entrance I could see.. And i saw tiwas profile. She looked so stunning! My heart sang in maternal love and as I moved to rush and meet her, a man pulled her out of view.

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