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Tuesday, 6 June 2017


She laid her heart bare to me.
Showcasing all her emotional insecurities.
How she's been pushed and pulled by his tides.
How he's got her by the guts, her heart bleeds from the inside.
She says she acts strong, but he's the guy who gets her weak in the knees.
She says what do i do? How can i overcome this please?
I'm afraid to look her in the eyes.
I'm scared of the pain i'd see.
In the midst of many, she feels alone like a marooned sailor at sea.
I'm zero on words to say that will loosen her from his grip.
For i myself have deceived, how then would i liberate the deceived.
A mystery within a mystery wrapped up in an enigma.
Hopefully this cup of dilemma would pass me by.
Coz its taste is sour.
Especially when the lips never wants it to tell what the eyes saw.
I see all I've hoodwinked through her eyes, hearts that have been parted in half with the carpenters saw.
In this moment that she needs me to talk.
I realize the hurt of the others I've blown away like particles of chalk.
I realize i was wrong.
I detest every time i fed a lie, veiled by a romantic song.
So I'm sorry for the hearts i broke, and the love bugs i quashed.
Not that it changes plenty, I'll understand if I'm hushed or shunned.
For every tear i made you shed or every time i spurned you because of what he said or she said.
I promise to put my life on a U-turn, curve it at a bend.
Curve it till y'all say "You see him, he used to be a ripper... but now he's got a heart that bears fruits... everyone around him os a reaper".

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