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Saturday, 3 June 2017


Olodumare Olodumare Olodumare ooo, The only being whose names are more than his worshipers put together, deliver us from the confusion of Onileorita, the entity who is no man's friend, yet no being's enemy.

Lakaaye Osinmole, the god whose yard is lined with barrels of water yet showers with blood, I beseech you, shower not with our blood and protect us from the evil of the road, strenghten our hoes and cutlasses so that our heaps of yam may hold.

Sango Obakoso ayara ina, the controller general of two elements of creation and destruction, streghnten our arms and minds that we may prosper. Kori Koto Areweyo, the god of fertility, protect our offsprings that we may eat the fruit of our labour.

Osun, the mother of all, provide for and save us, that we may not die from whence we drink and eat. Sanpona Ilegbona ooo, guide us away from the part of pestilence and desolation.

Obatala alamoire, the one who lives in albinos and hunchbacks, preserve our body and bloom our destinies.

Orunmila ooo, Baraagbonmiregun, gard our requests, that they may not be ambushed by robbers of destiny and reach the throne of Adeda, the King from who we seek permision to crown kings.



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