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Saturday, 10 June 2017


There I stand, at the gate
Hoping that soon is I shall be let in..

My heart, dried to the last fibre like kilishi
There is nothing left to bleed..

All I have is me.
At the gate I stood..

I once had hope
My soul, lost with the wind of darkness..

There is nothing left at all
There I was at the gates to the city of nothingness..

Hoping that all that was lost would someday emerge
My body, tired of waiting, the burden of hoping...

Heavy in my dried up heart.
And so I begin to wonder, ponder on how far I have wandered, try to recolect how long I have been dead..

Then it occoured to me, even nothing is something.
The gate, nothing ever comes through there,






The day I answere all these Questions is the day I know my true porpose of existence
So I turn around..

Away from the gate that has once given me hope for nothing...

The horizon looked faint, the path rough, the journey long...

The end!



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