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Thursday, 22 June 2017


This is what happens when i fly off the handle.
I say things i later regret, and that's why i always try not to get mad at you.
But then you pull some shady shit and i lose it.
I come raining down on you so cold that you
begin to lose heat.
I say stuff like "you don't mean shit", sometimes i even use the "F" word.
My words cut you deep like a double edged sword.
But here's a little fact you may not believe... it cuts me too.
And i ain't never felt this way 'bout cursing anyone out, till i spilt my heart into two.
One part for me and the other for you.
After all is said and done, i sink into the couch and it begins to hit me.
Left and right, uppercuts and hooks.
I'd done it again.
My words have scorched you to tears, and in my heart i feel pain.
Why is it that every time i vow never to do same, you do a 360 and pull the same.
So help me God this is not a chess game.
Every time i knock your queen out, you put my king in check.
Arguments caused by vanity, Jimmy Choos and bounced cheques.
There's a hole in my heart that only you can fill.
I may get confused 'bout a lot of things, but never 'bout how you make me feel.
I know we settle our fights with great sex.
But then do we always have to get there with either of us getting vexed.
Here i am sitting in this couch, perplexed.
Looking at the clock and watching its hands go "tick-tock".
I'm here, waiting for you to come home.
I know you said things and i said things too, but then one thing is certain... i love you and i know you do right back.
So every time i fly off because of something you did, it's because i expect more from you and my heart feels its been let down... so i vent.
Yeah... i know this doesn't make sense.
Err... maybe it does and maybe it doesn't.
I'll continue to strive so that anger doesn't get in between this love i got for you by the dozens.
So if you're listening to this voicemail, I love you and want you no matter what.
And if you aren't, I'm just gonna keep leaving you messages till you do.

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