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Thursday, 29 June 2017


Pigment of sizzling melanin.
Dang! Black is beautiful, and i ain't talking bout that kinda beauty that fools.
With an African upbringing that gives her
certain tools.

If you taste her Amala and Gbegiri, trust me 'you go hear word'.
Pounded yam and Egusi soup nko? that would leave your stomach screaming in hindu... 'O lord!'
She knows the way to a man's heart, Trust me her mother taught her all the shortcuts.
Since the age of eight, she's been tutored in the art... you'd hate yourself if you don't have you a melanin queen to care for your stomach infrastructure.
Her deep brown eyes could be torture... picking off the flesh of your soul like a vulture.
She carries herself with so much grace.
Respectful, thoughtful, caring, immaculate, and a face that would make your heart race.
This melanin queen won't slay with goofy pouts and brows drawn from here to London.
Rather she gives her man so much relief, Something like TomTom.
Zero on nags, but assertive when it comes to it.
She puts her heart all on a plate, inviting you to come to eat.
Her skin glows and when she steps in the room, everything slows.
Slow motion like killing the bad guy in a Hollywood movie.
Gimme your all baby, keep giving it all to me.
Black is beautiful, black is gold.
Black is treasure...Black can't be curved for it is bold.
Black sparkles, like fine French wine.
The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice... black is way complex than symbols and signs.
Black is blessed, my melanin queen is way past human designs.

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