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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Unwanted Attraction 2

He seemed so gentle and controllable.. I never expected the lashing of attention I got. And trust me, it was a wicked lash.

I writhed and try to wriggle out of his hold, but he held me down firmly and showed me who the boss is.."I fucking want you.." he groaned..

I felt a arch of delight spark through me. I'm making this gorgeous piece of man fall for me.. i knew it was too early for love, but I'd take his lust- I mean, I have to start from somewhere..

He palmed my breasts and squeezed extremely hard.. A hot feeling was quickly chased by pain. For a moment, I balked.. would I be able to control him?

Now that I've woken the beast up to prowl, can I do anything to control him? My heart thudded hard and a flash back of when I was raped ran through my mind.

Fear chilled me and I began to thrash and groan
 Im lost.. lost.."leave me!" I almost screamed.. he sensed my loss and cradled me closer..

"Shhh, baby, don't shout.." he wrapped his hands around me and peppered my forehead with kisses..

"I'm here for you, calm down.." I held on tight to his strong and melodic voice and I got back to the present..

I felt a rush of shame fill me.. fuck! I shouldn't have lost control like that.. he's not gonna want to have nothing to do with me again... Shit.. I acted like a psycho..

"Baby, look at me.." he whispered.. I looked up into his beautiful eyes and felt a wave of relief fill me.. Tears blurred my vision.. and I felt bad.

This is not him. The bastard who almost destroyed me. This is not him. I screamed it over and over in my head like a fucking mantra..

"I got you baby.." he lowered his head and kissed away my tears...

They began to rush faster.

Thanks for reading.. this is a short teaser to "THE CONCUBINE" which is coming up very soon. Anticipate!

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