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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

My fucking witch 4

Her brain suddenly came on alert. What is happening? "Who are you?!" She suddenly sat up straight and wrapped her arms around herself.. The instinct to fight filled her and in a burst of energy, tried to rush out of the room.

She was easily grabbed by one of the men and as she moved to scream, soft lips wrapped around her neck and she was frozen in shock.

The warm lips trailed up her neck and slowly captured her lips. Feelings she never knew existed exploded in her. She didn't understand what was happening.

She suddenly clamped her teeth hard on the lips kissing her and the man dropped her like hot potato. "Grrrrrr!" Sola screamed in pain.

The other man came from behind. "Calm down awele. We are not here to hurt you". She suddenly found her voice. "Really? So why am i naked? What are you doing here?!".

They ignored her question. "We have no time. I'm sola, he's Digun". They looked so alike to her, almost identical.

The one named sola shot the other a knowing look, saying,. ” We are here to help you.” Her body had begun to shake. 

Another wave of lust slammed into her and this time, she screamed. Her skin felt like it's crawling out. She needs something and she needs it fast!

“H-how? What’s wrong with me?” He smoothed her damp hair from her brow with a surprisingly gentle hand. The hand felt like heaven and she unconsciously moved closer.

"You have entered your Breeding period,” he said as if it were the perfect explanation when in fact, it was total lunacy. 

“You are a witch and a rare breed for that matter. You will die from lust if you do not fuck during this period. And not just by anybody- human men can't satify you. You need the cum of wizards to ease your craving."

What is he saying? Me? A witch? Lust? What?! He continued.” “This is the most sensitive period of your life. We came as soon as we realised that your gurdian was killed." "What?! Mama is dead?! Did you kill her?!" She jumped up in fear and disbelief.

"Now, there is no more time. We need to fuck you now. I sense them coming." Digun said. "No! No one ia fucking me or whatever you call i....whoa.." another contraction hit her.

"Fuck, she's going into the last stage!" Sola suddenly grabbed her. They crowded her all at once. She was no match for two huge men. What is happening? 

She was waiting until marriage to have sex. But both men were beginning to look very good. Her vagina spasmed. A different sort of hunger was twisting her inside out. “You’ll die,” sola said bluntly.

Their hands touched her and the contractions lessened immediately. They were suprisingly gentle..

She groaned, barely understanding what they were saying. “Make it stop,” she pleaded, her nipples hardening to the point of delicious pain. 

The cold air in the room didn't make it better. Their warm heat as they pressed into her was driving her crazy.

“We must take her,” Sola said but digun was reluctant. “The king will understand.” The last of his reluctance dissolved.

Digun stripped his clothe, revealing rippling muscles of pure steel beneath bronzed silk. 

Awele gasped and her legs fell open as if in invitation. 

She felt as if someone else were taking over her body, causing her to act like a wanton whore when she’d never in her life been so brazen. 

"Aaaaaarrrhhhh.. fuck me!.." she suddenly clamped her mouth shut. What am i saying?! It was like her words broke down the self control of the men.

Sola suddenly pushed her on the floor and flipped her over. He palmed his enormous cock that jutted out toward her pussy, the mushroom head glistening with moisture. 

She waited with bated breath. Within seconds, his large body covered her small one and the rough floor scraped her nipples.

He pressed down upon her with a feral growl. He gripped her hips and drew her closer. The wiry patch of hair at his groin tickled her ass cheeks. 

She groaned and gripped the comforter, crying out with need as his cock pressed against her opening. 

Without warning, he plunged himself deep inside her, ripping through the barrier. She screamed loud and hard!

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